Should I Buy New or Used Bike?

Your ride is your identity, your pride and the gear you choose helps you meet your goals, whether those goals are competitive, fitness-related or both. Start your search on an informed note by reading about what other athletes confronted with making this choice did about their dilemmas: peruse the Beginner Triathlete website where a heated discussion on the topic of new v. used road bike is likely to push your mind into a higher gear.

Tips for buying a used bike

What better authority to consult when considering a used bike than Fred Dreier of One of Drier’s self-admitted goals is helping cyclists like you avoid “picking a lemon,” and his advocacy is all about saving readers thousands of dollars if a new cycle is an impossible dream.

When starting your search, determine your optimal bike size. Next, compare prices using reliable resources like:

Fill your shortlist with at least three options so you can compare them. Scrutinize each frame so thoroughly, you are proclaimed the Sherlock Holmes of cycle inspection. Do a cursory tire kick, inspecting wheels, suspension fork and drive train. If circumstances allow, have a bicycle shop expert take a look at your final choice so you feel confident and don’t suffer buyer’s regret after the fact.

Buying a used bike could save you a ton of money especially if you are a broke college student looking for a frugal bicycle option

Buying a used bike


  • You save money while helping someone unload their bike
  • The used bike you choose could be loaded with features
  • Minor flaws can help you negotiate a better deal
  • Garage sales are ideal ways to find affordable used bikes and they’re everywhere
  • Lots of bike shops sell used cycles so this is an ideal way to go.


  • Apply due diligence when inspecting for flaws and damage
  • Pre-owned bike sales are usually final
  • You probably won’t have to warranty to fall back on
  • Don’t know the seller? Are you sure the bike you want isn’t stolen?

Buying a new bike


  • Acquire the latest technology and design
  • The warranty is worth its weight in gold
  • Enjoy immediate recourse if you’re not satisfied
  • You may be able to negotiate prices on new “older” models 
  • Can’t come up with cash? You may be able to finance it.


  • You will probably spend more money than you would buy a used bike
  • Your budget may preclude “extras” you desire
  • New bike owners tend to worry more about theft 
  • If it’s stolen, you can kiss the money you paid for it goodbye. 

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