Best Rear Bike Rack For Commuting

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The rear bike rack is one of the most essential and useful equipment that you could use on your bike if you commute a lot. These racks are very easy to install and uninstall whenever you need them. They can be very useful when you ride your bike in the hot summer and can’t use a rucksack because you will end in sweat. You can carry heavier objects too because the weight is well distributed on your rear wheel.

There are many options available in the market to choose the best rear bike rack for commuting. Read on to know more about the top 3 best bike racks that you can buy. Riding your bike to work can be really easy if you are well prepared. 

Product: Weight: Max Capacity: Yes Cycling Rating: Buy:
Topeak Explorer Rack Without Spring625 g55 lbs9.7BUY ON AMAZON
Planet Bike Eco Rack648 g55 lbs8.5BUY ON AMAZON
Bike Cargo Rack LOPEZ1200 g55 lbs 7.1BUY ON AMAZON

Do I really need a rear bike rack?

These rear bike racks help to carry important stuff in your bike from one place to another. They have the capacity to carry heavy objects and bigger stuff. All you have to do is attach this rack to the rear back of your bike and then carry whatever you want on your bike. So, if you are traveling or biking from one place to another, you can carry many essential items like backpack, bottles and other things on your bike.

If you are going for a long tour or picnic where you and your friends are biking to the destination, this rack will help you to carry essential things with you. While touring or going for a picnic, you will require many important things that you must carry. With the rear bike racks, it gets easier to carry all those things from one place to another without even noticing the additional weight. They are very useful when you commute to work as well because they free up your back from the weight of a rucksack.

How to find the best one?

With so many options available in the market nowadays, it is quite hard and confusing for you to choose the best rear bike for commuting. To choose the best, you must consider certain factors.

Load Capacity: You have to know that each rack has a different load capacity. Most of them have a capacity of 15 – 55 pounds.  But it can be more than this too in special cases. So, you must choose the rack based on your exact needs. Before buying the rack put all your stuff you plan to carry in a backpack and use an electronic weight scale to see what you will need. Put some 10-20% on top of that just to be on the safe side.

Quality: Another important factor that you must consider while buying a rear bike rack is its quality. Depending on the material and quality, the bike rack will be sturdy and durable. It is always better to choose the bike racks that are made up of aluminum. It is durable, sturdy as well as lighter in weight than any other material. After all, you won’t buy a bike rack every year. Choose the best one for you and hopefully, it will serve you for many years.

Size & Compatibility: The rear bike racks may differ in sizes. You must choose a rack which is not only perfect in size for your bike and also compatible with it. Thus, it will be easier for you to install it and use it. Also, check if the objects you plan to carry fit onto the rear bike rack.

Top 3 Best Rear Bike Racks For Commuting

If you are looking for a perfect rear bike rack for your bike, then here are the top 3 racks reviewed by YesCycling. Based on your needs and requirements, you can choose the best rack for you. In my opinion, these 3 are one of the best rear bike racks on the market.

Topeak Explorer Rack Without Spring

Best Rear Bike Rack For Commuting

This is a great rack which fits into most bikes perfectly. It’s very easy to install as well as adjust according to your needs. It’s quite strong and sturdy with a durable aluminum frame. The maximum capacity of this rack is 55 pounds thus enough to carry all the essential items you need. You have to install this at the back of your bike and it will provide a great sturdy and stable platform to carry anything you need safely. You will certainly love this bike rack because, in my opinion, it’s one of the best in the market.

I know that Topeak’s bike rack is not the cheapest one but the few bucks on top that you will invest will definitely be worth it. Note that most Topeak bike accessories are very high-quality and durable for long use. I recommend many products made by this manufacturer and this bike rack is also perfect for any kind of bike commuters.


  • MTX Series Bag compatible;
  • Very easy to install;
  • Allows to mount with red light;
  • Lightweight and durable;
  • Ideal for long distance journeys;


  • Not compatible with baby seats;


Buy Topeak Explorer Rack Without Springs on Amazon


Planet Bike Eco-Rack 6061 T6 Oversized Aluminum Bike Rack with Pre-Installed Hardware

Planet Bike Best Rear Bike Rack For Commuting

This is another great bike rack for commuting made up of aluminum. It is an oversized rack made of solid and sturdy tubular aluminum rod which increases the strength and stability. It comes with pre-installed rack hardware that provides a completely hassle-free and quick installation. This rack can fit into mountain bikes and road bikes or even on hybrid bikes. As per the manufacturer, it fits into 97% of all mountain and road/hybrid bike frames which is very nice.  The load capacity of this rack is 55 lbs.

It has open side rails that help to maximize the heel clearance while you are riding. The load capacity of this rack is 55 pounds at it weights only 648 grams. It has open side rails that help to maximize the heel clearance while you are riding. If you need a durable, lightweight rear bike rack which can carry heavier objects then this one is perfect for you.


  • Very sturdy and durable bike rack;
  • Very easy to install;
  • Quite light in weight with a total of 648 grams;
  • Fits into 97 % of mountain & hybrid bikes;
  • Made up of sturdy aluminum;


  • The bolts that come with the rack are not very sturdy and durable;


Buy Planet Bike Eco Rack Oversized on Amazon


Bike Cargo Rack, LOPEZ Disc Brake Bicycle Bike Alloy Rear Rack

Best Rear Bike Rack For Commuting With Tail Light

This rear bike rack is a little bit different than the others. It’s perfect for 15 inches to 20 inches mountain bikes and also can be used for 26, 27.5 and 29 hybrid bikes. It’s a great and sufficient capacity of 55 pounds. In some tests when the rear bike rack is connected to the seat post, the maximum capacity could be increased up to 130 pounds. But it is suggested not to go for long distance with so much weight.

The material is an aluminum alloy which is quite sturdy. The weight of this rack is only 2.65 lbs. There some interesting features like you can adjust the lower fork and it has baffles on both the sides. The best part of this bike rack is the great quality and durability. Lopez’s bike rack is also suited with a reflector light in the tail which is a nice feature. In general, this is a cheap and good enough bike rack if you want to try something different.


  • Can carry a lot of weight;
  • Highly durable and sturdy material;
  • Adjustable to meet your requirements;
  • Fits into many mountain bikes and hybrid bikes;
  • Rear reflector which can be removed;


  • There is no instruction for installation;
  • Looks a little bit cheap;

Buy Bike Cargo Rack LOPEZ  on Amazon


So, these are the top 3 best rear racks for your bike which we tried. I have listed these 3 based after researching a lot on their quality, features, and capacity. These are the top ones that will provide you with the best service for your commute to work. All these are really great and are made of the best and most durable material to give a sturdy finish. So, with these racks, you can go biking long distance tours as you can carry all the essential things with you. As we know you should always carry a good and reliable bike pump and a multi-tool for the emergencies.

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