10 Best Bike Handlebar Bags for 2022

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More efficient and safer than bike baskets, bike handlebar bags are easy to slide on and off; they give you the advantage of not having to pack and re-pack items as you go from home to work and everywhere else.

And they make fantastic gifts for the bicycle enthusiasts in your life, which is why we’re calling your attention to these specific products.

We warn you, once you get used to having one of these, you won’t know how you lived without it — and perhaps that’s the point whoever invented this handy carrier had in mind!

Top 5 Bike Handlebar Bags

ImageBikeOur RatingPrice
Best Overall
Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

  • 3L Capacity
  • Sturdy hook-and-loop straps
  • Two internal mesh pockets
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Best Roll-Style
PRO Discover Handlebar Bag

PRO Discover Handlebar Bag

  • 8L Capacity
  • Waterproof synthetic textile
  • A lifetime warranty
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Big Capacity
Ortlieb Handlebar Pack

Ortlieb Handlebar Pack

  • 15L Capacity
  • Easy two-step mounting 
  • Foam spacers 
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Premium Pick
Thule Shield Handlebar Bag

Thule Shield Handlebar Bag

  • 10L Capacity
  • IP54 Certified
  • Separate clear pocket
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Best for Small Items
Tourbon Vintage Bicycle Bag

Tourbon Vintage Bicycle Bag

  • Leather straps
  • Classic Design
  • Available in three colors
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Chrome Helix Handlebar Bag

-Best Handlebar Bag for Most People-

Chrome Helix has been one of our favorite handlebar bags for many years now, and we still recommend it to most urban cyclists.

Invest ( $65 ) in this black tidy handlebar bag and expect years of use. Fasten the sturdy hook-and-loop handlebar straps and hideaway waist strap, and off you go knowing that everything you need and value is kept safe.

Use the two internal mesh pockets to organize essentials and count on the polyurethane-coated zipper on the main compartment for fast, easy access. Inclement weather? No worries.

The 1050-denier nylon body with 600-denier PT coating face and 18 oz and 450-denier thermoplastic elastomer tarp lining will protect everything inside. Designed for urban cyclists, this 9- x 5.5- x 3-inch bag offers you 3 liters of gear capacity, yet this handlebar bag weighs just 9.6 ounces.

PRO Discover Handlebar Bag

-Best Roll-Style Handlebar Bag-

If you seek design innovation and a handlebar bag that doesn’t look like competitor products, this PRO Discover bag may be exactly what you desire. Fabricated of waterproof synthetic textile, the unique roll-style assembly — with matching gear bungee cord — secures the roll when you’re ready to travel.

Since this item is compatible with flat and drop bars and the manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty, this bag may prove irresistible.

More expensive than the Chrome Helix and certainly less traditional, this bag isn’t for everyone, but if you seek 8 liters of capacity and a waterproof rating of 5000mm+, you may not mind spending a little more money.

LEZYNE Bar Caddy Bicycle Handlebar Bag

-Best Waterproof Roll-Style Handlebar-

LEZYNE Bar Caddy Bicycle Handlebar Bag

So popular, this Lezyne Bar Caddy handlebar bag sells out faster than retailers can restock it; this medium-size roll-type carrier offers durability, and it is water-resistant, so anything you tuck inside will stay safe and dry.

This easy-access roll offers you the ability to compress contents for efficient transport, and the adjustable straps featuring simple Velcro mounting strips are tenacious. Use the external drawcords to hold the additional gear that isn’t meant to be rolled into the bag.

This Lezyne bag offers you 7 liters of capacity and features reflective elements and light mounts for extra safety while you’re on the road. Measuring 11- x 7- x 4-inches and weighing just over 6 ounces, this bag is well worth the time you’ll spend trying to find one.

Ortlieb Handlebar Pack

-Best Big Capacity Handlebar Bag-

Thousands of happy owners attest to this product’s versatility and value. Offering you a whopping 15 liters of capacity at a weight of just 14.7-ounces, this product’s design features are unique.

The two-step mounting process makes this Ortlieb bag easy to attach to your bike via a sturdy Velcro strap system.

Foam spacers within the interior of the bag are particularly noteworthy because “they provide a physical distance between the tops of a road handlebar and your hands. Price differentials from retailer to retailer can be confusing, so do your homework when you shop so you wind up paying a price that won’t come back to bite you!

Rock Bros Waterproof Handlebar Bags

-Best Budget Pick-

This 100-percent waterproof, 2-bag system offers security and seamless workmanship, so anything you stow inside will be protected by the high-strength 600D nylon fabric.

Use just one bag or take both when you set off on your biking excursions, and don’t be shy about the amount of stuff you decide to bring because this large-capacity carrier gives you a total of 19- to 21-liter capacity if you bring both.

The small bag will tote 5- to 6-liters of goods while the large one’s capacity is a hefty 14- to 15-liters. Quick-release straps are easy to secure and open, and extra straps come with the waist bag so you can strap it on and take it with you after you dismount.

Thule Shield Handlebar Bag

-Best for Storing Expensive Items-

It’s not the most oversized handlebar bag on our list ( at 10L ), but a relatively simple design and a roll-top keeps contents safe, dry, and dust-free thanks to its IP54 welded construction.

A separate clear pocket protects a map or phone, so you don’t have to dig to find these essentials. Reflective embellishments and an attachment for a safety light double down on your security.

Mesh side pockets give you quick access to items you need most. Measuring 3.94- x 3.94- x 1.97-inches and weighing 12.8 ounces, you must provide your handlebar mount if you are fortunate enough to find this popular bag.

Tourbon Vintage Bicycle Bag

-Best for Small Items-

Small, tidy, affordable, and available in three colors, this well-reviewed handlebar bag offers big benefits despite its relatively small size.

A leather, easy-to-attach strap secures the pouch to your handlebars so you can position it for easy access. In addition to classic design and excellent construction and craft, this 10- x 5-3/4-inch bag weighs a scant 0.15kg, yet it holds items you value most: wallets, phones, keys, and other small essentials.

Crafted of waterproof canvas material, there’s even a port at the bag’s bottom for headphone wires so you can listen to music and communicate without removing your device from the pouch.

Tourbon does not publish this bag’s capacity, but judging by the size, this isn’t the bag you would choose if you’re looking to carry many items anyway. It’s excellent for a smartphone, keys, and wallet, though.

REI Co-op Junction Handlebar Bag

-Best Value for Money-

Attract attention toting the pumpkin-colored version of this bag (it comes in asphalt grey, too). It’s roomy and offers 1.5 liters of capacity. Dismount, and the bag morphs into a waist pack. Easy to mount via hook-and-loop straps that hide when not needed, this bag is crafted of water- and abrasion-resistant oxford nylon cloth treated with a water repellent finish.

This bluesign®-approved fabric contributes to the environment’s health, so if you are attracted to “green” products and don’t need lots of capacity, this bag can help you achieve several goals. Gain full zip access to the main pocket and external zippered pocket for items you retrieve most often. Foam lining helps retain this bag’s shape, and reflective features make night rides safer.

All these things ( plus the $39.95 price ) make the REI Co-op Junction one of the best handlebar bags in the market right now.

Revelate Designs Sweetroll Handlebar Bag

-Best Big Capacity Roll-Style Bag-

If you’re doing a lot of bikepacking, you will love this sweet roll bag, and it’s unique in so many ways.

This 14-liter capacity Sweetroll bag should suit you nicely at 7- x 22- inches and weighing in at just 14 ounces. 210-denier thermoplastic urethane-coated nylon waterproof construction includes tenacious RF-welded seams.

The fiberglass mount lining helps maintain bag shape, and you get a dual entry for fast access to the interior.

Forget wasted time mounting and removing this bag from handlebars thanks to quick-release mounts, and the adjustable “shovit” flap makes upping your load a breeze. Count on the 4-point bungee attachment to make sure nothing moves once the roll is assembled.

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Topeak Compact Handlebar Bag

-Best Fully Padded Handlebar Bag-

If you love the idea of a handlebar bag that’s also a fanny pack, but you don’t need much capacity, this 3.1-liter pick belongs in your shopping cart. This fully padded carrier can even keep fragile items safe by featuring a divided main compartment, mesh pocket lid, and two side zip pockets.

While this bag’s seams are not sealed, you can count on durable 2520-denier nylon with a water-resistant coating to protect bag contents. The quick-release clamp maybe your favorite feature because it makes attaching and removal effortless, and a rain cover hides in that mesh lid pocket when skies are blue.

Measuring 6.4- x 4- x 7.4-inches and weighing only 13 ounces, the removable shoulder strap has you covered if you prefer not to wear this bag around your waist.

How to choose the best bike handlebar bag

When Chris of BikeTourAdventures.com set about explaining the different types of handlebar bags on today’s market, we were surprised by the sheer variety you are being asked to consider as you choose a bag, but if you’re curious, check all of these categories out, so you’re in a better position to select the one that best suits your needs.

But what are the most important criteria to consider in a nutshell:

Ease of use

Having full access to your handlebar bag when you ride can quickly eliminate products that require you to dismount your bike to retrieve items needed or want on the fly.

And once you do arrive at your destination, how easy is it to remove the bag from the handlebars? Look for product descriptions that assure you won’t find yourself in constant states of frustration because it takes you forever to do either job.

Further, consider all these things if you require a handlebar bag that can be converted to a fanny pack, cycling backpack, or another carrier.

Be prepared to adjust your ride the moment you mount your handlebar bag. Larger bags could impact the way your bike handles; another reason to ask advice of other cyclists if this is your first handlebar bag rodeo.

Go to a local bike shop and check different models. Check if they’re easy to use with one hand, with gloves, etc.


For folks who require a handlebar bag for the sole purpose of getting stuff from one destination to another (this covers everything from work files to your laundry), access is rarely a priority. Still, if your rides require you to keep essentials like phones, snacks, GPS units, maps, and other navigational tools at your fingertips, access isn’t just important; it’s essential.

At Bikeforums.net, riders get recommendations from others after articulating complaints like, “What I am lacking is easy to access stuff like food, phone, charger, arm & leg warmers, stuff that I should not have to stop for to access.” Handlebar bag recommendations came flying in.

From multiple zippers to quick snaps that don’t require you to frequently stop to gain access to items, make sure you consider this when you shop.

Features like mesh side pockets and outer flaps with see-through plastic inserts that give you immediate access without requiring you to open a flap are trending, and more and more bag manufacturers are adding these features to new product designs.

If you’ve had bad experiences in the past because no matter how tightly you attached your handlebar bag to your bike, it never stayed put, you have already been to the land of aggravation.

Handlebar Bag Mounting

Pick a bag with mounting straps made of fabric that could stretch out and leave you constantly tightening the bag’s grip is no picnic either.

According to ExploringWild.com cyclist Alissa, roll bag straps “unfortunately tend to loosen over time, especially on rough terrain, and need to be re-tightened” frequently and consistently.

If you choose a bag manufactured by a thoughtful company, they will provide you with video or photographic images that guide you. Hence, you install your bag according to factory recommendations.

Here’s an example of a friendly instruction manual. If the manufacturer of the bag you’re leaning toward doesn’t offer instructions for mounting the product and you’ve had trouble in the past, you may want to move on and choose a bag that provides this help.

Handlebar Bag Capacity

As you can see, our products range in size from those offering between 1.5 and 20 liters of interior room, so this is no time to throw a dart at a dartboard and hope you landed on the correct capacity number.

If you plan to use your handlebar bag to carry a smartphone, key, wallet, and spare inner tires, then just 1-2L is enough. Aim for a bigger model if you’re going for longer rides or bikepacking long weekends.

Ever wonder why bag capacity is always measured in liters? The question was posed on Quora, and the answer can fill in some gaps if you’ve been clueless but curious.

The moderator of this forum page says that this standard was “set up by authorities” who have what might be deemed the unenviable job of using 20mm plastic balls that are then dumped into measuring devices to determine a bag’s capacity.

Liters are just easy to remember, they say, but here’s an interesting bit of trivia: Capacity measurements can’t include “compartments that are not entirely sealed by zippers,” so outer pockets with no zippers can’t be included when capacity is cited.

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