Sixthreezero EVRYJourney Review – The Verdict!

Is Sixthreezero EVRYjourney a good bike?

Sixthreezero EVRYJourney is one of the most comfortable bikes you can buy now. It’s a bike people buy to stay in shape, riding leisurely in the park or the neighborhood. But is this bike better than the other models of this brand? Let’s find out.

We already mentioned in another article that Sixthreezero Around the Block is also a very comfortable bike. And to be frank, both bikes look very similar to most people. But there are a few important differences in the geometry of the frame. We will dive into more details within the article below.

Sixthreezero EVRYJourney in a glance:

FrameAluminum Frame
ForkHigh-Tensile Steel
ShiftersShimano Index Revo Shifter 7 Speed
Rear DerailleurShimano Tourney
TiresSixthreezero 26″ x1.95″
BrakesFront and Rear V-Brake ( Coaster Brake for the 1-Speed version )
Weight36.5 lbs. ( 1-Speed version )
Color Options5
Speed Options1, 3, 7 or 21-Speed
MSRPfrom $499.99

EVRYjourney vs. Around the Block: Notable Differences

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney and Around the Block are similar bikes in terms of components and build. They have one big difference, though – the frame design.

EVRYjourney has a forward peddling design and Around the Block has totally upright seated position. The seat tube of Around the Block goes straight into the pedals, and you’re not forward peddling at all. What this means, in a nutshell, is that on Around the Block, you’re going to pedal directly below your hips, right in line with the seat and the pedals. And with EVRYjourney, you’re peddling about three inches in front of your hips.

With this small but, at the same time, significant difference, the EVRYjourney puts you in an even more relaxed position and kicks your hips forward a little bit. As a result, the seat will be slightly lower, and you can put your feet easily on the ground when you stop.

On Around the Block, you generate more power than EVRYjourney, but you get even better comfort with the EVRYjourney.

Another thing you need to consider is that with EVRYjourney, you might find it difficult to stand and ride uphills because of this geometry. This bike is really made for casual riding on flat terrains.

EVRYjourneyAround the Block
Riding uphills +
Easier on the joints+
Riding on a paved trail+
Riding on a bumpy trail+
Quick Comparison between EVRYjourney and Around the Block

Another notable difference between the two models is that they use different tires. The Around the Block has slightly wider tires than the EVRYjourney, so the EVRYjourney will roll faster and smoother on well-paved trails. On the other hand, the Around the Block is better at absorbing bumps a little bit better.

The seat of the EVRYjourney is also a bit better than the one on the Around the Block. They’re both excellent comfortable saddles made of foam, but the one EVRYjourney is fitted with better materials ( more dense foam ) and stitching.

Other Features and Components

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is equipped with fenders and a standard rear rack for optional baskets, which is a nice feature for a bike in this price range.

Like most other Sixthreezero models, this one is available in many colors and speed options. The men’s version is available in three colors ( matte black, matte grey, and steel blue ), and the women’s version is available in three other colors ( cream, navy, teal, and mint green ).

EVRYjourney Gears

Both men’s and women’s bikes are available in four different speed options, just like the Around the Block: 1-Speed, 3-Speed, 7-Speed, and 21-Speed. Single-speed bikes are always suitable for simple riding on relatively flat terrains, and the multi-gear versions are better for climbing hills.

And just like the other models of this bike brand, the shifting is provided by entry-level Shimano components. The shifters are Shimano Index Revo Shifter, and the derailleurs are Shimano Tourney. Nothing to complain about here; you get a decent shifting experience, but you can’t compare it to a second or third-tier Shimano shifting hierarchy, which is much smoother and quieter.

EVRYjourney Brakes

When we talk about braking, the single-speed version comes with coaster brakes on the back and a handbrake ( V-brake ) on the front. The multi-speed versions come with front and rear V-brakes as standard.

Comfortable Seat and Handlebar Grips

This bike has a seat and handlebar similar to the Around the Block. The seat is a wide, cushy one made of packed foam, providing serious softness. The same could be said about the handlebar grips. They’re made of black synthetic leather and are extremely easy to hold, even for prolonged periods of time.

This bike is featured in the following round-up reviews:

EVRYjourney is Customizable

This bike comes with a preinstalled rear rack which means mounting different accessories on top of the bike. There is a wide variety of nice accessories to buy.

You can customize your new EVRYjourney with some very cool accessories. You can put a baby seat, a basket, a cup holder, and other available accessories on the frame.

Different EVRYjourney Models

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Internal Gear

This $799.99 version comes with 26-inch wheels and 7-speed Shimano internal gear. It’s an excellent option for anyone who needs a maintenance-free ride for every possible scenario. It also comes with front and rears V-brakes and high gloss chrome components. The front and rear fenders match the color of the frame. It’s available in men’s and women’s specific frames.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Fat Tire Electric

This $2399.99 electric bike is a relatively new model with much to offer. It comes with a 500 Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor and 4-inch semi-slick FAT tires. It’s a capable e-bike with a very comfortable frame, just like the other EVRYjourney models.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Tricycle

You might be surprised, but this bike is also available in the tricycle version. Yes, tricycles still exist; they even sell quite well among seniors and people with disabilities. This model is a bit pricey, at $799.99, but it’s one of the best tricycles available. It’s equipped with the same suitable components as all other EVRYjourney models.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is an excellent cruiser-style bicycle for easy casual riding for the joints. EVRYjourney has a huge fanbase, especially among women in the coastal areas of the states. We recommend it for anybody who wants to get in shape or commute short to medium distances, especially for people with low budgets ( below $500 ) who need a light cruising bike.

Sixthreezero EVRYJourney

Top Recommendation
Sixthreezero EVRYJourney
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Affordable bike
  • Very comfortable ride
  • Customizable
  • Great for casual riding
  • Amazing seat 
  • Entry-level parts
  • Not suitable for long rides
  • Difficult assembly 
  • Price is creeping up 

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