The Best BMX Bikes for 2020 – Buying Guide!

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We think that the best BMX bike for freestyles is Elite 20″. It’s a lightweight, high-quality bicycle made for freestyle riding and fun. If you’re looking for a BMX for beginners, you should consider the Mongoose Legion L100.

We are all acquainted to some extent with the good old BMX bikes, even those who aren’t much into cycling.

Since in recent years, the BMX trend has bounced back, more and more people are looking into getting one, either for tricks, for racing, or even for riding around the city as a means of.

I can assure you, that you can look really cool commuting to work or on your college campus with a brand new shiny BMX bike listening to your favorite tunes on your wireless headphones.

With plenty of variations of the BMX bikes nowadays, you have some stuff to figure out before approaching to buy one.

Elite 20” BMX – Our Pick!


  • An excellent freestyle BMX bike
  • High-quality materials with great durability
  • Nice appearance
  • Wide tires providing stability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble on arrival


  • Some products might have some defects in their paint

A top choice for the beginners here and one of the top complete BMX bikes on the market now.

This BMX bike is one of the best of its kind, due to its versatility and good looks. It is suitable for the street, the park and even for the dirt.

Elite 20″ BMX bicycle is one of the best middle-priced BMX bikes on the market, as it most importantly has a very high-quality 20-inch frame made of Hi-Tensil.

Some other top features include the Cr-Mo 1 1/8 Fork and a 50mm Alloy top load stem. The handlebar is 8.75 inches, as well made of quality steel.

It comes with a pair of wide 20×2.5′ tires, which gives the ride some stability and smoothness and makes it compatible with different conditions. The tires line up great with some nice low profile rims.

The overall weight of this BMX is 26.2 lbs – a pretty light one in comparison to the average BMX bike.

An excellent choice for some freestyle stunts. If you are looking for a decent BMX bike that is affordable enough, and capable of freestyle riding, then you should definitely shortlist this one.

Mongoose Legion L100 – Best for beginners!


  • Durable materials
  • Lightweight
  • Great for beginners
  • Decent braking system


  • Might not be suitable for some smaller riders

For quite a few years now Mongoose have been producing bikes for all conditions.

The Legion series are one of the highest-rated overall BMX bikes, designed to be great for the park, the street, as well as the dirt.

The L100 is probably the best of them all and is suitable for both beginner and cyclists on more advanced stunts and tricks.

Some of the key features of the Mongoose Legion include 4130 Chromoly frame, removable brake mounts, a mid-BB shell, and a 21-inch long top tube.

These measurements make the bike best suitable for a rider with a height of 5’8 and more, so it won’t really be a great idea to get it for your son’s birthday, unless he is a big boy, turning 16 or more.

The wheels on the L100 are a pair of 20-inch x 2.4-inch tires mounted on wide aluminum double-wall 36H rims with 3/8″ female axle front hub and 9T cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub.

With this model, you can rely on some excellent alloy U-brake and brake levers.

The overall weight of the Mongoose Legion is approximately 30 lbs – a great performer for whatever your riding purpose is.

TONY HAWK Dynacraft Park Series 720


  • Nice looking design from Tony Hawk
  • Easy to ride with the single gear
  • Comfortable seat
  • Safe brake system


  • Might have a problem with the chain guard

This great 24-inch Kids Bicycle from the skateboarding legend Tony Hawk has a nice classic look with a plain black frame, black rims, and tires. With its dimensions, 7. 25″” x 24. 5″ “x 51. 5” “, this model is made for the grown kids (12 years and older, anywhere up to 275 lbs.).

Its designs with interesting graphics and some neon elements will surely get the likes of the kids. This bike has only one gear, so operating it is quite easier than with most of the other bikes.

Another of the key features is the alloy handlebar stem, which gives you some additional comfort and functionality.

The braking system is a really safe one, using a Promax alloy rear U-brake. The black seat has an adjustable Alloy clamp, making sure you enjoy your ride.

In general, this BMX would be the perfect gift for your son or daughter if they are into the whole riding thing. What is more, is that it can even be great for and fit some smaller adult cyclists.

Schwinn Predator Team 24 BMX Bike


  • Authentic 80’s look
  • Great quality materials
  • Safe braking system
  • Easy to assemble
  • Schwinn is a good brand


  • Might be a little bit overpriced

A real classic 80’s design, one of the best street BMX bikes on the market at the moment. The vintage chrome color will be found exciting by both younger and older cyclists.

This bicycle is suitable for any cyclist older than the age of 8. This model is a bit heavier in comparison to the other competitors, weighing 38 lbs., but this makes it a perfect stable BMX for riding out in the streets.

Copying the original authentic Schwinn BMX bike from 1983, this one as well is composed of a sturdy Hi-tensile steel frame, and aluminum alloy rims to perfectly match the overall style of the bike.

Another feature of this great model is the 24-inch wheels with steel axels, making the bike compatible for different types of terrain, including dirt, pavement, etc.

What’s more is that the Schwinn Predator Team 24 BMX has both a rear and a front caliper brake, giving the right amount of safety and comfort to your cycling.

An undoubtedly great product for adults and children, although some parents might find that this BMX is a little overpriced for the quality that it offers. It could be a great choice for your teenager.

Check our full buying guide for “Best Bikes for Teens 2020” for more reviews like this.

SE Big Ripper 29 BMX Bike Shiny Red


  • Great one-of-a-kind look
  • Strong and beautiful aluminum frame
  • Quality materials on the bike’s features
  • One of a kind seat with built-in bottle opener


  • Might be a bit harder to assemble
  • Slightly more expensive than the average BMX

SE Big Ripper 29 is a real shiny retro alternative. It can easily be compared to a glossy vintage Chevy. This bike is a perfect purchase for adults with an outstanding shiny frame and some great features.

In detail, the frame is quite a large one, made from aluminum with Floval tubing and a looptail rear end which gives it a great extraordinary look. The paint job on the frame is just a beautiful one – shiny red & chrome coloring.

This bike is equipped with Full Cr-Mo Landing Gear forks, double-wall rims, Vee Speedster tires, and a brand new Lightning Bolt snap padset.

The crankset is a custom one – SE 3-pc V-Ridge cranks with alloy SE sprocket, but what is best about this crankset is that you will not see another one as good looking as this one.

Another fancy thing about this bike is the extremely comfortable SE Flyer Seat. What is really special about this seat is that it has a built-in custom bottle opener.

Of course, this might seem to fancy to most of you, but it is no doubt something interesting and extremely authentic about this model.

Huffy PRO Thunder 20″ Bike – Best for kids!


  • Great look
  • Cheap BMX
  • Very easy to operate, making it perfect for the new cyclists


  • Probably not the top quality you might wish to get

The Huffy PRO Thunder 20″ Bike is one classic bit of a BMX perfect for the youngsters that would like to get into the business.

This is a small bike suitable for children between 5 and 9 years of age. One of its key features is its durable steel frame decorated with some sharp-looking graphics – a bold combination of black and yellow that your kids will fall in love with.

The bike has a decorated padded seat, making riding very comfortable, plus a quick-release blinder to make it easy to adjust the height to every cyclist’s preference. Another thing is the Huffy’s coaster brake, which is absolutely easy to use.

Another bonus to the rider’s comfort is the kickstand, which is a pretty compact feature that enables you to stop and leave your bike standing wherever you want.

The Huffy PRO Thunder 20″ BMX is the perfect solution for new and inexperienced cyclists, as it is a very good-looking alternative, as well as a pretty cost-effective option – the main reason why this is on the list of the best BMX bikes.


  • Great look
  • Cheap BMX
  • Very easy to operate, making it perfect for the new cyclists


  • Probably not the top quality you might wish to get

Mafiabikes Harry Main 20 inch – Best for freestyle!


  • One of the lightest models on the market
  • High-quality materials
  • Beautiful paint job
  • Extremely comfortable and ergonomic design


  • A bit more expensive than the average BMX

Mafiabikes Harry Main 20 inch Green Fuel BMX Bike is a complete lightweight freestyle bike with some very high specs, and deservedly is on our list of the best BMX bikes.

This bike assembles famous biker Harry Main’s personal geometry set up and a top BMX of his choice.

A bit more high-profile than most of the bikes on this list, this bike is perfect for the ones that have already made their first steps into the BMX business. The frame is of very high quality, made of Hi-Tensile steel, with a short back end and great high and wide handlebars.

The materials on the frame keep the weight pretty light at just 26 lbs. A combination of some beautiful chameleon paint and bright green tires make the bike one of the most stylish designs on the market.

The handlebars measure at 29″ x 9″ giving you great comfort to a secure and stable ride. Adding to the stability are the 2.4″ Lagos Crawler extra-wide tires with alloy double-wall rims and the rear U-brake.

No doubt this is one of the most good looking and high-quality bikes on our list.

Redline MX24 BMX Race Cruiser


  • Lightweight, and comfortable bike
  • Affordable price tag
  • Redline is a good brand in the BMX space


  • Uncomfortable seat made of hard plastic

Redline MX24 is one of my favorite aluminum-framed BMX bikes on the list. It’s very light ( merely 22.90 lbs ), agile and comfortable to ride by teenagers and small adults. If you are a beginner rider the Redline MX24 would be a great option for you because of the lightweight frame, and the pivotal race bike seat.

Another thing that I like about the MX24 is its looks. I think that it’s one of the best-designed BMX bikes on this list, especially with this low-profile seat.

If you are still not convinced take into consideration the fact that this bike is very-well rated on Amazon with more than 65% five stars out of 54+ reviews. Not bad for a BMX bike.

Unfortunately, there is one big downside to this bike. The seat is very uncomfortable, and if you plan to sit on it a lot ( which is rare for BMXers ), I would suggest upgrading it asap.

Framed Impact 20


  • Excellent bike for beginners teens
  • Good U-brakes mounted directly into the frame
  • Rigid Hi-ten steel frame


  • Max weight of the rider 120 lbs
  • Seat quite low at the highest position

Framed Impact 20 is an awesome entry-level BMX bike for teenagers ( max 120 lbs riders ) who are looking to buy his first freestyle BMX and feel the vibes of this astonishing sport.

The fork and the frame are made of Hi-ten steel that is durable and long-lasting.

You will love the 8-inch rise handlebars which are super-comfortable and great-looking at the same time. The bike is fitted with standard U-brakes on the rear wheel, and the stopping power is absolutely enough for whatever you throw at it.

Framed Impact 20 is available in two color options – black and silver. My personal favorite is the silver one with the brown leather seat and handles. Unfortunately, this color combination is not available at all times on Amazon.

But the standard silver color with the black leathered seat is also great.

What to consider when choosing a BMX bike?

You Need Skills

Before jumping into the BMX vibe, you should know that you would feel way more comfortable if you have done some other type of cycling previously, as the BMX requires some skills before heading to the park.

Just make sure that you are comfortable with moving your bike around and having some bike control as a whole. This will make your climb on to the BMX a lot easier.

Photo by Nicolas Picard

You will need some accessories

Apart from the basic skills of braking, speeding & turning, I strongly advise you to consider getting a helmet, pads and any type of protectors that will make you feel more comfortable when getting to work.

You will always get the chance to injure yourself, so why not just take precaution and avoid a bad concussion or some knee bruises.

Another thing I see as vital are the shin guards. Trust me, you will not regret this, as you will be hitting your shins with the pedals a lot, which in my experience is quite painful.

BMX Types and Variations

There are two different main types of BMX bikes – freestyle BMX and racing BMX. As of their names, you can quickly acknowledge their purpose.

The freestyle bikes are made for freestyle tricks and stunts and are built from firm & durable materials, whereas the racing ones are produced from lightweight materials in order to easily reach top speed.

There are some more variations of the BMX bikes such as the Park Style BMX bikes, Dirt Style, Street Style and more, but these diversifications are for the ones who are pretty far along into the BMX business.

In this article we won’t be digging into a certain type of BMB, rather showing overall the best BMX bikes.

When choosing the best BMX bike for you, first of all, you should consider where you are going to ride it.

The materials that the BMX is made of strongly depend on the style of the bike and what it is meant for. The racing bikes are going to be as light as possible, but not very firm and resistant.

On the other hand, freestyle BMX’s are as strong as a horse. Freestyling means a lot of bad tries and unsuccessful stunts.

The freestyle bikes are built particularly for this and have some pretty solid materials in their making. Defining the purpose of your bicycle is the most vital part of choosing the best BMX bike for you.

I personally advise going for the stronger ones, as for me, the durability of the bicycle is one of the most important features.

Another thing about choosing the perfect bike for you is the budget. As always, this is one of the most defining parts of buying any product. Don’t be scared if your budget does not allow you to go for the more expensive ones.

There are cheap ones just good enough to carry you around for a long time.

Photo by Tim Graf

The main difference is in the materials used in the production of the BMX.

The basic cheaper ones are usually made of plain steel. If your budget allows you to move to a higher-end, you can choose from better quality steel or lightweight materials like aluminum or carbon (mostly for the racing bikes).

BMX Bike Size

Of course, size is another essential feature of the BMX, as with any other bike. You should find what size of the frame and handles are most comfortable for you and go for it.

Naturally, don’t expect to feel okay riding the BMX of your friend who stands at 5’6″ if you are 6’1″. For this purpose, I strongly advise going to a bike shop and trying out some different BMX bikes, or going to the skatepark and asking somebody to try their bike out.

Image Courtesy of Danscomp

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – nobody will turn you down or laugh at you, everybody has been there at some point in their life.

Other things to consider

Throughout the list you can see that some of the models have brakes, others don’t, as they are part of different subcategories.

For instance, the ones who have no brakes belong to the Street BMX bikes – as they are solely made for stunts, grinding and other tricks would get the brake cables all messy and tangled.

Photo by Nate Shargaev

Another thing that is typical for a certain style of BMX is the larger front sprocket on the racing bikes since it lets the rider pedal at higher speeds.

The racing bikes, on the other hand, require brakes.

The models that I have chosen for the best BMX bikes are the finest through the different categories, so it will be pretty easy to find yourself in one of those, regardless of your age, preferences, and potential.

Which are the best BMX brands?

In my humble opinion, the best BMX brands are Eastern, Haron, Kink, Mongoose, Sunday, Tony Hawk, and Schwinn.

Of course, you can find other good BMX bike brands as well, but these are among the best brands on the market. I’ve heard a few times about Colony, and We The People brands that make good BMX bikes but I don’t have any experience with those so I can’t recommend.

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