What Is The Best Food Supplement For Cyclists (New Data)

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Most people today know the benefits that come with engaging in cycling. These include health benefits such as keeping fit, acquiring the feeling self-satisfaction, and sometimes, monetary gains when it comes to cycling competition. Keep in mind that the activity involves the output of much energy.

For this reason, people that engage in the sport require consuming a lot of food rich in carbohydrates, fat, and calories. This means that cyclists require consuming a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and whole grains. Interesting to note, it is advisable for a cyclist to consider taking in food supplements to complement their diet.

Keep in mind that the supplements come handy in adding cycling energy and aid in the quick recovery of energy lost. However, one is advised to check in with their medical practitioner to ensure that they consume what suits them best.

Some people get overwhelmed by the many various supplements at their disposal. Remember that you do not want to consume more than what your body requires and end up having health issues. A professional physician or dietitian will advise on the best supplements for cyclists to consume to help keep your bones healthy and maintain your hormones.

So let’s find out which is the best food supplement for cyclists and what we know about them.

Vitamin C – The King of Vitamins!

If you are a frequent and intense cyclist or know someone who is, then you are familiar with experiencing leg pains during walking after a cycling session. According to research conducted, this is caused as a result of muscle soreness.

The discomfort is as a result of intense cycling and can be curbed by complementing your food diet with the best vitamins for cyclists. Interesting to note, just 3 grams of vitamin C on a daily basis will work a miracle for you! Vitamin C was also known as ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid is found in food but the best and easiest way to take it is as a food supplement.

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Cyclists are advised to consume foods that are rich in proteins. According to research conducted, this is because a lot of energy is used during the engagement and a lot of muscle breakage takes place.

According to dieticians, cyclists need to consume protein supplements to aid in growing and recovering the muscles. The supplements will come in handy to compliment other protein diets such as beans, low-fat dairy, and lean chicken. Most cyclists take proteins during a ride through protein bars. 

Green Tea Extract

If you are a frequent cyclist, then you can attest that the most challenging phase of cycling is in a position to maintain your pace. According to research conducted by the renowned American Physiological Society, a cyclist who has taken some green tea extract tends to be much stronger compared to one that has not consumed any green tea supplements. My personal favorite brand of green tea extract pills is Zhou Nutrition. Not to mention that the green tea extract is also an antioxidant and boosts metabolism.


For cyclists that want to improve their cycling power as well as their lean muscles, then look no further! This is because consuming creatine food supplements have the ability to increase your cycling power. In addition to that, the supplement works wonders in curbing the formation of lactic acid in the body. As a result, much energy is realized which leads to a better performance. For more info on the benefits of creatine, follow this link – “10 Health and Performance Benefits of Creatine”.

Amino Acids & Branch-Chain Amino Acids

If you are a frequent bike rider, then you are familiar with experiencing frequent pains and aches after a ride. This is the case, especially for professional or frequent cyclists. It is advisable for one to embrace amino acids supplements in their diets.

These include supplements such as valine, leucine, and isoleucine. According to research conducted, the supplements work best for cyclists’ recovery.

Nitrate Supplement

It is any cyclists desire to have a successful cycling adventure without facing any challenges along the way. However, for many cyclists, this is a dream come true since most times, one lacks the proper stamina to finish a race as expected.

The good news for such cyclists is that complimenting their food diet with some nitrate supplements from the beetroot plant will work for them! You will find yourself experiencing better performance as a result of great stamina. Actually, there is a company called “Beet IT SPORT” which produces this special Hi Nitrate Concentrated Beetroot Shots. You can also have some of our juice recipes for cyclists which include beetroot. 


Cyclists are advised to consume calcium supplements as recommended by their physicians. This is the case if the professional realizes that you are not getting enough calcium from natural foods.

Such foods include beans, broccoli, and fortified cereals, among others. One is recommended to have an intake of about 1200 to 1500 milligrams of calcium intake on a daily basis. You can always take calcium through calcium pills made by “Nature Made” which is my favorite supplement.


If you are looking to experience a powerful cycling adventure, then make sure that you have enough of magnesium intake in your body. This is because of the mineral aids in energy metabolism as well as the formation of bones.

Keep in mind that the mineral is excreted through sweating and so, you should see to it that you take in enough of the supplement before you engage in cycling. If you have limited access to foods such as quinoa, almonds, and dark leafy greens, among others, then an intake of between 500 to 800 grams of the supplement will work for you! Magnesium is available through some pills and can be taken as a supplement as well. 

Vitamin D

For people that love engaging in other outdoor activities other than cycling, then you are likely to have enough vitamin D in your body. However, if you love spending your days indoors apart from engaging in cycling, it is wise that you consume some Vitamin D supplements. This is because, with less exposure to the sun, you are likely to need more Vitamin D in your body.

The supplement not only comes in handy to improve your mood, but it also helps in boosting your performance power as well. Other vital uses include playing a huge role in the better absorption of calcium in the body. Therefore, do not be left behind when it comes to consuming the best vitamins for cyclists today.

The Benefits of Consuming the Food Supplements

For already professional cyclists, the notion of combining some of the best supplements for cyclists to their diet simply brings a smile on their face. This is because they have experienced unending benefits from the consumption. Some of the benefits accrued are outlined below. You can get more enlightenment on what you need to know regarding the food supplements here.

  • Help in the formation and boosting of their body energy which comes in quite handy in cycling performance.
  • Enhancement of quick recovery after taking a cycling spree through the formation of muscles.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • The food supplements are renowned for the reduction of blood pressure and increase the flow of blood in the body.
  • Reduction of muscle soreness and improvement of the lean body muscles.
  • Reduction of body aches and pains after cycling.
  • Boosting of energy metabolism as well as aiding in the formation of bones.

If you are planning on becoming a professional cyclist or you are already a cyclist, but you have not been complementing your diet with food supplements, it is time to embrace the change!

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