10 Proven Health Benefits of Cycling to Work Every Day

If you are looking for a way to get fit, save money ( even make money in some cases ), and improve your lifestyle, then hopping on your bike when you need to get to and from work every day could be the perfect solution.

In many European countries, such as the Netherlands, cycling is the most popular way of transportation and many people use two wheels to get them wherever they need to go.

In this article, we will discuss various health benefits of cycling to work, cycling to college/school, or daily commute in general.

1. Cycling strengthens and tones muscles

Cycling is very healthy and strengthens your muscles as it involves a great deal of pedaling. This activity is an overall physical workout that utilizes almost every muscle.

Cycling strengthens arm muscles and many other muscles of your body. Cycling also promotes strong bones, especially leg bones, as they’re used in pedaling. Cycling is an aerobic activity and, therefore, promotes aerobic fitness due to the flexibility of muscles.

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2. Cardiovascular health

During your cycling, your heart beats faster than usual. This workout promotes efficient blood flow to and from your heart. Cycling promotes better heart health as well as the overall health of the body. When your heart is healthy, you are healthy overall.

Those with hypertension or high blood pressure can benefit a lot from this workout as it aims at reducing fats and promoting better cardiovascular health. Cycling is also known to lower the risk of coronary disease by 50%.

3. Increases Stamina

Cycling to work increases stamina and morale. It improves and rejuvenates your hormones. It is one of the best things you can do in the morning. It is a perfect workout and benefits most people, especially those with low stamina.

If you usually feel lazy and weak in the morning while heading to work, you need to consider cycling. A nice double espresso and 30 minutes cycling to work and you will feel alive.

4. Weight loss

Cycling is one of the best and most effective exercises that help burn excess calories. If you want to shed extra pounds, consider cycling every morning when you’re going to work. This workout will help burn extra fat, thus promoting better health. It is one of the best ways to keep fit and healthy.

Cycling is a simple activity that helps maintain a lean body structure. Obesity is a common problem that is affecting both young and the old if you work in an office and you don’t live far from your workstation, cycling is the best thing you can do.

Actually, if you are even over 300 lbs you can find a suitable bicycle, and start your weight loss program.

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5. Reduces stress and helps fight depression

Scientific research shows that riding a bicycle reduces stress and helps fight depression. The study shows that those who use ride bicycles have higher chances of lowering stress than those who use cars.

This is because of the enjoyment that comes from riding a bicycle. If you have been driving to work every morning, you need to consider using a bicycle instead. Cycling keeps your brain busy, thus reducing stress and depression.

The health of your body is very important, especially for your mental health. This is why cycling is recommended every time you go to work.

6. Cycling boosts your immune system

Cycling strengthens your immune system by burning excess calories that can lead to heart-related complications such as hypertension and stroke. Cycling is also said to lower the risk of cancer. Cycling boosts your immune system cells, which promote health and immunity.

When you take time in exercising your body becomes more vigilant of bacteria and viruses that cause the common cold and other conditions. Cycling to work is one of the best and most efficient ways to boost your immune system.

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7. Cycling increases longevity

Cycling is known to increase your lifespan due to better health. Cycling improves the flow of blood to and from all body parts. Cycling improves the health of the heart and lungs. This is one of the best exercises for elderly people. Exercises promote better health, thus increasing longevity.

If you’re elderly and you have been driving to work every morning, you need to consider cycling. Cycling will help boost your immunity health as well as increase your lifespan due to better health.

You can find our selection of the best bikes for seniors, and choose one that suits you.

And now, you can practice cycling even while working in your office using a bike desk or under-desk bike setup.

8. Cycling improves coordination and balance

Cycling helps you maintain balance. This aerobic exercise utilizes your muscles and brain. It is the best way to improve balance and coordination. Coordination improves the stability of your body. The latest study shows that those who ride their bikes when going to work are more stable than those who drive.

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9. Boosts metabolism

Every person would like to eat his/her favorite food without having to worry about the effects on the body. Cycling helps improve and boost metabolism. If you want to boost your metabolism, cycling is one of the best ways to do it. If you have a stronger metabolism, you can easily digest most types of food.

Cycling promotes the effective circulation of blood to and from the stomach. This improves the overall health of your body, thus promoting stronger metabolism. Cycling leads to increased efficiency of your digestive system.

10. Physical fitness

Cycling helps in physical fitness. Cycling helps burn excess fat and promotes the overall health of your body. Cycling strengthens your hands and legs. Cycling also improves your mental health as blood is efficiently pumped to all parts.

This promotes overall physical fitness. The latest study shows that those who are actively involved in cycling are more fit than those who use a car.

Cycling has countless health benefits. If you have been driving to work every morning and you want to keep fit and maintain a healthy body, you should consider taking your bike. Cycling is recommended for every person who wants to keep fit, especially elderly people.

For a start, it is a great way to save money. Whether you drive to work in your own car or use public transport like a train, tram, or bus to get to work, it will cost you money. However, cycling to work is completely free, and it will save you a lot of money.

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