Specialized CruX Review

The 2022 Specialized CruX is a high-performance bicycle meticulously designed for general purpose riding. It stands out for its advanced engineering, making it an excellent choice for both competitive cyclists and enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.

Here’s a comprehensive review based on my research.

Design and Build

Frame and Geometry: The Specialized CruX features a sleek, aerodynamic frame, with geometry meticulously tailored to provide an optimal balance of comfort and performance. The frame sizes range from 49 to 61, catering to a wide spectrum of riders.

Key geometric specifications include:

  • Stack and Reach: The frame’s stack ranges from 530 mm to 621 mm, and the reach varies from 375 mm to 415 mm, ensuring a fit that can accommodate different body types and preferences.
  • Head Tube Angle and Length: The head tube angle spans from 70.5° to 72.5°, while the length varies between 100 mm and 190 mm. This ensures precise steering control and stability.
  • Bottom Bracket Height and Drop: With a BB height of 284 mm and a drop of 74 mm, the bike maintains a low center of gravity, enhancing stability and handling.

Materials and Construction: Constructed with high-quality carbon fiber, the CruX is both lightweight and robust. Keep in mind that care is advised to avoid damage to the carbon fiber, as any damage can compromise the structural integrity of the bike.

Assembly and Components

Assembly Notes: The assembly process is detailed and should ideally be performed by an Authorized Specialized Retailer due to the bike’s complexity.

Key assembly points include:

  • Tools and Torque Specifications: The manual specifies the necessary tools (including various Allen keys, torque wrench, and grease) and the precise torque values required for different components to ensure safe and secure assembly.
  • Order of Operations: Following the specified order of operations is crucial to avoid complications and ensure a smooth assembly process.

Brake and Shift Systems: The CruX supports both electronic and mechanical shifting systems. For the electronic wired system, the manual provides detailed routing instructions for the Shimano Di2 setup. The mechanical system supports full-length housing for the rear derailleur and optional dropper seatpost.

Disc Brakes: The bike is equipped with disc brakes, which offer superior stopping power and reliability in various conditions.


Regular Maintenance: Maintaining the CruX is essential to preserve its high performance. Regular checks and services by an Authorized Specialized Retailer are recommended.

Key maintenance tips include:

  • Inspection for Damage: Regularly inspect the bike for any signs of damage, especially after crashes. Even minor damages can lead to significant issues if left unattended.
  • Cleaning and Lubrication: Keep the bike clean, especially the drivetrain, and lubricate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid high-pressure water sprays to prevent damage to bearings.

Component Care: Careful handling of carbon fiber components is emphasized. Avoid prolonged exposure to harsh elements and regularly check for signs of wear or corrosion, especially in salty environments.

User Experience

Ride Quality: The Specialized CruX offers an exceptional ride quality, attributed to its carefully designed geometry and high-quality components. The bike’s lightweight frame ensures agility and ease of handling, making it a joy to ride on various terrains.

Fit and Comfort: The ability to customize the fit through adjustable components like the seatpost and stem ensures that riders can achieve their preferred riding position, enhancing comfort and performance.

Safety: The manual emphasizes safety, with numerous warnings about proper assembly and maintenance. Following these guidelines is crucial for ensuring a safe riding experience.


The 2022 Specialized CruX is a remarkable bicycle that combines advanced engineering with top-tier materials to deliver outstanding performance. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or a dedicated enthusiast, the CruX promises a ride experience that is both exhilarating and reliable. Proper assembly and regular maintenance, ideally performed by professionals, are essential to fully enjoy the capabilities of this high-performance bike.

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