Best Cycling Water Bottles for You Long Rides

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After testing more than 20 water bottles, we think that the best cycling water bottle is this Polar Bottle Fade Insulated. It’s cheap, well-designed, and will do the job perfectly. If you want a water bottle that looks extraordinary, check the CamelBak Podium Big Chill.

Sometimes while enjoying a long-distance bike ride we forget to drink enough water. I understand it!

But hydration is super-important. You are just having fun riding your awesome road bike, but unfortunately, this is very bad for our bodies because replenishing water supplies is crucial for our performance and for our well-being in general.

Polar Bottle Fade Insulated – Our Pick!

Polar Bottle Fade Insulated Water Bottle

Polar Bottle Fade Insulated Water Bottle is all about design and look. It is hands down one of the most good looking and eye-catching bottles. You can choose between three bottle sizes ( 12-ounce, 20-ounce and 24-ounce ) and between tens of designs and colors.

Polar Bottle has had over 20 years of experience in perfecting keeping liquids stored and cool. Again it uses two walls to protect the water cool and fits in the standard water bottle cage. This water bottle is one of the best bicycle water bottles overall and that’s why it is on our list.

Needless to say that this water bottle is one of the best-rated cycling water bottles on Amazon.

CamelBak Podium Big Chill – Also Great!

High performance, insulated bottle for competitive cyclists and sports enthusiasts. The double-walled bottle construction keeps your water cooler longer than the normal cycling bottle and if it is very cold outside you can keep your water a little bit warmer and the bottle will keep it from freezing.

The design is still absolutely beautiful in my opinion and I would love to have this one on my bike. Also, you can choose between a dozen colors to match your bike color if that’s of any importance to you.

It’s worth mentioning that the material is 100% BPA-Free, TruTaste Polypropylene with Hydroguard technology which lets you taste the water and not your bottle as per the manufacturer. It’s also dishwasher safe.

CamelBak is a brand we at YesCycling trust a lot. All of their products are high-quality and tested for longevity and durability. So this one is not an exception. CamelBak Podium Big Chill 750ml is a really cool insulated water bottle for everyone and the good news is the price of the bidon is really low.

Simply Pure – Purist 22 oz Bottle with Fixie Cap 

Simply Pure - Purist 22 oz Bottle with Fixie Cap 

This one is made in the USA and if this is not enough for you to buy it keep reading. The technology used here shields the bottle from any bad taste, mold or odors. The water is as pure as drinking from a glass, but with all the advantages of a flexible sports bottle. It is one of the best cycling water bottles your money can buy.

It is available in many colors like many of the other bottles. One of the most interesting parts of this bottle is the tomato test. It is a simple test made by the manufacturer which is intended to prove that even in such extreme conditions the bottle will keep clean and odorless.

You can find more information about this tomato test on the manufacturer’s website. This water bottle is really low priced and you can find many deals for it on Amazon as usual. The bottle is also available with a ”moflo” cap if you prefer it over the standard fixie cap. 

Elite EL.SUPER CORSA Water Bottle

  Elite EL.SUPER CORSA Water Bottle

Elite El.SUPER CORSA is another great bidon which we like a lot. It is a super simple one which does its job perfectly. The capacity is 750ml which is the normal size nowadays. The valve is super comfortable for the mouth and we have nothing to complain about here. The water bottle is easily squeezable and of course BPA-free.

The only downside of this bottle is that it’s not insulated and thus not suitable for the very hot weather. But the price is very low comparing to some of the other bidons on the market.

Science in Sports Easy Mix 800ml

Science in Sports Easy Mix 800ml

Science in Sports Easy Mix 800ml is a water bottle that we like a lot. It’s not a dedicated cycling bottle but it fits perfectly in any bike water cage. This water bidon is super cheap to buy and very good looking.

The unique feature of this one is the unique “Easy Mix System” which allows you to mix super easy different powders and water/milk. You even have pre-determined marks printed on the outside of the bottle which is handy.

Zefal 165 Arctica Insulated Bottle

Zefal 165 Water bottle is another great option that is available in two colors. You can choose between magnum black and magnum clear colors. The materials used here are really nice to touch and it’s very soft so squeezing is not a problem at all. It has a large mouth for cleaning and for adding ice.

The total capacity of Zefal 165 water bottle is 1 liter ( 33 oz ) which is enough in most cases. Thanks to its design the water bottle could be mounted to practically any cage despite the fact that the large capacity. This water bottle is not insulated so if you look for something which could keep your water cold for longer rides you should look elsewhere.

Schwinn Bicycle Water Bottle & Cage

Schwinn Bicycle Water Bottle & Cage

This bicycle water bottle is another great option made by Schwinn. The capacity is the standard 23 oz, and the plastic used is BPA-FREE as an industry-standard these days. One of the best things about this water bottle is that the plastic is really soft and easily squeezable, but at the same time dishwasher safe.

The grip of the bottle is quite good having in mind that it’s made of plastic. As a bonus, you get a free bidon cage which is handy and you definitely save some money on it. Another great feature is the cap which is good enough and easy to open with one hand while cycling.

As some of the buyers already noticed the bottle is made of two materials. The silver part feels like plastic and the black part is something like rubber for better grip. It gives a premium look and feels to the bottle as well.

Via Velo Bicycle Reflective Insulated Water Bottle & Cage
Via Velo Bicycle Reflective Insulated Water Bottle & Cage

This is one of the good-looking bicycle bottles on our list made by Via Velo. The capacity is 26 oz, and the bottle is insulated which means that your water will stay cooler for longer. With this bottle cage, you get some extra stuff like a free bottle cage and reflective cape.

The smartly designed reflective cape somehow gives you an additional safety feature as a bonus. As usual, you won’t find any harmful materials in the Via Velo bike bottle which is made of FDA-approved BPA-free plastic.

Another great feature is the included convenient take-along carry strap which is unique for such a product and not available on the other bottles.

How much water should you drink on my ride?

As a rule of thumb, we need to consume an average of 1 bottle of water per hour while cycling and you should it seriously. All experts agree that hydration is equally as important as nutrition.

Let’s never forget that our bodies are composed of 60% water, and the function of all the body fluids are digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.

Here you have 6 reasons to drink more water by WebMD.

Photo by Gary Butterfield

It’s super easy to equip your bike with bottle cages but then you have to choose your cycling water bottle and there are tons of them. We are here to help you with our selection of the best bicycle water bottles.

But before that, you should think about some important aspects.

What to consider when choosing the best cycling water bottle?

All water bottles on our list are good for cycling.

They fit perfectly on a standard road or mountain bike bidon cage. Also, they are made of materials which are tested to be safe for the human body.


As we know materials of the bike water bottle affect two aspects – how easy or difficult it is to squeeze it, and what chemicals ( including odors ) expose you to. If a bottle is too stiff it will be very hard to squeeze it when you need it.

Talking about the chemicals you could be exposed to, you will notice that most of the water bottles are BPA-free. This is very good news because BPA is a well known endocrine disruptor and could be a major health issue.

Photo by Imelda

It’s very important for a cycling water bottle to be easy to hold and use with one hand for obvious reasons. But there are tons of bidons on the market and finding the good ones is not so easy.


Another important thing to consider is to decide if you need an insulated water bottle or a standard probably cool looking bike water bottle. Note that the insulated bidons can hold your water cool or warm for many hours ( probably 3-4 ) so you should look for such a cycling water bottle.

There are no special mountain bike water bottles or road bike water bottles so you should not worry about that. They are all the same.

Nozzle and Lid

Another extremely important aspect which you should consider before making the buying decision is to think about the nozzle.

The nozzle is where the water flow comes out of the bottle. It’s your closest contact with the water bottle. Having a good, big, comfortable nozzle is very important. In recent years emerged some cycling water bottles with a nozzle which locks.

Some of the bottles feature a lid that prevents leaks, but personally I don’t like the bottles with lid. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to open a lid with one hand every time you want to drink water riding your bike.

Bottle Capacity

The bottle capacity also should be considered. Most water bottles for cycling typically have a capacity between 17 and 25 oz. They all come in a standard size that fits all cages, but some of them are taller.

My advice here is to go for the bigger bottle capacity. You will appreciate it on your long rides.

Without further ado let’s start with our list and individual reviews.

How to clean a cycling water bottle? 

Another very important aspect is the cleaning of the cycling water bottle. You can find more information on this very good article here.

If your bottle sits around with a small amount of water inside it, it will get a lot of bad smells, not to mention the bacterias. It can even get mold, and mildew if you left it with sports drinks.

The best thing you can do to have a good, and clean cycling water bottle is to clean it more often, and never leave it on your bike with a small amount of water when you don’t use it.

The best way to clean your cycling water bottle is to use a conical brush in order to reach the bottom of it. I recommend using regular dish soap and water, nothing else.

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  1. Hi! I just have a request for on the top five I think you should put a peloton bottle up there because I really love them and they are great exercise water bottles. Any way thank you and I hope to see the water bottle up in the top five!

    • The only Peloton water bottles that I see on their website are the “Glass Water Bottle.” There’s no friggin’ way that I’m sticking a glass bottle on my bike going 45 mph down hills. If something happens I don’t want to be adding glass shards to items that I have to consider on my way down….

      Leave the Peloton bottles on stationary bikes that don’t move….


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