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10 Cycling Blogs to Follow

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We are in the middle of the winter and despite the fact that occasionally I can hit the roads most of the time I read awesome cycling books or just prepare for the spring.

I’ve been following a lot of cycling blogs in the last few years but today I’ve decided to share with you, some of the best.

Actually, there are lots of great sites dedicated to cycling but on this list, I will share with you my favorites.

Let’s get started.


Bike Portland Screen Blog

It’s a local blog full of very interesting news and events which occur in Portland. You can find some of the newest stories about bikes and also some very good guest posts. Also, Bike Portland is awarded ‘’Best Portland Blog” in the category “General News Reporting”.


Cycling Europe Capture

Cycling Europe is one of my favorite websites about cycling. It’s beautifully designed and full of awesome photos, which makes it one of the most good looking websites overall, in my opinion. In this blog, you will find many exciting stories and adventures through Europe, which I love to read. If you like cycling travel notes, you will enjoy Cycling Europe.

Cycling Uphill

CyclingUphill Capture Blog

Cycling Uphill is a very good and interesting cycling blog. I’ve been following it for a long time now. It’s like a personal diary of a cyclist with a lot of very good photos. I personally like the commuting category which is very helpful and readable. Also, the review section is pretty interesting and again everything is professionally explained. I definitely recommend this cycling blog, and you should definitely bookmark it.

The Inner Ring – INRNG

best cycling blogs

The Inner Ring is maybe one of the most famous cycling blogs. It’s dedicated to pro bikers, they have a lot of news about the different Tours. My favorite section of the website is the “Roads to Ride” which is just awesome. A lot of unique and very interesting routes in Europe, and around the World with comprehensive guides.

Tokyo By Bike

Tokyo By Bike Screen Capture Blog

I admire the Japanese culture in general but when we talk about cycling in Japan it becomes even better. Tokyo by bike is more dedicated to commuting in Japan but you will find also some very good travel stories with great photos. I just can’t get enough of Tokyo by bike.

Ordinary Cycling Girl

Ordiinary Cycling Girl Blog Home

This is a blog about an ordinary cycling girl. As she says on her about page: “I am an ordinary cycling girl, a reformed couch potato, a freelance writer, a woman discovering and loving life and travel on two wheels!” The truth is that the blog is quite extraordinary because it’s one of the best cycling travel blogs. It’s full of very interesting and funny travel stories that you should definitely read.

London Cyclist

London Cyclist is founded and run by Andreas who is situated in Kentish Town, UK. You will find a lot of local news and stories from this region. Also some very good reviews of gear and maybe one of the best guides to cycling in London. Unfortunately, since April 2019 the blog is not getting any new articles, but you can still read a lot because it’s old content is online. You can even find a free ebook with 35 London bike routes.


BikeRumor is probably one of the biggest cycling tech blogs out there. You can find a lot of great gadget reviews, plus some of the best in-depth bike reviews. They even have Editor’s Choice Awards for each year.

Bike Snob NYC

Yes, the author of Bike Snob, the Enlightened Cyclist, Bike Snob Abroad, and the Ultimate Bicycle Owner’s Manual has a great blog about cycling. You can find a lot of fun articles about bikes and live in general.


CyclingTips is an Australian-based cycling blog that I personally like a lot. You can find some of the most-interesting bike tech reviews, interviews of cyclists and of course tips – a lot of useful, actionable cycling tips.

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