Give Your Rides an Extra Oomph with an Electric Bike

You can forget about all your traffic congestion woes when making your way to and fro every day because It’s possible to travel faster, and more economically.

Yes, all this while investing minimal effort and having the time of your life – and no, it’s not too good to be true!

All you’d have to do is take up cycling as your favourite hobby and get the right bike to get the most of exercise as you commute. So long busy highways packed metro, and not so cheap Uber.

I know, I know, much like The Office’s Jim Halpert, you’re probably thinking not everyone is a fan of getting sweaty, least of all on the way to work, but that’s where the e-bikes step in.

The fact they allow you to pedal smarter is what’s so attractive about these modern bikes, and as a result, their popularity has only been soaring in recent times.

Helping the environment and reaping the countless benefits of cycling, without having to be in great physical shape even when traveling long distances or climbing hills – it’s not so difficult to understand why they’ve become so trendy, is it?!

What Do You Need to Know About Electric Bikes?

First and foremost, they’re just your regular bikes, however with an added neat feature – electric motors working on lithium-ion batteries that give you extra power.

When setting out on the quest for the perfect model for you, and looking to buy electric bikes that are pocket-friendly and of quality at the same time, you’d mainly come across the following three basic classes, and the types respectively.

The E-Bike Classes

Remember, both aspects are crucial in determining the best design for you, having in mind the market is abundant when it comes to brands and their models for kids and adults. This includes YT Decoy, Kinesis, Shogun, XDS, Stacyc, GoCycle, Focus, Dyson, and Hummingbird among others.

Pedal Assist

In terms of class, this one is the 1st class e-bike. Given that it helps the rider reach a maximum speed of up to 20 mph, it’s often the preferred pick of e-bike newbies.

Since it’s pedal-assist and doesn’t have a throttle, the motor helps as long as you pedal, and stops once you reach the 20 mph limit.

In terms of popularity of the three classes, this handy e bicycle that’s also very affordable is among the trendiest.

This is due to the fact it’s also most widely accepted to be used on various bike paths, shared-use paths, the roads, and in some countries, even mountain trails.


As the name implies, if you buy bikes of 2nd class that are throttle only, it means you get designs with motors controlled by a moped-style functionality throttle.

The main perk is that you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the ride with the boost the throttle provides – no need for pedaling up until 20mph.

Now, if you’re looking for more riding options, consider getting a bike that offers the best of both pedal-assist and throttle-only.

Maximum Assist

Want to buy electric bikes that are more powerful and faster? This design that happens to be the 3rd class, offers up to 28mph of maximum assisted speed that works with a pedal assist method.

Another one of the advantages is that it’s equipped with an LCD display that provides an insight into the average and current speed of riding, besides the varying levels of pedal assist, the mileage with the essential odometer, and the remaining battery charge.

The E-Bike Types

Another distinction of these electric bicycles, same as with the regular ones, that can help you make a valuable purchase is viewing them from the perspective of the types of terrain you plan on using them for.

Road and Commuter Bikes

Meant to be of use when commuting, as well as going out and about the urban areas, this category is quite vast and encompasses road e-bikes as much as racing, leisure, and hybrid types.

What categorizes these outstanding e-bikes Australia round bike stores can supply you with are features in the example of the lightweight design and narrower tires.

And, much to the pleasure of cyclists who like to personalize the rides, they offer the opportunity to customize them to your liking with suitable lighting accessories.

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Folding Bikes

Rejoice, this is the most top-notch type of commuter e-bike you could wish for.

Being compact, and easily foldable, it gives you the chance to store it in a surprisingly small area, be it at home, or at work, and the lightweight property makes it a piece of cake to carry around with you – even on public transport.

In addition to the hassle-free travel around the city, you won’t have to worry about it being within the reach of thieves.

If you can afford to buy an electric bicycle that’s high-end, you could get a design that’s got both great motor, as well as a battery – made for optimal performance.

Cruiser Bikes

If you don’t care about getting a larger and heavier design, then this might just be the type for you.

Even though these two properties make them slightly more difficult for maneuvering, you’d love the fact cruiser e-bikes are designed to give you utmost comfort in the form of wide seats, bigger tires, and higher handlebars.

Mountain Bikes

Going off the beaten path calls for something sturdy like an electric mountain bike. The fact this type of e-bikes is durable means they can withstand pressure even on the most challenging rides.

You’d also come to love them for being cost-efficient in the sense they can double as commuting bikes.

Still, if you mainly want to buy electric bikes built to higher standards, to serve you time and time again, and wouldn’t mind paying more, downhill models might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Additional Bits of Advice

As a final word, I’d like to point out the importance of taking some extra aspects into consideration prior to purchasing a bike.

The motor has a say in how powerful your bike would be, but have in mind, the more power there is, the more battery it would drain which would prevent you from enjoying reaching a higher speed range.

Speaking of battery, a design with dual batteries is handy because along with helping you ride longer, it can serve as a safety feature in case one of the batteries dies out mid-cycling.

To make the most of the purchase, don’t forget to also check the battery charging time. All this would ensure you have care-free riding years from

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