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Diamondback Sorrento Review – If You Can Find One, Grab it!

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How do you feel when you find something that’s become an obsession?

Euphoric? Excited? Proud that you located the objective of a long search?

Suppose the object of your desire happens to be a Diamondback Sorrento bicycle.

In that case, success will be especially sweet because this ride is hard to find. Recommended for newbies, the Sorrento will be worth your Herculean efforts if you make it your mission to find one. 

What’s the secret to Sorrento’s popularity?

To quote a few enthusiasts, everything. The butted 6061 aluminum frame is remarkably durable, yet it’s not so heavy you risk throwing out your back if you pick it up to carry it upstairs.

The Trail XC suspension fork absorbs shock like a champion, thus jarring, uncomfortable bumps and vibrations are negligible even on dicey terrain. 

Move effortlessly through 21 speeds whether you’re climbing or ascending, courtesy of Shimano EF-51 Easyfire shifters that adapt to surfaces effortlessly. The 26-inch Kenda Dual Sport tires almost dare road surfaces, debris, and other obstacles to interfere with a smooth ride.

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Additionally, this mountain bike makes an excellent investment at a surprisingly affordable price. As entry-level bikes go, we challenge you to find one that compares. 

Versatile? You can count on it.

This multipurpose mountain bike moonlights as a commuter bicycle so you can find excuses to ride it every day of the week, and if you’ve gotten to a point where you just want the damn bike so much you don’t care which color it is, you understand exactly why demand has outstripped supply! 

What turned this bike from a cool ride to a collector’s item?

Blame a variety of reasons for this bike becoming as extinct as endangered wildlife. Even before Covid hit and made a dramatic dent in the world’s supply of bikes, the price of this bike in concert with the brand name produced a sales reaction that made it hard to maintain Sorrento inventory. These are the reasons why:

Tommaso 6061 SLA Aluminum Semi-Compact Road Frame 

It’s not easy to find a decent alloy ride for under $1000, but Diamondback pulled it off when Sorrento’s design plans left the drafting table. Adroit at climbing and accelerating, this frame is the love child of technology and complexity, so you get what bike critics call “a submissive ride” with the potential to hold up over time.

You can expect the frame to add to this bike’s long life, and it even features a replaceable derailleur hanger so you can tote your cargo.

Adjustable frames 

When last did you encounter a bike produced by a company willing to give shoppers an adjustable frame size option that won’t clean out your bank account? The Sorrento is manufactured in four sizes: small (16-inches), small/medium (18-inches), medium (20-inches), and large (22-inches). The good news is that each of these sizes fits like gloves. The bad news is that the size you need maybe even harder to find. 

Tektro Alloy Linear Brakes

While you’re busy enjoying the ride, you can feel confident that the braking system won’t let you down when you need it most. True, this bike isn’t designed with disk brakes, but your stopping power won’t be impaired because they’re not. 

Distracted? No worries. You can bring the Sorrento to a halt with one finger, yet your safety won’t be compromised because the Tektro Alloy Linear brakes are straightforward and dependable. 

Suspension system

As a hardtail bike, the Diamondback Sorrento comes with a front suspension system that may only act up if you use it to enter competitions in long and arduous races.

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The 60mm-travel fork (known as the Trail XC) also helps with shock absorption driven by the 11/8-inch rear shock that won’t let you down. Further, even if you’ve run a gauntlet of rugged terrain during your outing, your body won’t feel as though you had ridden a bicycle devoid of a suspension system!

Oversized, quick-release wheels

At 27.5-inches, riders feel secure atop the Sorrento saddle because they are confident that they’ll enjoy the easy-rolling and great traction expected of a product engineered for hard-core riders seeking superior responsiveness and control, no matter how dicey the terrain may be. Quick-release capability is both a time and temper saver. 

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Shifters and gears 

The Sorrento’s lightweight, SRAM SX-3 Trigger 7-speed shifter delivers on freedom. Go through several gears in one shift as you make adjustments on the fly. Travel over open areas and expect smooth sailing as your shifts become faster and quieter. We love the reviewer who noted that “riding uphill or downhill has become a five finger exercise.” 

Brand respectability

Do pedigrees count? They do if brand longevity is one of the reasons you seek a Sorrento. Diamondback Bicycles was founded as a BMX brand in 1977, and while the company name had been changed from Diamond Back to Diamondback by 1990, it was the company’s reputation for “mid-type” bicycles based on high-end prototyping by 2011 that solidified the brand’s image.

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Adding to Diamondback’s credentials are affiliations with bicycle advocacy groups like the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, Bikes Belong, and the International Mountain Bike Association. Finding an entry-level bike like the Sorrento with an affordable price tag is rare, and one of the reasons locating one can be a challenge!


  • Combines a larger frame with lightweight
  • Rolls over obstacles like a tank
  • Smooth gearing system
  • Straightforward braking system
  • Lots of style for little money
  • Gears shift smoothly and uniformly
  • Get a size that best fits your body
  • Enjoy the stability and adjustable components


  • There’s no rear suspension
  • The braking system isn’t disk driven
  • You’ll have to assemble it 
  • Your butt may not like the saddle
  • Comes with cheap pedals
  • No kickstand

Reality check – The Availability

So you’ve got your heart set on a Diamondback Sorrento because you need a starter bike with a great reputation that won’t cost a bundle, and you know Sorrentos have been around long enough to prove their mettle.

If you’re eager enough to do some homework and have upped the number of beers you’ve sipped while trolling the internet for this model, suppose you redefine your mission and make it a search for a used one?

Tanner Bowden considers his website the place to go if you haven’t a clue where else to look, and he recommends starting with eBay while acknowledging the industry’s biggest dilemma: “Of all the trickle-down consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, a bike shortage is one we didn’t expect.” 

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