6 Best Fat Bike Mudguards and Fenders in 2022

I’m not kidding when I say that fat biking is like nothing else on earth. It is an experience unlike any other sport or activity you can do in this world today! And to think that only a decade ago, these bikes were considered too niche by all but the most hardcore of riders.

Nowadays though? You can find them everywhere – from your local bike shop to national parks across North America and beyond! Fat biking has become one of the fastest-growing sports out there because it gets people outside ( even in winter ), exercising their bodies while exploring nature simultaneously!

Mudguards, or fenders as they’re often called, are an essential part of your riding kit. They keep the muck and dirt off you and your bike and can prevent you from getting a wet and dirty butt while riding.

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Portland Design Works Mud Shovel

The Portland Design Works Mud Shovel fender is the perfect companion to keep grit from finding its way into your eyes and butt. This accessory is made of durable and flexible polypropylene and anodized finish; this accessory works with rigid frames and suspension forks for a wide range of MTBs! It also comes equipped with four super-soft and quick-attach Velcro straps that won’t scratch your bicycle. 

There’s also a safety bracket release if any object becomes jammed between fender and tire. Keep in mind that the stickers from the factory are nearly impossible to remove, and some people even use a heat gun and glue remover to get rid of them.

Sierra Mountain Bike Mudguard

This is an excellent mudguard with rave Amazon reviews! We love the durability and ease of installation of this mudguard. Once you put it in place, your mind will be at peace, knowing that nothing can withstand it.

Even though it looks small, the Sierra Mountain Mudguard helps to significantly reduce the amount of mud your back tire kicks up, so you avoid stains on top clothing when riding. Remember that the package includes only one mudguard and four heavy-duty zip ties.

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Farway 26 inch Snow Bicycle Bike Front Rear Mudguard

These fenders are great for fat tire bikes for a reason. They’re lightweight and feel like they’ll hold up well over time. The overall weight is just 440g, and they are made of durable ABS plastic ( synthetic fiber plastic ).

Some users complain that the instructions are almost useless, and it’s very challenging to put everything together; some of the parts are often missing.

PinnacleT1 Bicycle Mudguard 

Even though these fenders are light, they’re very sturdy. The wide profile and short length make them look good without being too aggressive or flashy in design- it has that nice elegant vibe going on!

The fenders often arrive without any instructions, so you must rely on a single image to install them. On the other hand, they are so cheap that you can’t complain too much about them.

NICEDACK Bike Fender

The Nicedack Fat Tire Bike Fenders are a great choice for fat tire bikes and all types of mountain biking. Made from durable plastic, they look just like carbon fiber with their 0.8mm thickness–super-tough enough to fit any mudguard on the market!

Some bikers don’t dig into the carbon fiber look though it’s still a popular choice for most riders who want more stylish than black plastic!

Mucky Nutz Fat Face Fender

Mucky Nutz Fat Face Fender is a fantastic way to keep your face ( pun intended ) free from dirt, debris, and other things that might fly into it. You can use this on all wheel sizes, so there will be protection for yourself no matter what type of bike you have! 

The Velcro straps make fitting easy since they attach right against the knobby bits, making navigating through muck much easier without having any cleaning up duty left afterward.

How to choose the best fat bike mudguards and fenders

Fender Width

The width of the fender needs to match your bike’s tire. A wide fender will be more effective in keeping you clean, but it will also reduce agility. We recommend buying oversized fenders for fat tires to avoid any problems when you’re out on the trails!

Attachment Points

Attach the fenders to your bike’s frame or fork to keep yourself dry and clean. The best solution is adhesive Velcro straps because if you prefer a lot of adjustabilities, they are perfect for this task!


Fenders made from plastic are lighter than aluminum ones but won’t last as long. On the other hand, metal fenders can withstand more abuse but are heavier! It’s all up to you and what you prefer. All the mudguards we reviewed above are made of some plastic.


Fat bike mudguards are cheap for most people, and you can find good products in the price range of $10-30. If your budget is a bit higher, it’s possible to spend up to $50 on a single mudguard. We don’t recommend spending too much on a simple mudguard, though. You will pay for the brand for everything above $30.

Do you need two fenders?

If you have ever biked in the dirt or snow, then there’s no doubt that your clothes get dirty and messy. A rear fender helps protect what is behind you ( your back ) by catching any mud or muck. Front fenders keep precious components like the front fork clean and extend their life. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, fat bikes come with exceptional features that make them even more of a blast to ride. For this reason, it’s vital to look after them and invest in some quality mudguards for your bike! Those looking for the best fenders on the market should purchase Portland Design Works Mud Shovel – a flexible and durable mudguard that works like a charm and is super easy to install.

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