Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter Review

Once upon a time, serious cycling was the domain of the adults in the room. When it came to fun — kids demanded scooters. Then, something amazing happened: A group of savvy product designers asked the question: “Why should kids have all the fun?”

That query was heard round-the-industry and lead to the birth of products like the Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter ( Link to Amazon ), a 12-inch wheel kick scooter that invited adults weighing up to 220 pounds to jump onboard. Suddenly generations merged. The scooter became mainstream.

Too cool for school

When Michael Hsu called himself a scooter addict, “Wall Street Journal” readers understood. Kick scooters aren’t just fun, Hsu writes, they’re cool. “Being on a scooter is like having speed-walking superpowers. Suddenly, you’re zipping around the city twice as fast as you can on foot—without the hassles of a bike.”

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Hsu commutes to work on a scooter and doesn’t mind the fact that kids gawk at him. “Once you start scooting, navigating the city on foot can feel frustratingly inefficient. It didn’t matter if I was scooting across town or just a couple of blocks—I’d be jonesing for that enhanced speed.”

Could this happen to you? Bet on it if you snag a Mongoose.

Need reasons to buy one?

The Mongoose Expo is one of the most uncomplicated modes of transport you’ll ever own. It’s a standard non-folding scooter that weighs in at about 20 pounds, rolls on 12-inch pneumatic tires and it outshines competitors because it’s bigger and has larger wheels. Terrain? Those 12-inch pneumatic tires slay paved bricks, sidewalks, and road obstacles that bring 7-inch scooter tires to their knees. Keep reading to learn more.


  • The Expo is crafted with quality components and comes in three colors
  • The frame and dropouts – welded into the frame for stability – are amazing
  • That 220-pound driver weight limit is no exaggeration
  • The Expo moonlights as a BMX if you’re the sort who loves to show off your moves.


  • You may not like the plastic deck installed at the top of the frame
  • The brake pads are easy to adjust, but their quality leaves something to be desired
  • The jury’s out on assembly. For some, it’s difficult. Others do the job in 10 minutes.

Frame and Foot Deck

This frame is engineered for hefty bodies. The handlebars will require you to make a few adjustments since they are positioned nearly upright, and if you happen to be tall, you’ll require a replacement.

The plastic foot deck could be a deal-breaker for you. True, it’s wide compared to other scooters, but it works and maintains stability for most riders at any speed. If your feet are big (no judgments), you may have to replace it — preferably with a metal foot deck that is powder-coated for enhanced safety.


Because this fun scooter’s market is both adults and kids, more attention was given to the brakes installed on this Mongoose Expo. The system consists of a BMX freestyle caliper hand brake (rotor and axle pegs) that is more intuitive than brakes installed on other products in this category. Having plenty of control is essential for adults whose commute in traffic. The Expo is also fitted with free-floating brake cables.


How do wheels on the Mongoose Expo compare to those of other scooters since 12-inchers tend to be standard? For starters, these must be inflated but in return, they deliver pleasurable rides, whether terrain is rough or smooth. You’ll need a pump, but the ride is so much smoother, look upon pumping as your chance to build your arm muscles, dude.

Other features

In addition to being versatile – it’s ideal for kid and adult adventures, too – The Mongoose Expo measures 48(H)- x 26.5(W)- x 33.5(H)-inches, so this is no wussy construction. Bust some BMX moves if the spirit moves you because despite being sturdy, maneuverability is unique and since this scooter comes with axel plugs, you won’t have to go in search of components from the get go.


Must you have an engineering degree to undertake this scooter’s assembly? That depends on whether your skills stop at installing light bulbs. For some, it only took 10 minutes to do the job. Others compare the process to pulling teeth. There’s an owner’s manual to help you out if you belong to the light bulb club.

The Verdict

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one of these bad boys, grab your car keys and head for the nearest retailer if you don’t have the patience to wait for your online order to be delivered.

The Mongoose Expo Scooter is an indulgence that won’t cost a fortune, but solid construction and versatility make this one mean transport wherever the day takes you.

That stated, be prepared for reactions you may get when you ride, warns Michael Hsu. “Baffled toddlers point and stare. Dork-averse teens snicker.” He doesn’t care. Neither should you.

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