Best Cycling Gloves For Everyone 2019

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We all love cycling so much, but it can be a very hard sport for your body. Especially if your body is not trained enough you can suffer from a lot of injuries, bruises, cuts, and scrapes if you are not careful.  One part of the body which is often neglected at first is your hands. Practically, every athlete understands the need for the proper gear so it’s better prepared.

As we know very well, having the right equipment can enhance your performance, stamina and give you additional comfort as you will. That’s why I decided to review the best cycling gloves on the market right now. You will read about some of the best fingerless cycling gloves, some half-finger ones and of course, some gloves which are perfect for cold weather.

If you don’t have time to read more, check here the best cycling gloves for each category.

  1. Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove Best Fingerless Cycling Gloves! 
  2. Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves – Best Affordable Fingerless Cycling Gloves!
  3. Zookki Cycling Gloves Best Cycling Gloves Under $10!
  4. Giro Bravo Gloves – Best Cycling Gloves for Numbness! 
  5. Giro Monaco II An expensive alternative! 
  6. Louis Garneau Vortice Bike GloveBest Cycling Gloves for Racing!

Ok, let’s see why you should consider buying a pair of good cycling gloves at all.

Top 6 Reasons You Need a Pair of Good Cycling Gloves

1.Hand numbness

If you plan to make a huge long-distance ride with your awesome road bike you will most probably need a pair of good gloves to protect your precious palms and fingers. As an experienced cyclist myself I can tell you that hand numbness is the worst. I hate it! That’s why I always wear a good pair of cycling gloves even on short distances like 5-10 miles. I just feel much better after each ride with gloves. Simple as that.

2.Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Well, practically this is the next stage of the hand numbness but much worse. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a medical condition compression of the median nerve which travels through the wrist at the so-called carpal tunnel. The result is numbness, weakness, tingling, and pain.

When you ride a lot, but I mean really many many miles per day without gloves you can get the CTS. If you take some precautions you don’t have to worry about it.

3.Bruises, cuts, and scrapes

This one is straightforward. If you fall from your bike at high speed you can get injured badly.  If you are lucky you will get a few cuts, bruises, and scrapes on your hands. But if you wear cycling gloves at least your hands will be protected. That’s a really good reason to wear a good pair of gloves indeed.

4. To keep your hands warm in the winter

If you ride your bicycle frequently in the winter you should probably know that with speed you feel the cold even worse on your hands and fingers. With a pair of winter cycling gloves or the so-called full finger gloves, you will be protected and warm. Actually, winter cycling gloves are the first thing I start to wear when winter is about to start.

5.Extra Grip

Having a good grip on your handlebars is crucial in emergency braking or in big downhills. It’s never a bad thing to have some extra grip, and the good cycling gloves provide that as a bonus to all other benefits.

6. Looking cool

This one is not so obvious because it’s probably only in my head, but I really enjoy the rides when I wear cycling gloves. They give me more confidence and I do really feel that I look cool in them.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pair of Cycling Gloves.

Padding – padded palms can fell much better without the numbness and the pain. The padding can relieve the pressure on the veins, and skin of the palms. Most of the pairs use some type of gel for the padding, but be careful with that. Some cyclists prefer their gloves without gels.

Finger-less or full-fingers – most road cyclists prefer to use finger-less gloves when the weather is warm, and full-finger gloves in the winter. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, need to use full-fingers mountain bike gloves, because they need to be fully protected against brushes from whipping branches, and bushes.

Grip – you will get an extra grip with a good pair of cycling gloves. Most of the gloves have a leather or synthetic palm which improves drastically the grip. Also, some full-finger gloves feature additional leather grippers on the tips of the fingers for even extra grip. That part is especially useful for the moments when you touch the brake levers.

Breath-ability – this is one of the most important things to consider especially if you are looking for summer gloves. A good pair of cycling gloves should be made of breathable material. Especially the upper part it. Your hands inside should be kept cool, and dry in the summer.

Without further ado, let’s start with the reviews!

The Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove

Pearl Izumi fingerless cycling gloves

One of my favorite summer gloves and definitely one of the best pairs in our selection. Pearl Izumi’s gloves are made of polyamide, elastane, nylon, and polyurethane. Most importantly they do have gel-foam padding for riding comfort and protection which is very important. If you suffer from numbness then this pair is perfect for you too, despite the fact that some cyclists argue that they don’t have enough padding.

The closure system of Pearl Izumi’s gloves is also very good. It’s the so-called hook and loop closure which I find it to be very good.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Gloves are not the best looking gloves but I guess this is not a big selling point here. The good thing is that they are available in four different color combinations which are all looking fine. Also, they are not very expensive and you can probably find them for less than $30. If you are on a tight budget for a pair of gloves then the Pearl Izumi Men’s Gloves are just the best for you.

They are available in six sizes which is very good. Note that some buyers complain that the sizes are not very correct. So I should suggest buy the next available size just to be on the safe side. If you need a medium size, better buy large, etc..


  • Affordable;
  • Four colors to choose from;
  • High-quality product;
  • Soft padding for thumb and palm;
  • Very comfortable on longer rides;
  • Good closure system;


  • Not very nice looking;
  • Relatively small for its sizes;

Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

inbike 5mm cycling gloves without fingers

These fingerless cycling gloves are one of the best sellers on Amazon. They offer plenty of padding in the palm, nice closure, and super low price. Designed to be as comfortable as possible Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves won’t let you down on your super long-distance rides. As per the manufacturer, these gloves are made of high elastic lycra and knitted mesh fabric. They also feature a low-profile velcro closure at wrist-part.

The good news is that the gel padding on the Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves goes all the way across the palms. The thumb is made of another material which wipes away sweat.

Originally, they were made for mountain biking, but after a few tests here and there, I can say that they are absolutely perfect for road cycling as well. As you know I always prefer to wear full-finger gloves for mountain biking.

As we already mentioned, the biggest selling point of this pair is the price. The standard price is around $15 which is perfect for the budget buyers. That’s why Inbike 5mm Gel Pad Cycling Gloves has the award the best affordable fingerless cycling gloves in this review.

A known downside is again the strange sizing of the gloves. So before order read some reviews on Amazon.


  • Good looking summer gloves;
  • Very nice gel padding;
  • Wipe away sweat area in the thumb;
  • Very affordable;


  • Strange sizing;


Zookki Cycling Gloves

zooki gloves without fingers for cycling

Zookkí’s gloves are made of lycra fabric, mesh and terry cloth which makes them breathable and light enough. The gel padding is quite good and gives enough comfort and protection. What I specifically like about these gloves is that they have fabric loops at the end which are designed to help you pull the gloves off easier.

After some long rides, it could be quite tricky to pull the gloves off without such loops. Having in mind that the price of this pair is so low at around $5-6 the manufacturer made a good job. They are available in four combinations of colors: black and white, red and white, blue and white and the last one is yellow and white. This product is rated very well on Amazon and is one of the best sellers too.

With such a price point, I can easily say that Zookki Cycling Gloves are the best cycling gloves under $10.


  • Super cheap pair of gloves;
  • Good design;
  • High-quality product;
  • Loops for easy pull off;


  • Nothing;

Giro Bravo Gloves

Giro Bravo high-quality gloves for hand numbness

Giro is a very good Californian company which makes high-quality cycling accessories like helmets, gloves, cycling shoes. Etc. The good news is that with Giro you are most probably getting a good product and you won’t complain about the quality.

Giro Bravo Gloves are made of synthetic leather which makes them one of the most lightweight gloves we reviewed. The padding is not so big but the comfort is there at many times because of the design.

This model is Giro’s middle line gloves with the model Jag in the baseline and Monaco is the top line glove. In my opinion, the Bravo is a quite good value for money despite the fact that the price is not the lowest in our reviews. But Giro is not a cheap brand. The products they made are very high-quality and with a high price tag.

What I really like about the Giro Bravo model is that the padding is somehow made to be super comfortable. I even find them to be the best cycling gloves for numbness. So if numbness is your main concern, then you should definitely consider this model.

Overall I can say that these gloves are perfect for anyone who wants to make a long-distance ride or for some mountain bike enthusiast. Most probably they will serve you well for a few years as all of the gloves in the market. Giro Bravo Gloves are available in eight colors to choose from.


  • Popular and good brand;
  • High-quality product;
  • Good padding for comfort;
  • Best in class for numbness;


  • Not the cheapest ones;


GIRO Monaco II Cycling Gloves

GIRO Monaco high-quality fingerless gloves good for hand numbness

Giro Monaco II Cycling Gloves are even better than Giro Bravo, but unfortunately, they are much more expensive. With a price tag of around $40 for the medium size, this pair is the most expensive in our list.

But what you get for those 40 bucks is really a lot. These fingerless cycling gloves are made of 65% Nylon, 23% Polyester, 8% Spandex. The upper side is made of breathable mesh which is really well made. The padding in the palm is really great, which makes them perfect for people who are looking for ways to reduce the numbness.

I’m really impressed with the overall quality of the Giro Monaco which is on par as the Giro Bravo. Other notable features of these gloves are fingertip tear-off pockets, low-profile Velcro closure, and highly absorbent microfiber wiping surface.

Giro Monaco II is available in eight color combinations which means that you can make a perfect fit with your handlebar tape.


  • High-quality product;
  • Good padding for comfort;
  • Perfect for preventing numbness;
  • Long-lasting;


  • Too expensive;


The Best Cycling Gloves for Racing

Louis Garneau Vortice Bike Glove

Louis Garneau Vortice Bike Glove For Professional Riders

Here we have the big guns. Louis Garneau Vortice Bike Glove is a pair of cycling gloves you should consider only if you are really serious about your cycling, and if you have at least $60 which you want to spend on that.

These gloves are specifically designed for racing ( time trial, track event, regular race ) with an aerodynamic design. The padding is made of bio gel but only a small amount which can guarantee comfort. Nothing in excess here because the gloves are made to be light, and breathable enough.

For what you pay you will get a silicone finger pullers for easy removal, and the best fabrics which you can imagine. The truth is that Louis Garneau Vortice Bike Glove is one of the most comfortable pairs of cycling gloves I’ve ever tried.

If you want to participate in cycling races or you want to be really serious about cycling then these gloves would be perfect for you. Of course, if always the budget allows it. If not, you can find many more high-quality gloves in our list above.


  • Super comfortable;
  • Perfect for racing;
  • Very aerodynamic;


  • Very expensive;
  • Minimal padding;

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