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Ride1Up Review – Brand Overview and Conclusion

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Ride1Up is one of the most popular electric bike brands among enthusiasts and e-bike fans. The brand offers a few affordable and high-quality series of bikes for urban and off-road cycling.

Ride1Up founder Kevin Dugger “seems to have been destined to work in the bicycle industry,” wrote Toby Hill for the Cycle Volta website. Dugger launched this brand by building eBikes by hand, concluding that there was an industry void that wasn’t being filled: Fast, sleek, affordable, high-quality eBikes. Dugger decided to fill that void.

Operating on the premise that “Quality electric bikes don’t have to cost as much as a car,” company founders hope that by removing price as a barrier to ownership, more people around the globe will commute by bike and ultimately live healthier, more efficient lifestyles minus car repairs, insurance, and roller-coaster fuel prices.

Because efficiency is never compromised when crafting Ride1Up brand bikes, this company banks its reputation on the principle that there is no more efficient way to travel than by eBike, thus the Ride1Up brand is proud of contributing to the worldwide effort to clean up the environment. Further, brand fans love the fact that the company boasts a solid, reliable supply chain and unprecedented customer support.

6 Proprietary Ride1Up Series Currently Available

Ride1Up 500 Series

Considered by consumers and critics to be an unbeatable value while not compromising on quality engineering, 500 series eBikes are serious rides with plenty of street cred.

Amassing unprecedented popularity in 2020, this eBike is a chameleon: it performs brilliantly on all surfaces, from city pavement to long-distance pathways. Further, the 500 series has undergone recent refinements in 2021 that include improved tires, an updated display, and gearing improvements while retaining its unique features.

Calling the 500 Series “our original best-selling model,” designers were delighted when it became one of the most popular eBikes available in 2020; a lightweight, uniquely agile ride designed for comfortable touring, even over long distances.

Specifically, the updated 500 series owners are impressed by improvements made to the tires, display, and gearing, solidifying its “best all-around value performer of 2021” image.

This Class 3 electric bike will accelerate to 28mph with pedal assist and 20mph throttle courtesy of the 750w geared hub motor with 60nm torque. Depending upon your weight, terrain, incline, and riding style, you could travel between 25- to 45-miles on a charge.

The Lightweight 6061 alloy frame offers internal protection of electronics plus frame geometry and components resulting in an efficient, delightfully comfortable ride you may not be able to resist for an ARP of $1295.

Ride1Up 700 Series

You’ll spend more for the upgraded version of the 700 series, but when you review the improvements made to this line of eBikes, you might be happy to shell out another $400 for “The ultimate electric biking experience.” Included on the ride’s list of superior components are the hydraulic fork, hydraulic brakes, and color display that informs you of all aspects of your riding progress.

Also categorized as a Class 3 eBike, travel at a speed of up to 28mph using pedal assist (20mph throttle) onboard the lightweight alloy frame designed to protect internal electronics from the elements and surface debris.

Ride with confidence atop Schwalbe SUPER MOTO 27.5- x2.4- inch (584-60) tires and enjoy the feel of the fully integrated aluminum frame that looks more expensive than it is, yet you can join the eBiking movement for half the price of competitor models. Return on investment?

Your ability to cover between 30 and 50 miles contingent upon your physique, terrain, incline, and level of assist functions you employ. All of this is delivered by an impressive 750w geared hub motor with 60nm torque.

Powered by 48V14ah Reention Rhino, 52x Samsung 35E cell technology, the Smart BMS battery interacts with this ride’s nerve center: a sensor designed to keep your ride steady until Tektro dual-piston hydraulic brakes, also equipped with an electric cut-off sensor, bring you to a stop.

The cleverly situated left-side thumb throttle adds to this eBike’s intelligent design, and safety features include a Blaze front light and Spanninga Luceo rear light. Comfy? Test the Selle Royal Freeway plush gel saddle, and you’ll be convinced.

Ride1Up Prodigy Series

If the only Ride1Up you crave happens to belong to the Prodigy family (https://ride1up.com/product/prodigy/), prepare to wait to get your hands on one. Stock is depleted, and models won’t ship until January 2022. Is it worth your while to practice the Zen of Prodigy? You bet.

Described as a ride so natural, “you will forget it’s electric,” this gem features a refined Brose TF Sprinter German-made mid-drive motor with 90nm torque that takes your ride to the next level while sporting a price tag that belies its impressive features at $2295.

Your weight, the surfaces you choose, incline, and assist level all determine the distance you can cover riding the Prodigy but expect between 30- and 50-miles per charge, delivered adroitly by the lightweight alloy frame featuring internally protected electronics.

This bike is fitted with a 36V14ah Phylion BN21 (Samsung Cells; Smart BMS) battery and Brose Integrated torque sensor. The Shimano 9-Speed trigger shifter featuring an electric shift assist sensor plus Shimano components elevate the quality of your ride to impressive levels. Tektro HD-M290 180mm hydraulic brakes and Maxxis Refuse 27.5- x2.0-inch tires bring riders to a safe stop.

Stylistically, this is one classy ride. Deluxe touches include black stainless-steel spokes, a Selle Royal Viento saddle, Buchel Ultra-bright 80 lux headlight, Buchel Edge taillight, custom 40-pound cargo rack, and Ride1Up designers didn’t forget the extras, like water bottle stowage and chainstay guards.

If you wondered whether the Prodigy is worth the wait, check out rave reviews current owners are posting, and you’ll understand why this brand has become so popular in such a short amount of time.

Ride1Up LMT’D Series

Ride1Up is promoting its LMT’D as the newest generation of cadence sensor-driven rides. At $1,895.00, it’s nicely priced, and if you buy one, you’ll own an eBike classified as a “special production for the maximum allowable speed and performance before entering motorcycle territory.”

Sound appealing? It is. This eBike is fabricated with higher-end components for faster acceleration. Zoom along on Schwalbe Super-Moto X tires until you apply the dual piston Tektro hydraulic brakes.

While the LMT’D remains in the same class (3) as other eBikes on this list, it’s truly in a class of its own. Achieve 28mph using pedal assist and enjoy the power of 20mph throttle that synchronizes with the 750w geared hub motor with 100nm torque.

Rider weight, terrain, and use of assist features will transport you between 30- and 50-miles on a charge. The lightweight alloy frame encases internal electronics and contributes to the bike’s handling. Schwalbe Super-Moto X 27.5- x2.4-inch tires won’t let you down.

The LMT’D’s 48V14ah Reention Eel Pro Samsung cells within its smart BMS battery never disappoint, and the KD218 adjustable speed color display informs riders of their progress. But at the heart of this eBike is the integrated sensitive cadence sensor that acts as a nerve center during outings and commutes.

Additionally, LMT’D series eBikes feature Tektro Orion HD-M745 4-piston 180mm hydraulic brakes and Shimano 8-speed rapid fire plus shifters, RD-M370 Derailleur, and KMC Z8.3 8-speed chain, all of which contribute to the energy this powerhouse offers riders who won’t get short shrift when it comes to comfort.

Ride1Up Roadster v2 Series

If you’re seeking quality and reliability plus an affordable price tag, consider the Ride1Up Roadster v2 series that could set you back as little as $1045.00. Skeptical? Don’t be; you get all of the bells and whistles for which this brand is known, and the price break means you can add a cargo trailer and phone mount to your tab and still have money left over to buy more gear.

Do you know that you can find even some decent e-bikes priced under $1000?

Don’t expect speed bursts; this Class 3 eBike with pedal assist tops out at 24 mph, but you’ve still got plenty of muscle thanks to the Efficient 350w geared hub motor with 40nm torque.

The level of assist, incline, terrain, and your body weight will determine the number of miles you get per charge, but the average is between 20 and 30. The frame of this v2 Roadster is constructed of 6061 aluminum alloy, so it’s lightweight and easily powered by the integrated 36V battery.

Just because the Roadster v2 weighs only 33 pounds, that doesn’t mean this ride isn’t packed with all the essentials and extras, like the energetic 500w (peak) 350w (nominal) geared hub Shengyi motor and 36V 7.0ah Samsung 35e cells battery that lights up the LCD display to deliver on-the-go data.

What else can you expect from this affordable ride? Ride1Up’s ultra-sensitive bottom bracket cadence sensor and Tektro R315 dual pivot brakes controlled by alloy brake levers with rubber-pad inserts.

Beneath the frame, Kenda Kwest 700Cx28C tires keep you rolling along at a good clip and while a kickstand doesn’t come with this eBike, a custom gel ergonomic road saddle, 36V 2-amp charger (requiring 2 to 4 hours recharge time) do – if, of course, the selling price has already convinced you to buy one.

Ride1Up Core-5 Series

The Ride1Up Core-5 series is built for simple, clean, and efficient commutes and comes with a price tag of $1195. This eBike is designed specifically for entry-level bikers desirous of a ride that will not only replace their automobile but keep going longer than a car, too.

Equipped with a respectable 750w geared hub motor with 60nm torque, this Class 3 ride will hit 28mph (20mph throttle) with pedal assist to help you put between 20- and 40-miles on the odometer before it runs out of juice.

This eBike’s lightweight 6061 alloy frame hides and protects interior electronics, and you won’t find many differences in features used to build pricier bikes produced by this brand.

The 48V geared hub Shengyi motor, 28mph (nominal rating of 500w) motor, and 48V10.4ah Reention Eel Pro LG cell-driven BMS battery won’t let you down, nor will the easy-to-read KD21C adjustable speed LCD display that tracks your cycling statistics.

As with all Ride1Up products, the Core-5 is fitted with the integrated sensitive cadence sensor for which this brand is known. Acquire this bike, and you’ll amble along on Kenda Kwick Seven.5 27.5- x2.2-inch tires until Tektro 160mm mechanical disc brakes (fitted with an electric cut-off sensor) bring you to a safe stop.

Equipped with Shimano shifters, derailleur, and cassette — and armed with a left side thumb throttle – you won’t have to buy a kickstand or worry about stowing your water bottle since both features are included.

Is Ride1UP a good brand?

According to bike reviewer Jeff Balton whose “unbiased bike reviews” promise readers of the newsletter Bicycle Guider the unvarnished truth, Ride1Up produces “a small but impressive lineup of urban and off-road e-bikes that offer a phenomenal bang for your buck.”( SOURCE )

Balton isn’t surprised that this start-up did well from the get-go — and not just because eBikes were trending at the time. This company’s secrets to success revolve around innovators who prioritize high-quality, smartly designed eBikes at reasonable prices. Ride1Up offers 1-year product warranties and a rare 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

“People like the company’s ethics and its CEO’s down-to-earth vibe, which serves as a breath of fresh air in the e-bike industry where a lot of household brands tend to make moves that prioritize profit over rider satisfaction,” say reviewers posting on EasyEbiking.com.

Does that mean that everyone is enamored with this company’s rides? Not exactly. Visit review pages on Bikerride.com, and you’ll learn that reasons not to buy Ride1Up models include weight (60 pounds+), delays associated with the ubiquitous cadence sensor, information overload when trying to understand written directions, and an arduous bike assembly process.

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Where are Ride1UP bikes made?

Committed to promoting all levels of biking since its founding in San Diego, California, in 2019, Ride1Up Brand bicycles are warehoused in Sparks, Nevada, while corporate offices remain headquartered in southern California. That stated this brand is fast becoming a worldwide player thanks to word-of-mouth within the international biking community.

What is the best Ride1UP e-bike?

Is this a trick question, owners ask? Despite an extremely limited pricing range between the aforementioned models, every shopper is seeking a personalized ride, and what attracts one buyer can be a turn-off for others. Asking this question, say loyal fans, is like asking a rider to name his best child! What parent can name just one?

What class are Ride1UP e-bikes?

Products currently produced by Ride1Up belong in the Class 3 category, a three-class system categorizing eBikes by the amount of speed they can achieve. For Class 3 bikes, pedal assistance extends to 28 mph with help from a throttle for fast motor engagement. ( SOURCE )

Folks riding Class 3 eBikes do less leg work, so this bike works for both commuters and adventurers. That stated, some states prohibit Class 3 eBikes from being ridden on certain lanes and trails, so keep your bike at cruising speed when riding on them, or you risk a speeding ticket.

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