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5 Best Long-Range Electric Bikes in 2022

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The electric bike market has been growing steadily for the past few years, with more and more people deciding that riding an electric bike is a better option than using public transport or owning an expensive vehicle.

As the number of e-bike riders increases, so does the demand for long-range bikes. This article will take a look at some of the best long-range electric bikes on the market right now to help you decide which one would be best suited to your needs.

Here you have our top five favorites for 2022:

ImageBikeOur RatingPrice
Best Overall
RadPower RadCity 5 Plus
RadPower RadCity 5 Plus
  • Bike Type: Urban Commuter 
  • Range: 50+ miles 
  • Motor Power: 750W
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Runner Up
Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X
Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X
  • Bike Type: Urban Commuter 
  • Range: 80+ miles 
  • Motor Power: 750W
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Best Lightweight eBike:
Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0
Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0
  • Bike Type: Urban Commuter 
  • Range: 80+ miles 
  • Motor Power: 750W
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Best for Women:
Specialized Como SL 5.0
Specialized Como SL 5.0
  • Bike Type: Urban Commuter
  • Range: 93+ miles
  • Motor Power: 240W
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Best for Workout
Trek Verve+ 3
Trek Verve+ 3
  • Bike Type: Urban Commuter 
  • Range: 50+ miles 
  • Motor Power: 250W



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Best Overall: RadPower RadCity 5 Plus

Bike Type: Urban Commuter | Range: 50+ miles | Motor Power: 750W

+ Climbs hills 40% faster than the RadCity 4
+ Shorter suspension promises stability 
+ Backlit LCD with a lot of data
+ Integrated taillight with brake light
Only 1 color choice (charcoal)
Transitioning through 6th and 7th gears may not be smooth
May surpass your budget

You’ll be hard-pressed to find something to dislike about the RadCity 5 Plus. Credentials include the 750W geared hub motor delivering 50+ miles per charge thanks to the 48V, 14Ah Lithium-ion battery.

If you and your cargo don’t weigh over 275-pounds, you can count on puncture-resistant tires with a custom tread pattern and hydraulic disc brakes tolerant of stop-and-go riding. The pedal-assist feature keeps track of stats, and you can expect an ergonomically-healthy ride – even if you are taller than 6’5″. 

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Runner Up: Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X

Bike Type: Urban Commuter | Range: 80+ miles | Motor Power: 750W

+ Rear rack and fenders come standard
+ Upgraded Schwalbe puncture-resist tires
+ Thumb throttle for fast, on-demand power
+ 9-speed Shimano cassette transmission
Huge battery blocks water bottle mounts
May exceed your eBike budget limit
Multiple fender design complaints

Use the “find my fit” tab on the Juiced Bikes site to determine your sizing fit (M, L, or XL) and you’ll be off to a great start thanks to features that earned this product the descriptor “absolute pinnacle of e-bike commuting masterpiece.”

Hyperbole aside, get 80+ miles of range at a max speed of 28mph, a reliable 52V 19.2Ah Battery, 750W Bafang Geared Hub Motor plus thumb throttle, cadence, and torque pedal assist. Hydraulic disc brakes deliver power when precise, quick stopping is a must.

Best Lightweight eBike: Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 

Bike Type: Urban Commuter | Range: 80+ miles | Motor Power: 750W

+ Awesome battery range is outstanding with Range Extender
+ One of the easiest to ride bikes on today’s market
+ Battery capacity excels
+ Comes with extras not found on competitor products
Rider may experience brake lever rattling
Heavy riders note the motor seems deficient for hills
Maintaining speeds on flat surfaces above 15.5mph could be problematic
Eye-watering price tag

Choose from S, M, L, and XL and two-color options and expect the 320Wh downtube battery to get 120 miles on a charge. Most talked about features are the E5 aluminum frame, internal cable routing, fender/rack mounts, premium hydraulic disc brakes, and 11-speed SRAM NX shifting, ideal for long-haul trips.

Fun handling and impressive power delivery could compensate for the high price but know this model features “a brand-new motor system from an unproven German manufacturer,” so caveat emptor first-time shoppers.

Best for Women: Specialized Como SL 5.0

Bike Type: Urban Commuter | Range: 93+ miles | Motor Power: 240W

+ 8-speed Alfine Internal Gear Hub and Gates Belt Drive
+ Custom 240W motor with amplification assist in getting 28mph
+ TRP Flow Set hydraulic disc brakes 
+ 650b wheels; Nimbus 2.3 tires with flat protection belts
– You could need a second job to pay for this ride
– Reviewers say the design feels bulky 

The pairing of a super light system and Turbo Como E-bike, this ride delivers power, comfort, and impressive distances. The price is steep, but you can carry double the bike’s weight as cargo, yet maintenance is a breeze.

“Comes with our first Internal Gear Hub and Belt Drive E-bike,” notes engineers, so gears avoid attracting road grime, and you can shift gears even at a standstill. Since the 320-watt battery is hidden in the downtube, it’s not exposed either.

Attach the optional Range Extender and get up to 93 miles per charge

Best for Workout: Trek Verve+ 3

Bike Type: Urban Commuter | Range: 50+ miles | Motor Power: 250W

+ Could reach 30 mph on some surfaces
+ Bosch mid-drive motor system outperforms hub motors
+ Fabulous uphill performance and holds its own in 20 mph wind
+ Comes with excellent rack and lights
Multiple reports of chains falling off
Black color shows every inch of grime tires kick up
May weigh too much for some riders to handle

The Trek Verve+3 features an impressive Bosch pedal-assist system that is powerful and reliable. Since the battery is fully encased in the frame riders enjoy better balance, and less maintenance because it can’t attract road grime.

Battery removal is so easy, no tools are required. Features like the road-smoothing suspension seat post, wide, stable tires, and front and rear lights make this an excellent pick for folks who love the brand, the price, and the stealthy design. This model’s biggest fans are seniors and folks with minor physical disabilities. 

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Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3 Remixte

Bike Type: Touring/Urban Bike | Range: 100+ miles | Motor Power: 250W

+ Highly reflective frame and fork accents increase visibility and safety
+ Premium SmartForm C1 alloy light, stiff and durable frame
+ Integrated wheel sensor helps track speed, distance and calories burned
+ 100 mm of front suspension; motor mounts keep center of gravity low
Bosch display panel has fewer readouts; lacks Bluetooth capability
A bit heavy at 55.3 lbs.

According to product designers responsible for this ride, it’s “Built to get out of the rat race and into the wilderness,” a claim that’s irrefutable to brand fans and discriminating shoppers. Featuring an MTB-inspired frame, suspension fork, and chunky 29-inch wheels, this Class 3 eBike’s pedal-assist feature gets riders the 28mph speed they desire.

The Bosch Performance Line Sport 250W motor may not be the biggest, but 500-watt hours of battery capacity could make up for it. Comparably priced, the Neo X 3 Remixte is equipped with a 9-speed drivetrain and hydraulic disc braking system ready to perform on and off-road. 

How to find the best electric bikes with the longest range

Like all aspects of bike shopping, there are varying ways to determine the range, but the best place to start the process is by assessing your distance expectations.

Why select a bike capable of going cross country in a record amount of time on a single charge when your universe can be measured in just a few miles? 

Consider all 10 of these factors when you compare the long-range eBike models on your shortlist, and if you’d like verification, share your calculations with your nearest bike expert on the topic.

1. Keep this in mind: every component and feature can potentially impact the amount of distance one can cover — this includes battery and motor. 

2. If you’ve set your heart on the pedal assist, that feature will impact the distance you can travel as well. 

3. Be forthright about the maximum number of miles you intend to ride per charge when comparing models. Why pay for more than you need?

4. Understand that the speed at which you travel adds an additional element to your distance equation.  

5. Make a “must have” list before you shop. For example, decide on how much you want the eBike to weigh, cargo capacity, and budgetary limit. 

6. Determine what you don’t want in a ride (e.g., you may not want to carry a spare battery just in case).

7. Audition a couple of eBikes of varying weights to see which feel too light or heavy.

8. Don’t want to take the manufacturer’s word for distance projections? Use this formula on the eBike Escapes website to do the math: “multiply the voltage (V) by the amp hours (Ah).” Based on a 7.5-pound Lithium ion battery, your calculation could look like this: 48V x 14 Ah = 672 watt-hours for a distance of 25-45 miles per charge. 

9. Understand that this calculation is an estimate and doesn’t factor in the items on your list (#5 above). 

10. Keep reminding yourself that there are no absolutes — unless you are a highly credentialed mathematician, of course. 

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