Trek Dual Sport 4 Review

The 2021 version of the Trek Dual Sport 4 is designed for bike riders who want to hit just the right balance between fantastic functionality on professional competition bikes and sporty performance with leisure riding bikes. 

This affordable hybrid bike comes packed with many useful features that allow it to take on a wide variety of terrains. A few of the outstanding features you will find on this ride include a featherlight and sturdy aluminum frame, a 1 X 11 drivetrain, a high-quality fork with remote suspension lockout, and a user-friendly Blendr system that allows you to clip gears to the stem.

All this tech makes this ride suitable for users who do not expect a lot from their bike in terms of speed. Rather, it is perfect for riders looking for a bike that allows them to switch from flat and smooth roads in the suburban areas to rugged terrain in the outdoors without letting up on dependability and ride quality.

FrameAlpha Gold Aluminium, DuoTrap S-compatible
ForkSR Suntour NRX RL with 63 mm travel
SizesS, M, L, XL
ShiftersShimano Deore M5100
Rear DerailleurShimano Deore M5100
HeadsetIntegrated 1-1/8″ Threadless
BrakesShimano MT200 hydraulic disc
TiresBontrager GR1 Expert, 700×40 c
WeightM – 12.48 kg / 27.52 lbs
Weight Limit300 lbs (combined weight of bicycle, rider and cargo)

Frame, fork, and Suspension

The Trek Duo comes with an aerodynamic, lightweight frame made to last. The frame is made with Alpha Gold Aluminum and is hollow to allow cables to run through from the front to the rear. The frame comes fitted with ready-to-mount docks for racks and fenders, a post-mount disc, and a kickstand mount. You can attach a separately sold wireless connectivity device attachment since the frame is Duo Trap S compatible.

The SR Suntour NRX RL fork acts as the linkage point between the wheels and the frame. The fork is the core part of this bike’s innovative suspension system that absorbs shock when you move from even road surfaces and join rough roads with an uneven surface. The fork allows up to 63 millimeters of play up and down, which absolves the wheel’s shock and impact from reaching the handlebars. 

It comes with a remote lockout whose control is conveniently located just at the end of the handlebars to allow the rider to engage the suspension system when the road surface changes quickly.

The mainframe interlocking joint dimensions stand at 135 x 5 mm quick release, while on the fork is 100 x 5mm quick release.

Wheels, rim, and hubs 

The wheel system on this bike features a front and rear hub designed to interlock perfectly with the mainframe on the rear part and the fork in the front part. The rear hub fits the main frame’s 135 X 5 mm profile, while the front hub matches the 100 X 5 mm profile of the fork. Both front and rear hubs are designed for quick release to allow you to swap out the wheel easily when the need arises. The two hubs are of the same Shimano M3050 make and model with a universal center lock system.

The bike features a Bontrager Affinity Disc rim designed for use with tubeless tires, which measures 21 millimeters in width. The inner lining of the rim features 32 spoke holes arranged in a crisscross manner for maximum support. 

One large perforation that houses a reliable Presta valve is etched at a strategic point between the spoke holes to allow easy access when you want to pump up the tires with pressure. Weight distribution on the wheel is supported by the ultralight spokes that add only 14 grams each to the weight of the ride. They are all made of stainless steel that is corrosion and rust-resistant and are covered with a black exterior coating to match the look of the entire ride.

Bontrager GR1 Expert tires are the final touch on the wheel system of the Trek Dual Sport 4, and they have a 700x40c profile. The 60 threads per inch on the exterior material of the tires allows them to traverse through all kinds of road surfaces with minimal deterioration, while the wire beaded interior guarantees their long life. The tires do well for urban roads, but it is expected that they will be more prone to puncturing when you ride for long in the rough roads as evidenced by some comments from users.


This bike rides on a robust drivetrain with only one derailleur in the rear supporting shifting of the chain between the gears. The manufacturers have picked from among the top names in the market and fitted a reliable Shimano Deore M5100 derailleur with a long cage build. The performance derailleur matches the Shimano Deore M5100 shifter from the same brand. 

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Moreover, a Shimano Deore M5100 cassette holds the 1 X 11 gear system on the drivetrain’s rear part. A combination of parts from the same manufacturer on the drivetrain means you experience minimal lags and less frequent slips. The 11-speed gear system is enough for shifting between different speeds with no stiffness or rigidity on the pedals. This allows you to ride the bike uphill with almost the same ease as you would when riding on a flat road surface.

A smooth-running KMC X11 chain connects the pedals to the gears on the rear and allows shifting from one gear to the next with the aid of the shifter. A Pro wheel alloy crank with 175 mm diameter and Wellgo pedals that come fitted with a reflector on the backside complete the drivetrain on this bike.

Braking system 

At one point, when riding a bike, you need to come to a quick or gradual stop depending on the reason for stopping. Riding downhill also necessitates that you maintain reasonable speed not to lose control of the bike. To achieve all these vital functions, you need a reliable and responsive braking system.

This bike’s braking system is founded on the reliable Shimano MT200 hydraulic braking discs and Shimano RT54 brake rotors. Together, the braking discs and rotors bring the bike to a stop as soon as you press hard on the brakes levers and slow the speed gradually up to a smooth stop when you gently press on the brake levers.

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The brake rotors’ responsiveness is enabled by the central lock system, which stops the wheels from rotating at the center where rotation momentum originates from.

Bike sizing and fitting 

The Trek Dual Sport bike is available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Ideal sizing and fitting of the bike stand as follows for different riders:

Frame SizeRider’s Height
Small5’1” – 5’5”
Medium5’5” – 5’9”
Large5’9” – 6’2”
Extra Large6’2” – 6’5”

The ideal sizing overlaps by a few inches on each size since not all riders have the same body size. Riders are advised to get the best fit by physically visiting bike shops that stock the Trek Dual to find a size that is ideal for them.

The manufacturer has also designed the frame on the small size bike with a slight dip on the top part of the frame as you approach the seat tube to accommodate height-challenged riders. However, the bent frame is not featured on the larger sizes meant for taller riders who have no trouble straddling the bike.

Bike Weight and weight limit 

A light bike allows you to pick up speed fast. The engineers who designed this bike have done a tremendous job reducing its weight and ensuring riders of speed. The weight of all components combined totals about 27.6 lbs. (12.5 kilos), making this one of the lightest bikes for leisure riding. The aerodynamic shape cuts through the wind with minimal resistance, while the sturdy frame and wheel allow you to haul about 300lbs. (136 kilos), inclusive of the bike’s weight.

Other components

The bike comes with other extra components that help in the customization of the bike, thus boosting comfort and ride safety optimization.

The stock saddle that comes in packaging is the Bontrager Evoke saddle that sits on the well-matched Bontrager Comp seat post.

Handlebars on the small and medium bike sizes are Bontrager Comp Lowriser handlebars with the 15-millimeter rise and 600-millimeter width, while the large and extra-large bike sizes have similar Bontrager Comp Lowriser handlebars with the 15-millimeter rise and 660-millimeter width.

Tire clearance from the frame and fork allows fitting of compatible fenders and mudguards while the frame allows integration with the Duo Trap S Bluetooth and ANT sensor for wireless connectivity to smart devices. The Duo Trap S accessories allow you to log ride statistics, save your favorite routes, and track fitness progress. The stem also allows you to fit extra gear like portable camcorders so that you can document every ride you make with this bike.

Branded accessories that fit this bike are available for separate purchase and include water bottles, fenders, racks, and a bottle cage that allow you to personalize your ride.

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