Best Cycling Sunglasses (Recommendations 2018)

You might have noticed that most cyclists, whether they are participating in cycling sports or going for a joy ride, wear sunglasses. Have you ever thought the reason behind wearing sunglasses while cycling? In my opinion, the best reason behind it is to protect the eyes from UV rays coming from the sun. It is just like you wear hats and sunscreen to save your skin while going out in the sun. So before searching for the best cycling sunglasses you should know their importance for your eyes.

The importance of cycling sunglasses:

The main benefit of the cycling sunglasses is to protect your eyes from UV rays as well as leaves, branches, dirt, and mud while cycling on on-road or off-road cycling tracks. You should wear high-quality sunglasses while cycling on the road as your eyes are at great risk of getting injured from the dust, insects, and gravels coming from anywhere.

Most of the cycling sunglasses are made in the wraparound design to prevent your eyes from drying due to the wind and stopping the reflection of light coming from snow or water while cycling on a hillside or a seaside. They protect your eyes from 100% UV rays reflected by water and up to 85% rays from the snow. So, wearing sunglasses while cycling in winter is equally important to wear in summer.

Choosing the best pair of cycling sunglasses:

In order to protect your eyes from the damages caused by their exposure to UV radiations while cycling it is important to find the best cycling sunglasses for you. The amount of exposure of your eyes to UV rays depends not only on various weather and light conditions but also on an overcast or cloudy day. The UV rays can be harmful to your eyes if not blocked properly.

According to various experts, you should consider various factors while choosing cycling sunglasses for you like:

Comfortable: The sunglasses you choose must have a frame with some curves so that it can fit more suitably on your face in a natural manner. The pair of your wraparound frames will give you extra comfort along with taking care of the peripheral vision by filtering out the sun rays.

Lightweight: You may have to wear your sunglasses for a long time while cycling so its frame should be light in weight. It will protect you from UV radiations along with the headaches caused by its heavyweight.

Scratch resistant: The cycling sunglasses you choose must be made of scratch resistant materials. Their lenses should be coated with a scratch resistant material to prevent them from damages during cycling.

Durable: The frame of your cycling sunglasses should be made of the mixture of high-quality plastic and acetate to prevent its damage due to mishandling or dropping. Their lens should be made of materials like polycarbonate etc. to ensure their survival even after dropping on hard surfaces.

Colour of the lens: The color of the lenses of the cycling sunglasses should appropriate for your eyes. You can reduce glare with brown lenses whereas on sunny days gray lenses are the better option. Similarly, amber or yellow colored lenses can improve your visibility in dull light conditions and clear lenses can be the best for riding at night.

Polarized Lenses: The lens of your sunglasses should be polarized as they protect your eyes in the long run by reducing harsh glares.

Protection from UV rays: They must protect your eyes from the radiation of both types of rays UV and UVB while cycling on sunny days.

Brief reviews of some of the best cycling sunglasses are provided here under for your consideration.

RIVBOS Unisex Polarized Sports Sunglasses

The package of these cycling sunglasses includes five interchangeable lenses so that you can change them as per your requirement depending upon the light conditions. The lenses are made of high quality and shatterproof materials so that you can use them for a long time.

They are ideal for the cyclists due to the super lightweight and stylish design of their frame. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the breakage of its frame and 30 days money back guarantee to refund your money if you are not satisfied with their performance.


  • The Elastic Support Belt provided with these sunglasses allows to exchange it even while you are strapped.
  • Their spare rimmed pad made of soft rubber make them more comfortable
  • The design of their frame is trendy, cool and nice


  • The quality of plastic used in their frame is low
  • Too much flexibility of their frame affects their wearability.

Tifosi Dolomite 2.0

These Italian sunglasses with updated style and improved fitting are available in latest hot colors. They have interchangeable polarized lenses. The main aim of introducing these sunglasses was to provide quality eyewear product for everyone.

Tifosi is designing and dispensing value-oriented and technologically advanced sunglasses since 2003 for devoted sportspersons. They offer a range of lightweight sleek and stylish frames and lens technologies to fully protect eyes from UVA/UVB rays.


  • Frame is made of high-quality plastic
  • Lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic
  • Includes Polarized lenses
  • Coated for 100% UV protection
  • Lenses are 61 mm wide


  • The lower portion of the left frame slightly obstructs the left-hand glance
  • Lenses are of bronze color instead of neutral gray

Oakley Mens OO9290 Jawbreaker PRIZM Sport Sunglasses

Jawbreaker brand is known for producing sunglasses as per the requirements of world-class athletes since last 40 years. The innovations of Oakley have reached the heights of performance by offering everything of excellent quality like components from unobtainium for a comfortable and secure fitting and hassle-free interchangeable lenses with switch lock technology for optimized vision settings.


  • Very lightweight to provide excellent coverage while cycling
  • Interchangeable lenses can be changed easily as required.
  • Perfect ventilation for eyes on the go
  • Comfortable on the nose
  • Awesome gift for every cycling fan! 


  • Do not have a good bonding connection on the side arms as they are short in size
  • Removal or replacement of lenses is a bit complicated
  • There is a blind spot on the sides due to larger circle of plastic even if they offer great coverage
  • My sunglasses cracked after falling off my head as I hit the pavement while cycling at high speed


Thus after comparing the features of different cycling sunglasses and keeping in mind the tips provided in this write-up you can easily buy the best cycling sunglasses for you. Remember that not only the cycling sunglasses are very important for your safety and comfort. You should always wear a bike helmet as well. Having a good pair of summer gloves is also crucial for your comfort and safety during your hot day rides.

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