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Tommaso Sentiero Review – An Excellent Bike for Exploration!

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A solid history

Making brand comparisons can be a crapshoot, but for folks who know their way around the bicycle industry, Tommaso is a brand with a following.

Founded in 1985, this company not only produces excellent products with state-of-the-art features, but the Tommaso frame warranty is legendary.

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Engineering starts in Italy, fabrication is done in Denver, Colorado and the name Tommaso (Thomas in English) was chosen because the company wanted to appeal to ordinary people.

The Sentiero gets rave reviews from folks on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. If you like what you read, you could be one of them.

A bike on a mission

Most bicycle companies wax poetic about their styles, models, innovations, and technology, but only Tommaso lays claim to have launched a movement.

It’s the best kind of revolution because riders behind it are devoted and excited to spread the word. And while you won’t find the Tommaso Nation on any map, it exists in the minds of riders who wouldn’t think of purchasing another brand. No passport required to join in either.

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Tommaso wants customers to come together based on a shared passion for exploring the world on the seat of a bicycle brand dedicated to bringing people together. “We may come from different backgrounds, have different goals, and different needs, but we are all bound by one thing: The Love Of Bikes.”

All it takes to join the nation is a Tommaso bike, and the Sentiero could be the model that confers citizenship upon you!

One hot ride on any terrain

From the explosive red lettering that sprawls across the frame to the wallet-friendly $800 price tag, falling in love with this Italian beauty need not be unrequited.

Known for its rugged, all-terrain performance, whiz along on 28-spoke Tommaso TC-20D rims engineered to laugh at rugged terrain in both English and Italian. The company responded to rider requests to replace its tires, which is why the 2019 model came to be fitted with 700x40c tires.

The body of the Sentiero is a work of art. Crafted of an aluminum compact frame that’s best friends with the SST Steel Fork, the pairing is so dynamic, Tommaso backs both up with a Lifetime Frame & Fork Warranty that’s the envy of riders who choose other brands. Carry what you need without feeling like a beast of burden.

The Sentiero frame is drilled for racks and fenders, so whether you load up with everything you need to commute to work or take nothing but water and binoculars along on a relaxing tour, this responsive bike won’t disappoint.

Courtesy of Tommaso Bikes

Start. Stop. It’s your adventure

Speed freaks tend to gravitate to features like the Sentiero’s 3×8 Shimano Claris Groupset, 30/39/50T Claris crankset, and 12x25T Claris cassette, but if that’s not your style, you’ll still have a blast while covering all manner of terrain, from flats to hills to rocky heights.

Listen to the hum of those gears as they go through their paces. When it’s time to stop, Avid BB5 disc brakes will do the job adroitly, even if the weather is bad.

Because Tommaso product developers are responsive to customers who are not shy about registering complaints about comfort, this model has in fact been optimized for comfort.

From premium compact handlebars to a seat that’s made for long rides, this bike’s compact frame geometry is a major reason shoppers opt for this bike over competitor models.

Whether you cover 10 miles on your round trip to work or prefer 100-mile odysseys, count on this bike to perform to exacting standards. And while the professional assembly is required–unless you sleep with a master link removal tool/chain breaker under your pillow—-you’ll be guaranteed a bike that will serve you as a good friend for many years down whatever road you travel.


  • Affordably priced yet packed with features and benefits
  • Smooth and reliable shifting can up your speed quotient
  • Fit and finish meet exacting manufacturing standards
  • Brakes will keep you safe, even in lousy weather


  • Seats and pedals could be cumbersome to handle
  • Customer service may be perceived as unresponsive
  • This bike may be heavier than you prefer and there is no kickstand.


If you’re looking for classic styling and quality construction minus the hefty price tag associated with well-built bikes—and if you’re willing to have a professional put your road bike together so it’s ready for the road—you’ll find very little to dislike about this bike and plenty to like about the price and the riding experience.

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