What to Wear to Spin Class: Complete Guide

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Joining a spin class is one of the best ways people want to shed some weight to achieve their workout goals. Most spin class instructors conduct their classes in groups, enabling the attendants to encourage one another and push their limits. 

But what to wear to a spin class is the first question that you might ask if you’re beginner. I checked into it and discovered:

The best attire to wear to a spin class is moisture-wicking clothing and padded shorts or tights. Yoga pants are also perfectly suitable for spinning. When we talk about the shoes – the best option here is the dedicated cycling shoe which clips into the pedals. Many facilities provide them for free or for a small extra fee.

The Spin Class

According to many attendees, the spin class environment works better for them instead of doing private workouts in their homes’ privacy. The spin class instructor also helps the subscribers track their progress and tips on making the most out of each class. 

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However, if you just joined a spin class, you might not know what items to start with to enjoy the workout class. After all, getting the right gear for every activity is imperative for a superb experience. 

Virtual classes continue to rise in popularity, with more than a quarter of respondents (26%) regularly attending Virtual indoor cycling classes.


A spin class is different from other gym activities because your workout routine involves riding a stationary bike exclusively. For this to be effective, you will need the right gear.

But let’s dive into more details here:


Before hopping on a bike in a spin class, ensure that you have the right attire for working out. This will allow you to spend the maximum number of hours on the bike without experiencing any discomfort.

Let’s get right into what you need.

Your first consideration should be the choice of fabric used to make the clothes you wear. Working out requires you to wear light clothes. This will allow you to tire just from pushing on the pedals instead of carrying the clothes around. This explains why nylon is a popular fabric for workout clothes.

Riding involves a lot of leg movement. So, unrestrictive clothing is the best choice if you want to enjoy being on the bike for hours. Instead of wearing plain nylon workout clothes, you can wear workout apparel made of a blend of regular fabric and stretchable materials, such as spandex.

We can all agree that sitting on a bike saddle for hours is not comfortable at all. Good biking clothes come with extra padding to help you sit comfortably on the bike saddle. The spin class bikes are just like the regular bike, with the only difference being they are used indoors. 

However, some gym owners try to save their clients the trouble of wearing padded clothes by cushioning the saddles on their spin class bikes. A padded biking short, skirt, or skort is the perfect wearable for a spin class if your gym does not cushion the spin class bikes.

After picking a perfectly padded wearable, you can decide its length based on personal preferences. As such, you can choose to attend spin class with shorts, a skirt, or a bike skort that extends to just above the knees. Pairing with a pair of leggings made of breathable stretch fabric is great when taking a spin class in cold weather conditions.

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The right attire for attending a spin class should also have enough storage space for small items to carry with you. For instance, you will most likely carry your smartphone to the class. 

After all, many phones come packed with awesome apps to help you monitor your workout progress. Therefore, workout attire for a spin class should allow you to store your phone securely within easy reach as you progress with the class. 

It also works excellent for workout enthusiasts who like to accompany their workout with some background music. All they need to do is place the phone in the pocket and pop in wireless earbuds into their ears for the workout.


Hopping on a bike in spin class when wearing the wrong type of shoes could compromise your entire routine. But with the correct type of shoes that are optimized for biking, you can enjoy an easy time pedaling in the spin class.

To select the perfect spin class shoes, the first thing you have to consider is the sole. A stiff sole allows you to transfer maximum energy from your legs to the bike pedal. A softer sole yields to the pedal, and this causes energy loss when pedaling.

The shoes should also fit snug on your feet without feeling too tight. Note that you will move the feet around a lot when pushing on the pedals. A roomy shoe, therefore, is recommended because it allows you to do this comfortably. 

An adjustable tightening mechanism, such as easy to tie laces, is also useful when you want to loosen or tighten the shoes with minimal interruption to your spin class.

You could also go for shoes with a flat bottom sole when attending a spin class. Only wear the spiked or contoured sole bottoms when you are out riding a real bike on the road. 

Buy shoes that come fitted with a flat sole because they are comfortable to walk in. after all, spin classes are not just about riding the stationary bike. You will also encounter standing and walking moments. 

If you have an instructor who likes to add some glam to the workout, you might even find yourself dancing during the routine. Shoes with flat soles accommodate all the different movements, so you get to enjoy the spin class more.


You can bring along different accessories to your spin classes to make the class easier. One item you should always have is a water bottle to help you hydrate

If you use any pre-workout or post-workout formulas, you can always carry along the container to your spin class. 

If you sweat a lot, a small towel comes in handy to clear your forehead and face off any dripping sweat. As you gain more experience in the class, you may find your collection of essential items growing. 

Have a small bag that fits the accessories you need easily because it will help you organize all your items. If it is spacious enough, you can even add more accessories such as a tablet, smartphone charging cables, and an umbrella.

What NOT to wear to spin class

When you join a spin class, expect a lot of movement. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing made of tough fabrics that can restrict free movement. Streetwear has no use inside a spin class. So, keep away from denim jeans.

Sweatpants are suitable for a casual stroll or when you want to relax indoors. However, they are not breathable. Since you will be sweating a lot during a spin class, keep away from sweatpants that do not allow airflow.

Avoid bringing your regular running shoes to a spin class. The flexible sole is not ideal for riding. If you are not careful, you might end up hurting yourself while pushing hard on the pedals, especially if your feet slip.

Heavy clothes made of cotton are a good way to keep warm in cold weather. However, if you must bring them to the spin class, come with extra clothes to wear during the workout. 

The cotton attires should be placed in storage until the class is over. The good thing about spin classes is that they are conducted indoors. This means that you won’t have to worry about the cold weather when the class is in session.