Mongoose Malus Review

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Brakes: 7.4 | Handling: 8.6 | Drivetrain: 7.1

YesCycling Score – 7.7/10

Full List of Specs 🔧

Brake TypeMechanical Disc
Number of Gears7
Frame MaterialSteel
Tire Size26 x 4 Inch
Recommended Rider Height5’4” – 5 ‘11”
Size18-Inch Frame
Bike Weight17 Kilograms
ManufacturerPacific Cycle, Inc.

What’s good 👍

  • Excellent build quality: The bike is praised for its sturdy build and overall quality.
  • Smooth ride: The bike provides a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.
  • Suitable for large riders: It is well-suited for heavier and taller riders due to its sturdy build and oversized tires.
  • Easy assembly: Many customers found the assembly process to be straightforward and manageable.
  • Impressions on appearance: The bike garners compliments and starts conversations due to its unique look.
  • Potential for upgrades: The bike can be significantly improved with some additional investment into parts, which some customers appreciated.
  • Suitable for diverse terrains: It’s good for different types of terrains, from parks to desert sands.

What’s not so good 👎

  • Poor shipping and packaging: Customers have reported that the bike was damaged during shipping, leading to warped components and issues with gear shifting.
  • Heavy: Some customers noted the bike is quite heavy, which can be a drawback for some.
  • Adjustments required: The bike often needs adjustments and fine-tuning out of the box, particularly for the shifter and brakes.
  • Seat comfort: Several customers reported the seat being uncomfortable and needing a replacement.
  • Confusing instructions: The instruction manual was found to be unclear and not specific to this model.
  • Quality of some components: Customers highlighted that some components, like the bottom bearing, were of poor quality.
  • Size limitations: While good for larger riders, some taller customers found the bike a bit small.

Our Verdict 🎗

Should you buy it, avoid it or shortlist it?

We think that you should definitely shortlist it.

The bike under review presents a mixed bag of strengths and drawbacks. It’s praised for its sturdy construction, suitability for larger riders, and capacity for customization. However, it is weighed down by shipping issues, a need for numerous adjustments, and a lack of comfort in its seat.

If you’re looking for a bike that’s ready to ride straight out of the box, this might not be the best choice for you. However, if you don’t mind spending some time fine-tuning and potentially upgrading some components, it could be a solid purchase.

In light of these considerations, it may be best to shortlist this bike and consider it in the context of your specific needs and level of willingness to invest time in adjustments and potential upgrades. It might not be a perfect bike for everyone, but for certain riders, it could turn out to be a satisfactory choice.

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