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Do you really want to take a bath in your own sweat at the time of cycling during hot summers? Obviously, not. Then why to wear normal t-shirts while going for cycling during summer? No need to ride a bicycle in those uncomfortable and sweaty t-shirts.

You should definitely get a good, high-quality cycling jersey for hot weather. There are countless options for summer cycling jerseys in the market but not all of them are good. That’s why we made this comprehensive buying guide including our top 3 picks for best cycling jerseys for hot weather.

A cycling jersey for hot weather?

When you go out for cycling, sweat irritate. Jerseys are now made up of certain materials that keep you dry and cool irrespective of the time period and efforts you put during the ride. The main aim of these jerseys is to keep you comfortable all the way around.

All modern cycling jerseys made for hot weather protect you from the sun and from your sweat. They have nice pockets for your multi-tool or small bike pump as well. Some of them will have zippers as well. So in a conclusion, you definitely need a good, high-quality cycling jersey made for hot weather.

How to find the best one?

The following things must be considered while buying the best cycling jersey for hot weather:

1) Material and the fabrics:

You may opt for cotton t-shirts while riding but cotton is not so good at dealing with the sweat. The fabric of the jersey must be capable of keeping you dry and cool by wiping away the sweat from your body while cycling. Moreover, the fabric of the jersey you are choosing to wear during your cycling trips needs to be friendly to your skin and comfortable.

2) Protection from the sun:

The fabric of the jersey must have the quality to protect you from the sun rays at the time of cycling. Clothing with SPF and UPF ratings are in demand nowadays as they effectively protect your body from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These jerseys also protect your skin from getting tanned due to the extreme heat.  Well, of course, will get the nice biker tan with these jerseys but that’s normal.

3) Facilitated with zippers and pockets:

The Jerseys should have zippers and pockets in them. Pockets are used to keep small things safe and secure while cycling. You should look for jerseys with at least 2 back pockets but my recommendation is to buy a cycling jersey with 3 pockets. The zippers are to control the temperature when you feel really hot.

Let’s have a look at the 3 best cycling jerseys made especially for very hot weather. You can choose any of these 3 for your cycling trips during the hot summer season and you won’t regret it.

Spotti Basics Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

Spotti Basics Men’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey is a big hit among cycling enthusiasts. It’s a very comfortable jersey meant for the summer. It’s available in black, blue, green, light-green and white colors. This jersey is short-sleeved and is truly excellent in moisture management. It’s facilitated with zipper and is made up of fine-quality fabric.

I have seen many regular cyclists wearing it for many years so it’s definitely a long-lasting and quality product.


  • Long-lasting: This jersey is durable and is meant for regular cycle rides. The material of the jersey is really strong and does not get torn away easily. You can certainly use this jersey for a long period of time without any issues.
  • Light-weight: You don’t have to work really hard carrying it. It’s one of the most lightweight jerseys in the market.
  • Moisture Management: Very good at moisture management. It keeps you cool and dry, irrespective of the amount of work performed by you for the whole day. It always makes you feel fresh and relieved.
  • Easily cared and easily worn: Spotti Basics Cycling Jersey can be easily taken care of. It is easy to wash and store.


  • Noticeable: Even if you don’t want to get noticed during low light and night, the logo on its front is highly visible at night.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Short Sleeve Quest Jersey

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Short Sleeve Quest Jersey is commonly referred to as the traditional cycling attire. It’s a high-tech jersey available at a nice low price for you. It’s available in many color options. I like almost all products by Pearl Izumi because they are high-quality but not expensive.

I often recommend cycling gloves made by this manufacturer and this cycling jersey is not an exception from the high-quality standards of the company. Pearl Izumi’s product is definitely the best cycling jersey for hot weather I would buy.


  • Fabric: The fabric of Jersey keeps you cool and fresh. You would not experience that disastrous sweat flow again if you wear this jersey.
  • Zipper: This jersey has a zipper facility in it to adjust the jersey according to your body shape and gives a sporty look. This jersey looks really unique and tough.
  • Easy to wash: It is easy to wash with normal detergents.
  • Stretchable: This jersey is stretchable. It can fit perfectly to people of different sizes and body shapes as it is really flexible.
  • Pockets: It has 3 very nice big back pockets for all your stuff.


  • No Cons;

RION 2017 Summer STEED Series Men’s Cycling Jersey Bene

RION 2017 Summer STEED Series Men's Cycling Jersey Bene

RION’s 2017 Summer Cycling Jersey fits perfectly to the body and is comfortable indeed. It’s made from fabrics imported by MITI and CARVICO. Its fabric contains 89% polyester and 11% spandex. At the same time, it is facilitated with full-length YKK zipper that can be flipped up and pulled open with one hand for venting. Though this jersey is specially made for those hot and humid days, you could use it during riding your bike during cold months as well. It’s one of the best looking jerseys in this review, especially in the blue/white/red combination.


  • Easiness in washing: It’s easy to store. This jersey can go for a really long period of time.
  • Light-weight: Also very lightweight and easy to wear.
  • Fits really nice: This Jersey offers race-leading fit. No matter you have a slim figure or you are on the heavier side, you will find this jersey fitting to your body exactly as per your liking. Moreover, it has 3D clipping and luminous seams for excellent friction reduction.
  • Zipper: This jersey looks too unique has a zipper facility.
  • Nice pocket with zipper.


  • Not enough quantity of Amazon reviews yet;


The above listings clear out your doubts about which jersey to choose this summer. You can simply choose any of the three jerseys mentioned above for your cycling trips during hot summer months. Having a good, high-quality breathable cycling jersey is a must if you plan to ride your bike during the hot season.

I would suggest buying 2 jerseys just to have a spare one if you are washing the first one.  Also, don’t forget to buy a good and nice looking water bottle for your rides in the hot summer days! 

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