Best Bike Tail Light 2019

Bikers usually don’t give importance to the tail light of their bike as compared to its headlights, even if they are legally mandatory. Though headlights are important to see where you are going but tail light is also important so that you can be noticed by the people coming from your backside.

In this article we will review the following products:

In fact, the motorist coming from the same direction of the cyclist at night or in poor light condition can notice his/her presence on the road only through the light coming from the red reflectors on the back of the bike. The motorist may not be able to locate your bicycle if he/she could not see the red reflector and can result in a severe accident that can end even in the death of the cyclist.

So you should buy the best bike tail light available to reach your destination safe and secure even in poor light conditions.

Importance of bike tail light

According to various reports, people all over the world have increasingly started using brighter tail lights after being inspired by various safety programs for bicyclists. In my opinion, the bike tail light is the third safety feature after the helmet and headlight. As you already should know wearing a bike helmet is obligatory in many states in America.

The main purpose of using bike tail light is the safe identification of the biker by the motorist and other bikers coming behind him/her in the same direction as this light improves their visibility to the motorist as well as other bikers.

Things to consider while buying bike tail light

You can find various types of bike tail lights in different sizes, styles, and color in the market which makes it difficult to find the best one. While buying the best bike tail light you should consider certain factors, discussed briefly hereunder.

Brightness: The first thing to consider while buying a tail light for your bike is its brightness so that it can be seen easily. Most of the modern tail lights contain LED bulbs to make them brighter but their brightness also depends on their wattage or lumens as well as the quality of the LED bulb. The brightness of the tail light is equally important to its style. LED bulb of 1 watt can provide superb brightness to your bike tail light.

Battery: The second important thing to be considered in this regard is its battery. The brightness of tail light also depends on its battery. You can use some of the lithium batteries used in watches and flashlights for up to 100 hours or use AAA or AA batteries to light 1 watt LED bulb for up to two days on full beam. You should choose batteries for your tail light depending upon your traveling in odd hours. Actually, you can also opt for rechargeable batteries to use them for a long time. In general, the best bike tail lights include rechargeable battery instead of AAA or AA batteries.

Mounting: Today bike tail lights are available with different types of mounting options and styles like clamp mounts or band or strap mounts. Strap mount tail lights are commonly used as they can be mounted easily on the seat post without using any tool. But if you choose heavier light for the back of your bike then you should opt for clamp mounted tail light.

Quality: Though you should look for the best quality tail light for your bike it should also be affordable for you. You can increase the brightness of your tail light by using the bulb of better wattage.

So you can choose the best bike tail light depending upon the conditions in which your ride and your riding style.

The Best Bike Tail Light – The Reviews!

Knog Blinder Road R70

It’s the best tail light for sensitive riders as it improves their visibility at night along with their looks from behind. Dual and constant flash modes, side illumination and extreme power are some of the salient features that provide it a combination of brains with beauty unlike other tail lights in its class. Definitely one of the best bike tail lights in the market.


  • It’s available in four color variants to choose from.
  • Its housing is made of Polycarbonate, UV-Resistant Silicone and Hard anodized aluminum fascia fitted with PMMA Lens.
  • It has 100% waterproof integrated USB plug to recharge its battery easily.
  • Its light output can be regulated automatically to improve its performance.
  • It’s provided with 3 interchangeable straps to mount it to the post with 22-32mm diameters.
  • It consistently maintains brightness throughout its run-time.


  • The charging cord is short.
  • In flashing or brightest mode battery exhausts soon.

CygoLite Hotshot 50 lm

This tail light provides nearly double bright light than its original version. It offers nearly 50 lumens flashing light to provide extraordinary safety to the daily commuting biker. An exclusive set of solid and flashing modes and 24/7 safety technology are some of its features that increase your visibility on the most demanding roads during the night as well as day.

The device features 6 lighting modes including steady, Zoom, steady pulse, triple flash, single flash, and random flash.


  • The SOP technology used in this tail light allows it to give the powerful light of 50 lumens.
  • It allows you to adjust the speed of flash and brightness independently.
  • You can also use it to alert the motorist at night with steady pulse mode along with lighting your path.
  • With a single charge, you can use it up to 500 hours.
  • Its internal Li-ion battery is additionally compact, USB rechargeable and water resistant.
  • This tail light includes seat post mount, seat stay mount and mini USB charging cable.


  • Mini-USB connection instead of the standard Micro-USB.
  • Some users complain of the low quality of the product.


Blitzu Cyborg 168T

This bike tail light provides high-intensity red light. It is easy to install on any bike to increase its safety in poor light conditions. It can give flash as well as consistent light to improve the visibility of the cyclist. I can say that this is one of the brightest tail lights I’ve ever seen at all. Another great feature of this device is that it has an 180-degree visibility which is very important for safety.


  • You can ride more confidently as you can be seen from distant blocks.
  • It is 15% brighter and 50% larger than other bike lights of this brand.
  • The extraordinarily wide beam of its eye-catching red light keeps you safe in any lighting condition.
  • It’s economic as its battery is USB rechargeable.
  • It’s easy to install safety flashlight for cyclists.


  • Its construction is a bit cheap.

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