Is Coffee Good For Cyclists?

When you first started getting into cycling, you might have been shocked by how much energy you had compared to how much you needed. Cycling is incredibly rewarding to your body and mind. However, you need to be able to get going to reap those benefits.

A mid-race cup of coffee can be a great way to get your momentum going as a cyclist.

But is coffee good for cyclists? You’ll often see or hear about professional cyclists drinking coffee before, after, and during a race. It might seem strange to you. I found it weird at first.

After all, wouldn’t a bottle of water be more refreshing? I figured a warm cup of coffee would be too much, and prevent them from riding well. It turns out that it’s much more complex than that.

Cyclists love coffee

Cyclists, especially those in a high-stakes race or other competition, need to fuel their adrenaline. With the caffeine in coffee, they receive a monumental spark of energy that can keep them going.

The difference between first and second place could be a sip or two of coffee. Additionally, caffeine can also help them with burning fat. Rather than becoming bloated, they can feel more invigorated.

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That being said, cyclists shouldn’t just drink a pot of coffee and expect to be okay for their race. How you drink the coffee is as important as drinking the coffee. You don’t want to overload on caffeine. If you do, you’re likely to feel overstimulated and have trouble falling asleep, jeopardizing your chances of doing well in a race.

You also want to make sure that you keep your coffee as unadulterated as possible (obviously, you shouldn’t make an Irish coffee before cycling). If you don’t like your coffee black, you might need to learn too. Milk in the coffee can make you feel bloated and affect your ability to ride with the gusto you need. If you must have milk, go lightly.

What’s the best kind of coffee to take with you when cycling? It might be an espresso. While this brew is associated with its high caffeine levels, it also provides the energy boost you need to keep yourself in the right gear. A quick one can get you primed for some serious pedaling. Again, you should make sure you aren’t positively overdosing on caffeine.

The quality of your beans is also important to your cycling experience. The lower the acidity levels are, the better. Ones with higher levels of acidity can clash with your stomach. You don’t want to be within sight of the finish line and suddenly have cramps befall you. You also should be gravitating towards darker roasts of coffee for less acidity.

Some people have sensitivities towards caffeine. It makes them particularly anxious and overly-stimulated, even after only one cup. If this describes you, it might be best to stay away from coffee. You can try decaf if necessary. Otherwise, you need to make sure you’re maintaining optimal health and energy. Ensure you are getting enough sleep and eating a diet rich in carbs to keep you accelerating towards the finish line.

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If you do drink coffee regularly as a cyclist, that’s great. Just make sure it doesn’t become a crutch. You need to be training your body first a foremost. Coffee will give you a boost, but you can’t depend upon it to do everything for you.

So, is coffee good for cyclists? I believe we’ve shown you how it can benefit a cyclist by giving them the energy they need to succeed. It won’t be a miracle cure, but it can certainly come through in times of need for anyone who is into cycling.

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