Where to Buy Bicycles Online – 10 Biggest Online Bike Stores


  • There’s a national bike shortage across the country as a recreation renaissance re-emerged – bicycles are coming back to American garages.
  • Most affordable bikes ( below $500 ) are sold out. In many stores, even bikes below $1000 are sold out.
  • Buying on backorder is common among bike retailers. You order now – get the bike in a few months.

Advantages of buying from a local bike shop

Yes, I know that buying online is an easier and much more convenient way to shop. But let me give you my 5 major reasons to buy from local bike shops instead.

Suppose you decide to buy from a local bike shop; you will have the ability to try out various models to get a feel for which bike fits best. You will have access to professionals who understand brands, models, bike types, and history.

In many cases, you’ll be offered solid service plans by local shops that cover services and products. Warranty assistance will be just better. Bike shops can act as the middle man between the manufacturer and shopper.

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When buying from a local bike shop you will have another convenience instead. Local mechanics are a phone call away when cyclists need professional assistance. That’s something you don’t get when buying online.

Advantages of buying online

If you still prefer to buy your next ride online here you have a few advantages.

The most important reason shoppers go online to search for a bike has to do with price. Since there is no retailer in the mix to hype the final price tag, shoppers benefit from bargains and deals. Further, buy online, and you won’t get a bike that has been road-tested by others.

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Where to buy a bike online

We are sharing a wide array of retailers that we work with. They all sell bikes online, but they serve different categories of buyers. Some sell only high-end premium bicycles that cost $2000+, and some sell only mountain bikes. All will ship bikes directly to your door during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Amazon – Amazon sells a huge variety of bikes from all major brands, with a few exceptions. Many popular models are out of stock right now, but Amazon serves third-party sellers who fulfill orders.

Keep in mind that third-party listings may have prices significantly marked up. My personal recommendation is to avoid third-party sellers if you’re planning to buy an expensive bike. Let’s say something $1000+.

Walmart – The large retailer often sells cheap models that can also be shipped to your home. Many of the commuter models below $500 are sold-out right now. But still, you can find many Schwinn models that would deserve your attention.

eBay – Some independent small sellers are flocking to eBay to sell bikes. You can find new and used bicycles. eBay is great for acquiring used bikes, but you should be dubious about ads for new bikes because you could be getting stolen merchandise.

REI – This everything outdoors retailer ships bikes directly to consumers and is even offering help in assembling the bikes once they arrive. They often have huge sales with some bikes off 30-40%. Especially check out the REI’s spring sale in March-April-May.

Competitive Cyclist – You can find plenty of high-quality roads, mountain, and hybrid bikes on this retailer, with free shipping available on some models. If you’re on a hunt for a premium high-end road bike, you should definitely visit Competitive Cyclists.

Overstock – This huge online retailer offers a few bike brands as well. They mostly sell cheap bikes from China or other not so known manufacturers. This includes some mountain bikes, folding bikes, and BMX bikes.

Trek Bikes – Trek is probably one of my favorite bike brands right now. They produce and sell absolutely everything in the cycling world. From women’s specific bikes to some of the most expensive high-end electric bikes you can buy right now.

Dick’s Sporting Goods – You can find an enormous variety of bikes there, including some beach cruiser bikes, BMX bikes, standard commuters, and everything in between. Free shipping available on many of the models, but unfortunately, almost all cheap bikes are sold out.

Jenson USA – Some of the best mountain bike brands sell on Jenson USA, including Ibis, Norco, and Kona. You can also find some high-end road bikes like Orbea. Free shipping is available for all bikes. Unfortunately, most bikes below $1000 on Jensons USA are now sold out.

Giant Bicycles – The biggest bike manufacturer in the world sells on their website directly to consumers. You can find absolutely everything there, from commuter bikes, mountain bikes to high-end road bikes and women’s specific bicycles.