Evaluating Nutcase Helmets: Are they a Good Choice?

Helmets are essential, but they’re not always the most exciting purchase. Most people only buy a helmet when they have to, which usually isn’t until after an accident. Nutcase makes cycling helmets fun and stylish, so you’ll be more likely to wear one.

But here’s the most critical question: are Nutcase helmets good?

Nutcase has a reputation as a brand that builds some of the best bike helmets on the market. The helmets are exceptionally well made, safe enough, and look fantastic regardless of the clothes you choose. Moreover, helmets for young children are some of the best we’ve tried this year.

Nutcase Helmet:Best for:Color Options:
Nutcase VioCommuters who ride 24/76
Nutcase StreetRiders who want to ride in style32+
Nutcase Little NuttyKids ages 3 and up 13
Nutcase Baby NuttyToddlers 1 year of age and older7

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Nutcase Vio Review

The Vio Nutcase line is optimized for visibility when riding in poorly lit environments without compromising your head’s safety. Nutcase Vio helmets feature a thick strand of powerful LED lights that light up at 65 lumens beginning on the side and extend to the opposite side through the back, attracting the attention of anyone behind you. 

The front also has an etched LED lamp that lights up to 200 lumens, thus alerting anyone you approach while you are on the bike of your presence. The front and rear lighting guarantees complete 360-degree visibility and can be viewed up to 500 feet. 

The rear lights light up in bright red and orange colors to prevent blinding anyone behind you, while the front-facing headlight lights up in white to announce your presence. The lights are powered by an inbuilt battery that gives you uninterrupted runtime of up to 3 hours when fully charged.

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The inner lining on Vio helmets features duo-layered high-density foam to protect your head against impact. The outer layer is thicker and firmer to shield the head from injury during the initial crash. In comparison, the second inner layer is softer and capable of yielding to pressure to allow your head to come to rest gently after impact. 

Nutcase Vio & Street Helmet Size Chart

Head Size ( Inches )Head Size ( cm )Helmet Size
20 1/2 in52 cmSmall
20 7/8 in53 cmSmall
21 1/4 in54 cmSmall
21 5/8 in55 cmSmall
22 in56 cmSmall
22 3/8 in57 cm Medium
22 3/4 in58 cmMedium
23 1/8 in59 cmMedium
23 1/2 in60 cm Medium
23 7/8 in61 cm Large
24 1/4 in62 cm Large
24 5/8 in63 cm Large
25 in64 cm Large

The gradual resting during a sudden impact is crucial for protecting a cyclist against brain damage.

The outer shell of this helmet is shaped into a spherical shape to cup your head inside for ultimate protection. The thin Exo- Skeleton design used on the protective shell ensures you get a lightweight helmet without compromising safety. The top part and back have oversized vents that allow efficient airflow to keep the interior cool. 

This allows you to wear the helmet for extended periods without experiencing fatigue or sweating.

Finding the perfect fit for you is easy because the manufacturer provides this helmet in various sizes, including small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

Once you get the perfect fit, a magnetic Fidlock buckle on the straps keeps the helmet in place even when riding on rough terrain. The spin dial straps are adjustable to allow you to vary the helmet’s tightness or looseness without having to unmount from your bike.

You get a removable wind visor that fits the top front part that you can use when riding downhill or keep in storage when slowly climbing up a hill. The helmet packaging includes Xtatic antimicrobial pads so you can ride in a hygienic and safe helmet for longer.

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Nutcase Street Review

The Nutcase Street Helmet Line is made for urban bikers who want to stand out from other bikers. The helmet line comprises helmets that have beautiful patterns to match your style. 

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Furthermore, they come in various colors, ensuring you find one that matches your bike and biking clothes. You also have 30 different designs to pick from when buying a helmet in this line. Each design is carefully crafted to optimize visibility. It offers two times the reflectiveness of a typical helmet.

The protection function is also as impressive as the exterior of these helmets. Airflow is enhanced by the 11 vents spread out on the front, sides, back, and top. The vents allow air to flow in and carry moisture from sweat, keeping your head dry throughout the ride. 

Efficient airflow is also essential for temperature regulation, which makes donning a Nutcase Street helmet comfortable. After all, less heat means less sweating.

The dome-shaped shell protects your head from flying objects that may find their way to your cycling path and acts as the first line of defense in case of sudden impact. Lightweight ABS plastic has been used to construct the shell, allowing you to use the helmet for hours without wearing out your neck or shoulders.

The interior features a tuned EPS form to protect your head from injury in case of sudden impact. Moreover, the interior comes with a removable three-piece heat-sealed pad. The pad is designed to keep your head cool and provide brain protection by gently resting your head when a sudden impact causes your head to hit against the helmet’s walls.

Three sizes are available for this line of Nutcase helmets and range from small medium, and large. The three sizes also fit any adult head, ranging from 52 to 64 centimeters in width. Each size fits snugly, enabled by the simple dial adjusting straps with a magnetic snap buckle to keep the helmet in place. 

You also get a removable wind visor attachment accessory when you purchase a helmet from this line. The detachable visor protects you against wind and glare from the sun when riding on a sunny day.

The Nutcase Street line passes CPSC 16 CFR 1203 and ASTM F1492 certifications, which are the industry standards for bike helmets.

Nutcase Little Nutty Review

The Little Nutty bike helmet is made for kids who take on biking at an early age. The available choice of patterns on the surface adds style to a kid’s ride, while the comprehensive protection features take care of the kids’ heads when riding on their own. 

With 15 newly introduced designs, kids can select themed patterns that match their favorite animation and movie characters. Some featured characters in this line of helmets include superman, Viking, and Captain America. 

The patterns are not just built for style; they also feature creative, reflective strips on the front and back. As such, 360-degree visibility of the kid cyclist is guaranteed whenever they ride in poorly lit conditions.

Nutcase Little Nutty Size Chart

Head Size ( Inches )Head Size ( cm )Helmet Size
18 7/8 in48 cmToddler Size
19 1/4 in49 cmToddler Size
19 5/8 in50 cmToddler Size
20 in51 cm Toddler Size
20 1/2 in52 cmToddler Size
20 1/2 in52 cmYouth Size
20 7/8 in53 cmYouth Size
21 1/4 in54 cmYouth Size
21 5/8 in55 cmYouth Size
22 in 56 cmYouth Size

The kid helmet packs versatile safety features in an awesome-looking head accessory. The half-sphere-shaped shell protects the kid’s head from damage in case of sudden impact. Sturdy and lightweight ABS plastic shapes the shell, offering all-day protection without wearing the kid cyclist off.

On the interior, the helmet comes fitted with impact-absorbing high-density foam shaped to a crumple zone design in case of an accidental crash. Furthermore, the padded interior features industry-leading MIPS protection that guards the cyclist’s brain against impact when the head comes to a sudden stop.

Spacious cooling vents are carved into the top, front, and rear to allow unrestricted airflow in and out of the helmet. The vents increase the performance of this helmet in two ways. The first is cooling when cool air from the exterior replaces hot air within the helmet. 

Cooling results in temperature control and allows the kid to wear the helmet for longer comfortably. The second is moisture control, where any moisture in the interior is ejected from the helmet with the hot air and replaced by cool, dry air from the atmosphere.

Getting the right fit for your child is easy because this helmet comes in two sizes that suit toddlers and older kids, with head sizes between 42 and 56 centimeters wide. The sides also have easy-adjusting straps that allow you to gradually change how loose or tight the helmet fits as your kid grows. 

You don’t have to worry about the helmet falling off when your kid is not in sight. The Fidlock easy snap-and-go magnetic buckle holds the straps in place, and the joint where they meet is specially designed to avoid pinching the kid’s skin.

This helmet passes all CPSC 16 CFR 1203 requirements and ASTM F1492 Certifications, which are the necessary safety requirements for bike helmets in the United States.

Nutcase Baby Nutty Review

Starting your toddler on two wheels when they are still young gives them a head start in life and helps them learn balance early. The Baby Nutty line of bike helmets is built for toddlers aged about one year and above who ride kiddie bikes. 

Beautiful, unique designs inspired by animated characters feature in this line to give the baby rider a look that boosts their confidence.

The updated version of this helmet features improvements in safety and comfort, starting with the dome-shaped outer shell made with featherlight synthetic polycarbonate. The helmet adds little weight to the baby biker’s head, thus ensuring their neck does not suffer fatigue from having the helmet on.

Inner linings above the baby’s head are constructed to protect the toddler’s growing brain by fully covering the head. The linings feature low friction MIPS design and quickly move between 5 and 15 millimeters in all directions to ensure that the head never stops too suddenly. 

The gradual stop mechanism protects the brain from damage in case of accidents. Replaceable inserts are available in regular pads, thicker pads for extra protection, and thickest pads for the ultimate head protection on very young riders.

Thick straps hold the helmet in place on the toddler’s head, and the meeting point just below the chin comes with an updated Fidlock magnetic buckle that prevents pinching. 

Cooling is enhanced by the 11 vents distributed along the front, sides, and top of the helmet. The cooling system ensures that your child never experiences discomfort when wearing the helmet by optimizing airflow and temperature control.

Finding the correct fit is also easy since the helmet comes in sizes between 47 and 50 centimeters wide, where most toddlers fit. The adjustable straps allow you to vary how tight or lose the helmet fits on your child’s head.

The helmet has undergone vigorous testing and qualifies for CPSC certification for cycling helmets suited for toddlers aged one year and above.


Nutcase Helmets are designed with optimal safety for the cyclist’s head in mind. They come in various designs suited for both professional and hobby bikers. The Vio Helmets line is a top-of-the- art cycling helmet with enhanced features that boost visibility and safe riding. 

The Street Helmet line is fantastic for the urban adult hobby biker. They come with beautifully painted exteriors and don’t relent on safety. The little nutty and nutty baby lines fit small kids and children perfectly, allowing them to ride safely from an early age. 

Nutcase helmets have something for everybody who enjoys cycling. All the lines pass certification by CPSC and provide enough safety for cycling in different environments.

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