Co-Op Cycles Overview – Everything You Need to Know!


  • Co-Op Cycles is a member-owned co-op, and 70-percent of all profits are re-invested into the pursuit of employee security.
  • It sells five series of bikes – CTY Series, DRT Series, ADV Series, REV Series, and Co-Op Electric.
  • In terms of benefits, features, services, and extras at affordable pricing, you would be hard-pressed to purchase a bike from a company that is this ethical, rider-driven, and forward-thinking.

Buying a new bike can be a daunting task. There are so many different types, sizes, and styles of bikes available on the market today. It’s hard to know which one is right for you.

Not only do you have to worry about what type of bike to buy, but also how much it will cost. A good quality bike can easily set you back $1,000 or more.

Co-Op Cycles offers great value for your money. They are affordable without sacrificing quality or durability. They have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a road bike, mountain bike, or commuter bike.

Here’s everything you need to know about Co-Op cycles.

Everything You Want to Know About REI Co-Op Bicycles

When Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) was established in 1938, founders’ goals were relatively straightforward: “awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors, for all.” Early success lead to diversification and expansion.

These days, retail stores and an online presence pervade myriad niches, from top-quality gear and apparel to expert advice, rental equipment, and personal touches that draw consumers to this trusted resource.

REI has no shareholders, making it unique among competitors, but it does have a robust division that has been moving this corporation forward at an amazing pace: REI Co-Op bicycles.

Best described by employees as “a different kind of company,” this business is a member-owned co-op, and 70-percent of all profits are re-invested into the pursuit of employee security and in furtherance of promoting outdoor recreation in all forms.

Are Co-Op bikes any good?

Co-Op bikes are among the best value for the money options in almost all our bike reviews. We love them for the affordable price tag and the great components they use. Most Co-Op bikes are durable, lightweight, and look great.

A brand with a plan

When journalist Tim Newcome approached his assignment to figure out why REI’s Co-Op Bicycle division has grown to be such a phenomenon, he concluded that the company’s business model is one of the biggest drivers of sales, in part, because owners pull out all stops to promote rider confidence rather than just focusing on how many sales the brand can chalk up by year’s end. ( SOURCE ).

This membership-owned operation even looks at profit differently while spending an inordinate amount of time considering feedback from both staffers and shoppers so nothing falls through the cracks that require attention, from design and fabrication to customer service.

“Our whole ethos is centered around being the alternative to many bike brands and thinking people first,” says Isabelle Portilla, DVP product strategy and design for Co-op Brands. “Think of it as the people’s bikes. We are making decisions grounded in solutions for real people and real problems and removing barriers to get outdoors on two wheels.”

Co-Op Cycle Series

What’s the downside of choosing a brand that’s as inventive and innovative as REI Co-Op? There are too many product choices, especially for those conflicted about which ride within the Co-Op Cycle series is ideal for their unique lifestyles. That stated, review the following, and don’t be surprised if you run into problems choosing just one model.

Co-op Cycles CTY

Commuting to work got easier the day REI first launched its unique collection of commuter bikes that are designed with professionals in mind. There are currently five hybrid/commuter models in this collection: The CTY 1.1; CTY 1.1 step-through; CTY 2.1; CTY 2.1 step-through and CTY 2.2 bikes. Healthy consumer reviews, great color selection, and a choice between hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes are just the beginning of the story.

While the frames of all five of these bikes are crafted of aluminum, you’re given two suspension options (none or front) and sizing won’t be a problem since the manufacturer produces a mix of XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes that allow you to customize your ride just as adroitly as you would be you buying a pricier commuter bike.

You don’t need a high-paying job to afford these bikes, no matter how you configure them, so count these stylish rides to get you where you’re going both physically and professionally.

Co-Op Cycles DRT Series

Like this product line’s cousins, REI engineers have thus far produced five styles of lean, mean machines that make up Co-Op’s Mountain/Dirt Bike collection: The DRT 1.1; DRT 1.2; DRT 2.2; DRT 3.3 and DRT 1.0 bikes, the last of which comes with a price tag that delights shoppers as much as this model’s performance. Bicycles in this nice come in six sizes, XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL, so expect a fit that suits your physique.

Because wheels and tires are so critical for mountain/dirt bike performance, REI offers 4 wheel size options and tires are available in 3 widths. Every model comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and you get to make 4 fork and 2 suspension system choices when configuring your bike.

Get the color you want at the price you prefer, enjoying extras like picking your handlebar shape and determining the weight of your ride. In sum, REI’s dedication to offering mountain bike riders a choice of features distinguishes this line of bikes from the competition.

Co-Op mountain bikes that we love:

Co-Op Cycles ADV Series

REI’s current library of 3 road bikes (the ADV 3.1; ADV 1.1, and ADV 4.2) make up in reviews what this classification lacks in numbers. Between the three, you won’t find a single price that seems out of place, especially when you see how precise sizing options happen to be: XS, S, L, XL, 2XL, 43/44cm, 45/48cm, 54/57cm, 58/60cm and there’s even one style measuring 61+cm.

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Within this grouping, find 2 steel and 1 aluminum model, 3 choices of wheel size and tire width, brake options consisting of hydraulic and mechanical disk types and two choices when it comes to number of gears.

Our favourite ADV bikes by Co-Op:

That stated, these sleek models won’t disappoint, no matter the weight you seek since the range on these bikes runs between 20 and nearly 50 pounds. Colors may be limited but performance is unlimited should you choose any of these 3 models.

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Co-Op Electric Bikes

While the REI Co-op bicycle manufacturing arm does not yet make Electric bikes, that doesn’t mean you won’t find another brand named eBikes on the company’s product menu. Will this change down the road? Bet on it, but until then, rely upon REI to carry and promote eBikes that meet the company criteria for value, looks, and performance.

Co-Op REV Series

It would be impossible to complete this without mentioning the REI Co-Op kids collection represented by 11 affordable options. Every one of them is tricked out to satisfy the safety and riding concerns of parents. Please take a look at kids’ bikes to check them out: click here. You’ll be impressed.

What’s the skinny on shipping?

Like its mission to be more than a for-profit bicycle manufacturing division of REI, the number of shipping choices you are offered are so detailed, you should visit the company’s web page to see how precise you can be about estimating when your bike will arrive once you order it.

Despite recent pandemic-related delays triggered by inventory shortfalls, you can be relatively assured of getting your hands on your bike in good order – and you can always ask that your purchase be delivered to a local REI retail store so you can pick it up in person.

Count on REI Co-op warranty promises

Known by brand loyal consumers for this company’s generous warranties, REI bends over backwards to cover your purchase by offering a 100-percent guarantee of satisfaction on new bikes that entitles you to return them for replacement or refund within one year.

While this doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear – nor will it be valid due to accidents or improper use, even some used gear is covered by a separate 100-percent guarantee if the purchaser is dissatisfied within 30 days of purchase.

Where are Co-Op bikes manufactured?

REI has many factories around the world for its bikes. Components are manufactured in Austria, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the United States, Vietnam, and Japan. Here’s a full REI Co-Op brands factories list as per July 2021.

The Verdict

In terms of benefits, features, services, and extras at affordable pricing, you would be hard-pressed to purchase a bike from a company that is this ethical, rider-driven, and forward-thinking, which situates REI Co-Op products apart from the crowd. Starting with the company’s deep belief in the concept of member-ownership and commitment to quality manufacturing processes, this is no ordinary bicycle-making business.

Brand faithful pay $20 for a lifetime REI membership and in return, rewards flood in throughout the affiliation that includes notification of annual dividends, discounts, and dare we add that their gear is just plain awesome when it comes to appearance and performance? This value-driven brand gets it right on too many points to list here and that is precisely why Co-Op bicycles and REI are both so admired within the industry.

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