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Trek FX1 2021 Review – Is It Worth It?

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Let’s start with the upfront conclusion.

Trek FX1 is among the best entry-level hybrid bikes you can find on the market right now. For just $500, you get some excellent parts on top of the lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminum Frame.

The FX1 is a bike that you could ride for your daily commuting or want a nice bike to get in shape. Another reason for loving the FX1 is the availability of sizes. This bike comes in four different frame sizes – S, M, L, and XL.

Pros and Cons of Trek FX1 2021
Pros and Cons of Trek FX1 2021

Trek FX Series

FX series are fitness/commuter hybrid bikes in Trek’s lineup. They’re among the most popular models within the brand, and you can spot many Trek FX bicycles on the streets.

As we know, hybrid bikes are a mixture of road bikes and mountain bikes. They’re super versatile all-rounder bikes loved by many people around the states. If you want to learn more about Trek Bikes, check our Trek Bikes overview article.

Components and Build

Trek is a brand famous for the quality of the components and the exceptional build of its bikes. The FX1 is definitely not an exception, despite the fact it costs only $500. Let’s dive into more details about each component and part.

Frame and Fork

The FX1 runs this awesome Alpha Gold Aluminum Frame, which is very solid and lightweight. Trek produces some of the best aluminum frames, so this one is not an exception.

The frame is continuously cold extruded and butted and then shaped in manipulated tube shapes. It also comes with built-in mounts for adding racks and fenders.

What’s the difference between Trek FX1 and FX1 Stagger? See the below images for clarification.

Trek FX1 vs Trek FX1 Stagger

FX1 is available with two types of frames on Trek’s website. The regular version and a model called FX1 Stagger, which comes with a step-through frame for easy-on and easy-off. The stagger version would be great for anyone planning to use a child seat. The elderly also prefer step-through frames.

The fork is made of steel which helps to dampen vibrations slightly better than an aluminum frame. Of course, steel is heavier than aluminum, but most probably, you won’t even notice the difference when riding the FX1.

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Wheels and Tires

This bike is set up with 700c wheels, which is the same diameter as a road bike. But the tires are 35mm wide. These tires are much more robust and comfortable than traditional road bikes, but still, you’ll have the benefits of the big 700c wheels.

Bontrager H2 Comp Tire

The model Trek fitted this model is Bontrager H2 Comp – a smooth hybrid tire for commuting and urban riding. If you’re going to use this bike on streets, paths, and light trails, you won’t be disappointed by this Bontrager tire.

The Brakes

Probably the only downside of this Trek FX1 is the braking system. To drag the price down Trek decided to fit this entry-level model with a simple Tektro alloy linear pull. Don’t get me wrong, the brakes are absolutely adequate for this bike, but you can’t compare the stopping power to any other Trek model fitted with disc brakes. The good news is you can buy the FX1 with disc brakes for

Speeds and Gear Shifting

The 3 x 7 drivetrain is pretty good. It makes the bike really versatile and ready for climbing hills or for fast downhills. FX1 comes with Shimano Altus M310 rear derailleur, and Shimano Tourney front derailleur. The perfect combination of parts for an entry-level hybrid. You can’t ask for more at this price level.

Shimano Altus EF500 provides gear shifting with integrated brake levers. These shifters come with an excellent and visible gear indicator. With your index finger, you go harder, and with the thumb button, you go easier on the right-hand side and the reverse on the left-hand side.

Generally speaking, these integrated shifters are perfect and give a clean look to the bike, but on the downside, you’ll have to change the entire thing if one of the two breaks down.

The Saddle

Towards the back, we’ve got the Bontrager Sports saddle – a pretty comfortable, good-cushy saddle. According to Trek, this saddle brings performance, support, and comfort to the posture 4 fitness rider. It comes with a full cutout design which helps to eliminate soft tissue pressure. Overall, an excellent saddle for commuting, and fitness.

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Where to Buy Trek FX1

Normally, we would suggest buying the Trek FX1 on Trek’s own website, but recently all entry-level bikes are sold-out. You can find those bikes in most bike shops, so check your local one for the FX1. Hopefully, soon all bikes will be available once again on Trek’s website.

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In conclusion, Trek FX1 is a perfect ride for anyone looking for an entry-level hybrid. Casual riding in the park, commuting to work/college, group rides, you name it. The FX1 is a capable bike you can trust and ride for many years to come.

What about the downside? I’ve found only one minor thing on this bike.

The first one is the disc brakes – this is the only bike in Trek’s lineup that comes without disc brakes and instead has simple linear-pull brakes. The brake cables are not integrated into the frame compared to the more expensive Trek bikes. The integrated cables give a clean and premium look to a bike.

Trek FX1 Alternatives

If you like the Trek FX1, but maybe you think it’s expensive, or you don’t like the colors, we have an excellent selection of similar bikes as alternatives.

Best Trek FX1 Alternatives

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