How to Keep the Sweat out of Your Eyes When Cycling

When you’re cycling, the last thing you want is sweat dripping in your eyes. Not only does it sting, it can also impair your vision and make it difficult to concentrate on the road ahead. Fortunately, there are a few ways to keep the sweat out of your eyes while riding. In this post, we’ll share tips on doing just that.

If you want to keep the sweat out of your eyes while cycling, there are several different strategies that you can try. 

These are the top five ways:

1. Use a cycling helmet with a sweat bar

If you often find yourself sweating profusely while riding, a helmet with a sweat bar can be a lifesaver. Sweat bars are designed to channel moisture away from your forehead and into the air, keeping it out of your eyes. Most modern bike helmets come with a tiny sweat bar, which is enough for this task. 

If you don’t have a helmet with a sweat bar, you can also try wearing a headband or a bandana around your forehead to achieve the same effect.

2. Use a sweat-wicking headband or bandana

The sweat-wicking headbands and bandanas available today are incredibly effective at keeping sweat out of your eyes. They’re made with synthetic fleece or microfibers, which actively wick moisture away from your skin and into the air, preventing it from hitting your face. These accessories can be beneficial if you have long hair, as they’ll also help keep your hair out of your eyes.

3. Use a skullcap to keep sweat out of your eyes

If you have longer hair, wearing a skullcap can effectively keep the sweat out of your face while cycling. A skullcap is a thin head covering that fits closely around the top and sides of your head. It’s most commonly made with a material like wool, which helps to wick sweat away from your skin.

4. Use a microfiber cycling cap

Another option for keeping sweat out of your eyes is to wear a microfiber cycling cap. These caps are designed with materials that actively wick moisture away from your skin, helping to keep your face dry and free of sweat. They also typically have longer brims than traditional cycling caps, which can help to keep the sun and wind out of your eyes.

5. Use cycling sunglasses

Finally, if you’re frequently bothered by sweat dripping into your eyes while cycling, investing in a good pair of cycling sunglasses can help to keep the problem at bay. Cycling sunglasses are designed with lens shapes and coatings that block wind, dust, and other particles from hitting your face. This helps to prevent moisture build-up on your skin, which can keep sweat from dripping into your eyes.

No matter which of these tips works best, there are many ways to keep the sweat out of your eyes while cycling. By trying some or all of them, you should be able to stay comfortable and focused on the road ahead. You can also try some of our riding tactics without getting sweaty