Top 5 Best Biking Backpacks for Groceries

groceries on a bicycle handlebar

In both urban and rural areas, bicycles are an essential part of transportation for many people such as students, adults, and seniors as well. What’s with it being environmentally friendly and a good way to exercise and not to need charging or full tank, many people use a bicycle to run their daily errands.

One of the most common daily needs is grocery shopping. That brings up the question of how to carry your purchases home safely. Plastic bags from the store are alright if you have only a couple of things, but if you ever want to do your weekly shopping with a bicycle, you will need something far more sturdy and secure.

There are a number of options in terms of attachments for bicycles on the market. There is always the option of a basket or a rear bike rack, but then there is the question of protecting your objects from the environment. You will not want to carry your precious cycling books, clothes or food in a basket if it is drizzling outside. Space is also quite limited. Not only that but if you are using a mountain bike, you might not want to fit it in a basket at all.

I personally prefer carrying stuff on a backpack. Especially a one made for cyclists in mind. Having a bike backpack does not limit you to using it only when you are on tour bike, but you can use it every day. You can use it for a short hike, or as an everyday backpack as well. Such backpacks are incredibly sturdy, and they are meant to protect your things from adverse weather conditions.

Times are such that the market is abundant with options. You are bound to find something that fits your preferences in terms of quality, style, size, and anything else you might have in mind. Of course, prices vary, but the good thing is that there are options for every need. So, if you would like to find a good backpack for doing e grocery shopping every week, here are five of the best biking backpacks for groceries which I tested, and reviewed for you.

What To Consider When Choosing a Backpack

There are several things that you should consider when choosing a backpack for cycling. Of course, you can buy a standard hiking backpack which could serve you well, but the best option for you is looking for a bike backpack which is a little bit different.

After you have established your price range, think of your lifestyle and in what weather conditions you are living. If it rains very little and for short periods of time where you live you can stand to buy a backpack that is not waterproof and get a rain cover for it to cut the costs.

Contrary, if the wheater is often rainy and humid, you should probably priorities a sturdy backpack that will have your belongings and groceries tucked away safely from the rain. Which means that you should look for a waterproof backpack. 

The size of the backpack is also something to think about. A big bag can fit a lot, and it can fit a little, but a small one with limit what you can carry. Do not underestimate the number of things you might want to carry in the backpack. Go for at least 20 liters, and you should be fine. Better safe than sorry.

Also, if you would like to travel with the backpack, try and find something that is appropriate for flying as there are all kinds of sizes and some of them are too big for a flight.

1. Timbuk2 Hitch Backpack

Timbuk2 Hitch Backpack

This backpack comes in two sizes- small and medium. It has an internal organizer for stationary stuff, your phone, and other small objects. The enclosure is a roll-top system, but it also has a handful of zipper pockets.

One of the best features of the backpack is that it can be compressed and expanded due to the way it is closed. The Timbuk2 Hitch Backpack can hold a laptop up to 13 inches, and it will still have plenty of space for other things to put in it. It is also water resistant, and according to reviews from users, rainwater slides right off the component.

2. Osprey Packs Radial 34 Daypack

Osprey Packs Radial 34 Daypack

This backpack can fit anything you need as it has a capacity of 34 liters. The main compartment is rather roomy, and it can fit all of your groceries with ease. The Osprey Packs Radial 34 Daypack comes with a handful of extra useful features as well. For example, it has a kickstand so it will stay upright.

That will be very useful when you are organizing your groceries inside of it. It also has a holder for your helmet, so you will never forget that safety comes first. The backpack comes with a rain cover to add an extra layer of security to the contents.

3. Jack Wolfskin Unisex Moab Jam 34

Jack Wolfskin Unisex Moab Jam 34

This is a heavy duty backpack. Again, this has the capacity of 34 liters made out of 100% polyester. The backpack is geared up with CROSSLINK PE which means it has a high tenacity cross-linked polyethylene fabric on the back.

The Jack Wolfskin Unisex Moab Jam 34 also has a fill content suspension system which proves to be quite useful. Just like the previous option, this backpack also has a place for your helmet.

Other additional benefits of this option are that it also comes with a rain cover although it is waterproof as the rainwater slides right off of it. It’s easily one of the best biking backpacks for groceries.

4. The Ortlieb Velocity Backpack

The Ortlieb Velocity Backpack

If being waterproof and durable is a top priority in terms of a bike backpack, the Ortlieb Velocity Backpack is certainly an option to consider. This backpack is one of the most secure and so it is among the best bike backpacks for groceries and for anything you want to use it for.

Although the Ortlieb Velocity Backpack has a simple design, it is the favorite of many bikers. The main compartment is large, and it is similar to a dry bag. It has a handle on the top for carrying, the corners have a protective material, and so do the feet of the backpack. One of the features of the Ortlieb Velocity Backpack is hat it is also made with comfort in mind.

The back panel of the backpack is made of robust foam, and the chest and waist straps are also made for comfort. The Ortlieb Velocity Backpack has a capacity of 20 liters.

5. Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack

Last but not least, the Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack comes in the standard size, and it has a capacity of 25 liters. It has a very simplistic yet comfortable design. It has a spacious main compartment and an additional pocket on the front of the body. The Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack is made of bionic canvas.

That material is comprised of cotton, recycled polyester, and high tenacity polyester. On the outside, the backpack has had a paraffin wax treatment which makes it waterproof. The lining of the Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack is made of recycled polyester as well.

The Millican Smith Roll 25L Backpack has a laptop sleeve as well which had fit a 15-inch laptop with ease. It is a plus that the compartment allows for external access, so no digging around is required.

Although this list comprises of five options, there are numerous bike backpacks to choose from out on the market. They vary both in quality and in price, but you will undoubtedly find something that is suitable for you.

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