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Riding a bicycle is one of the best fitness activities you can practice while enjoying the nature or commuting in the city. Cycling is also one of the best sports ever invented! When you think of a sport which can help you get in shape you will come up with cycling for sure. And you will have to check the most popular bicycle in the world – the hybrid bike.

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from road bikesmountain bikes, and comfort bikes. The resulting hybrid is a general-purpose bicycle that can be used for different riding conditions and has many different applications. We have tried and tested many hybrid bikes and we came up with this list below. All of these are bikes that you can hop on and ride all day long. The hybrid bike is the easiest way to enter into the world of cycling without breaking your piggy bank.

The best cheap hybrid bikes in a nutshell:

If you are not sure if the hybrid bike is the best choice for you think about the following:

Most people choose to start with a hybrid bike. These bikes allow you to sit comfortably upright like on a mountain bike but at the same time being much faster because of the narrower tires. In general, there are two types of hybrid bikes: 700c and 26-inch. I always recommend buying 700c hybrid bikes which are equipped with 700c tires.

This tire size is the optimal height to allow you to pedal easily along, and fast enough on the paved roads. If you prefer to ride more on gravel roads the best solution will be to buy a 26-inch tire hybrid bike which is more like a mountain bike. The tires on this hybrid bike are wider and slightly more puncture-resistant.

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Apart from the tire sizes, the hybrid bikes can be divided into fitness hybrid bikes and comfort hybrid bikes. Fitness hybrids are the best choice for someone who is pretty serious about riding their bike. They are faster than the comfort hybrid bikes but not so comfortable. They also lean you forward a little bit like on a road bike.

The fitness hybrid bike is an excellent choice for runners, swimmers, and bodybuilders who want to add some cardio to their sports routine. My everyday bike is a fitness hybrid bike and I use it for commuting around the city and I can say that this is definitely the best option out there.

Comfort bikes on other hand are designed to sit you as upright as possible. This helps take some pressure off of your hands and upper body. Many people choose the comfort hybrid bike for a first bike. They are not very good for any serious training or for long distance rides.

The best hybrid bikes are designed to handle almost any condition, terrain or applications. As usual, it’s not very easy to find the best hybrid bike for you. The good news here is that they are not very expensive in comparison to the road bikes or the dedicated mountain bikes. We have tried and tested many hybrid bikes.

Best Cheap Hybrid Bikes – Reviews!

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

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Schwinn is definitely one of our favorite bike manufacturers in the world. They make solid and high-quality bikes for all type of riders. The Schwinn Discover is a versatile bike which stays just in the middle line between a road bike and a mountain bike. It has an aluminum frame and front suspension fork for a more comfortable ride.

The shifters are SRAM and the rear derailleur is SHIMANO which guarantees smooth shifting. Also features linear pull brakes, upright handlebar position and a padded seat for additional comfort.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike surpasses any average bike in the market with its high quality and a really nice smooth ride, especially on a concrete surface. It’s important to note that this bike is one of the top-rated hybrid bikes on Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s not the best looking bike but as we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But Schwinn Discover is a super functional bike. It even comes with a stylish rack for slapping a picnic basket or backpack on. The bike is designed to be as comfortable as possible. It even has a small shock absorber under the seat for extra comfort.

Unlike any cheap and low-quality competitor you can see in Walmart, for example, this bike uses high-quality components which will not let you down. Of course, the bike will cost more than these super cheap bikes but in the long term it will serve you much better and you will avoid many repairs. The bike is suited with 700c tires which make it fast enough on paved roads. By the way, the Schwinn Discover is also available with a women’s frame making it the best women hybrid bike you can buy online.


  • A high-quality bike made by the reputable manufacturer;
  • Good value for money;
  • Sturdy bike components;
  • Perfect for commuting;
  • Very comfortable ride;


  • Not so good looking as other hybrid bikes;
  • Fenders made of plastic;
  • Not very easy to assemble;


Like many other hybrid bikes, Schwinn Discover is perfect for any casual rider or for commuting in the city. If you are just entering the cycling world this is a good choice. The bike is comfortable, durable and with good enough performance and quality. Schwinn is known to produce top-notch and very loved bikes through the years.

They continually developed innovative bike features that come with the most updated technology. So in a few words, I can say that the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is one of our top and favorite models. Also, Schwinn Discover is one of the best affordable hybrid bikes on the Amazon these days.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Trace Complete Dual Sport Bike

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With this bike, Diamondback is trying to make a completely new bike category between hybrid bike and a mountain bike. In my opinion, this is a more of a sporty version of a hybrid bike.

As Diamondback says:


Diamondback Trace is an excellent entry-level bike for the people who want to enter into the sport. It is built to be super durable and solid. The Diamondback Trace saves a lot of money by going with a solid front fork instead of using a suspension. And this is a very good decision because the bike is faster when standing and pedaling and you don’t get any unnecessary bounce.

Of course, you will have to give up some of the off-road capabilities and the bike won’t be very comfortable when you are not cycling on paved roads. The solid front fork is also much more durable and cheaper to maintain than the front suspension.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to this Diamondback bike. The first one is the Revo shifters which are not very reliable and they usually break down in a couple of years of use. The tourney rear derailleur is a dependable piece as long as you aren’t putting the bike to the limit. If you shift quickly a lot while riding above rocks and stones it won’t last very long.

The good news is that both the Revo shifters and the tourney rear derailleur are cheap enough to replace.

One of the biggest advantages of this bike is the double-walled wheels with 32 spokes. These wheels are super durable and suitable for heavy riders too. If you are looking for a good bike for a weight-loss the Diamondback Trace is one of the best choices. The cheapest hybrid bikes are not very good in general, but Diamondback Trace Dual Sport is really the best value for money.


  • Good looking bike;
  • Solid front fork;
  • Very good high-quality linear-pull brake;
  • Good aluminum frame;
  • Very solid double-walled wheels with 32 spokes;
  • 700c wheels for faster riding;


  • Not very good and durable Revo shifters;
  • Tourney rear derailleur;
  • Freewheel rear gear setup;


Diamondback Trace Dual Sport is a very good entry-level hybrid bike. It’s just a perfect choice for any customer who is not very sure whether they need a road bike or a mountain bike. The 700c wheels are a huge advantage. These taller wheels mean that you can travel further and faster for each pedal stroke. Of course, if you want to take it often to the mountains this bike won’t be very suitable. The bike is durable, stable and balanced as hell.

Diamondback is usually a highly recommended bike manufacturer by Yes Cycling.

Trek 7.2 FX

Best Cheap Hybrid Bikes

Another bike which is for sure one of the best hybrid bikes for 2017 is the Trek 7.2 FX. It comes with some standard for the company components which are almost always of a high quality. In this case, the bike features metal pedals, steel fork which absorbs better vibrations than an aluminum fork and puncture-resistant tires. The Trek 7.2 FX is just a great bike for commuters and people who want to stay fit. It also has a women’s design version and disk brake model if you need it.

This bike just feels premium with all these good components and the ride is just perfect. For example, the steel-wrapped Wellgo platform pedals are not typical for bikes below USD 500 – 600 and in this case they are included which is awesome. The steel fork is also of a very high quality and we love it. As you already know the fork is the part of the bike which holds your front wheel to the frame.

The puncture-resistant tires are included as we already mentioned. Most of the cheap hybrid bikes don’t come with such a good feature.

I have many readers who ask me this question – Diamondback vs. Trek Hybrid which is the best. And my answer is always the same. Both brands are very good and they make solid bikes. I like both manufacturers and if you are choosing between Diamondback Trace Dual Sport and Trek 7.2 FX I would choose the Diamondback hybrid.


  • Famous and reputable manufacturer;
  • Great steel-wrapped Wellgo platform pedals;
  • Steel fork;
  • Very durable and balanced  bike;
  • Puncture-resistant tires;


  • Not the cheapest one on our list;
  • Not possible to buy online;


Trek 7.2 FX is a very good hybrid bike for everyone. It looks and feels good on the road and it features some very high-quality components including the metal pedals, puncture-resistant tires, steel fork and good shifters. The cost of the bike is quite good for such a configuration of components and especially for the brand Trek which is very reputable and recognizable.

In general, I can definitely recommend the bike for commuters, first-time buyers or even for the enthusiast who wants a second bike for the everyday needs.

Diamondback Insight 2

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This bike is one of my favorite hybrid bikes because it’s just phenomenally good. This bike is versatile, balanced and super comfortable. It just flies along the paved roads and it’s perfect for fitness training. Diamondback makes one of the best bikes out there and this one is not an exception. It has an aluminum alloy frame which is durable and stable.

The wheels are double-walled and the tires are high-quality Kenda tires. This bike is going to lean you forward which will make you burn even more calories. With the Diamondback Insight 2, you can even manage to complete your first Century ride ( 100 miles ) averaging 14-15 miles per hour with these 700c wheels. This model also comes equipped with Tektro Aries mechanical disc with 160mm rotors which is nice.


  • Versatile and balanced bike;
  • Good Kenda tires and double-walled wheels;
  • Disk brakes;
  • Perfect geometry of the frame;


  • Not good for off-road riding;


Diamondback Insight 2 is definitely one of the best hybrid bikes on our list. It’s very good for any commuters but even better for anyone who wants to take cycling more seriously. The bike is just perfectly balanced and quick enough to average 15 miles per hour. If you want to complete a century ride this is the bike. Diamondback Insight 2 is one of the best entry-level hybrid bikes 2018.

Purchase Diamondback Insight 2 on Amazon

Raleigh Cadent 4

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Raleigh Cadent 4 is not the cheapest bike on our list but it’s made of very high-quality parts. It’s one of the best cheap hybrid bikes for 2017. The bike is great for beginners who want to go fast or anyone who prefer a more upright position. The bike looks very good in the red color which we prefer. It comes with SRAM Apex 1x drivetrain, and 11-42 11-speed cassette, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

The frame is very light and well made and the bike also features a carbon fork which is awesome. It uses some of the best in class shifters and derailleur including Shimano Alfine 8-speed internal gear rear hub with Gates CenterTrack carbon belt drive. Raleigh Cadent 4 is perfect for casual road riding and commuting. The bike also features Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm rotor which is one of the best disc brakes I’ve ever tested.


  • Very high-quality components;
  • Perfect shifters and disc brakes;
  • Good for long rides and commuting;
  • Premium looking bike especially in red;
  • Carbon fork and belt drive;


  • High price compared to the others;


If you have a slightly bigger budget for such hybrid bike the Raleigh Cadent 4 is definitely the best choice in my opinion. The components used are perfectly assembled and this bike won’t let you down. The bike is very good for long rides because of the good riding position, the lightweight configuration and the very fast wheels and tires. If you want to invest in a bike which you can use for many years without the need to upgrade then the Raleigh Cadent 4 should be first on your list making it one of the best cheap hybrid bikes.

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