8 Best Bike Skirts for Women in 2021

Donning a stylish bike skirt is a great way to improve your experience when riding a bike. This is because the bike skirt provides better coverage as compared to baggy shorts. 

The skirt also has a feminine touch, which is different from the tomboyish look that is inevitable when riding in shorts. Moreover, finding a skirt that matches your ride ensures you stand out from other riders. 

In the sections below, we list some of the best bike skirts for female cyclists.

Best Bike Skort Overall: Pearl Izumi Sugar Cycling Skort

Pearl Izumi Sugar Cycling Skort is made for women who spend more time on their bikes than the average girl. Made with 78% polyester and 22% elastane fabric, this skort stretches just enough to cup your hips without leaving flapping material when riding your bike. 

It features a high cut at the back to give you enough coverage and a loose front for a comfortable fit on the stomach. The sides have deep pockets for your smartphone, and the easy snap-in liners make wearing and removing this skort easy. 

A nice touch that any rider will definitely love is the Bioviz reflective elements embedded on the surface to boost visibility when riding in the dark.

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Best Bike Skirt Overall: Skirt Sports Women’s Cruiser

This improved edition of the Skirt Sports Women’s cruiser comes with amazing features that significantly improve long-range cyclists’ cycling experience. 

The fabric stretches four ways and quickly dries in case you encounter rain during your ride. The interior also includes tight-fitting black shorts with a pocket on each thigh that is large enough to hold your smart devices, keys, or valuables. 

The waist stretches for the perfect fit while the continuous drawcord makes wearing and removing the skirt easy. If you love a little dazzle when riding, you will love the patterned color option. However, if you prefer a subtle look, you can opt for the grey and black color variations.

Terry Metro Lite Bike Skort

The Terry Metro Skort has great adaptability thanks to the removable padded lining that boosts riding comfort. The fabric used to make this skort is easy to stretch because it contains 90% nylon and 10% spandex. 

The quick-drying fabric enhances the skirt’s versatility, making it ideal for mountain biking, road cycling, and recreational cycling. With this skort, you get adequate storage space because it comes with two front-facing open pockets, a zippered security pocket, and a bellowed cargo pocket that easily fits a smartphone. 

The two zippers on either side of the leg allow easy wearing and adjusting the skort when cycling for maximum pedaling mobility.

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Sweet Spot Skirt

The sweet spot skirt features a revisable design with a beautiful exterior pattern that is perfect for the outdoor environment. The skirt measures 12 inches from top to the edge to give you enough coverage and reduce obstruction chances. 

The skirt is made of 100% cotton fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking. It also features an expandable stretch waist for the perfect fit on multiple waist sizes.

Terry Fixie Skort Women’s Cycling

Riding with the Terry Fixie enhances your comfort because it comes with an inbuilt tight-fitting short attachment made of nylon and Lycra fabric blend. 

The skort is made of a blend of nylon and spandex fabric, which improves its performance in terms of stretch and humidity wicking. The exterior fabric does not fold or wrinkle, thus guaranteeing that you get to use this skort for a long time. 

Both sides feature open mesh pockets, which are deep enough to hold any smartphone, and an elastic waistband that snaps into place on the waist with ease.

PEARL iZUMiSelect Escape

This skirt has been newly redesigned to deliver improved road cycling and recreational cycling. The fabric used is breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. Moreover, the fabric offers skin protection from the sun. 

At the same time, the bio reflective elements used will enhance visibility in low light. The skirt comes with a detachable liner and a direct vent mesh for improved cooling, in addition to a cushioned chamois that provides extra comfort. It also features a single back pocket for securing small-sized items.

SHEBEEST Women’s Fender Cycling

The SHEBEEST women’s fender is a tailored and stitched skirt with a slit and pleat using a 4-way stretch fabric. The design reduces the possibility of the skirt getting caught up and obstructing movement when peddling. 

The interior features inbuilt tight-fitting lining shorts with 82% nylon and 18% spandex. The waistband easily stretches for the best fit around your waist. Simultaneously, the back has a spacious zippered pocket that would fit a smartphone and similar sized gadgets. 

The multi-layered chamois design ensures the rider enjoys a comfortable ride and can sit on the saddle for hours.

Forest and Fin Bicycle Wrap Skirt

This skirt’s design allows the user to extend its use beyond riding their bicycle to their daily activities. The skirt is longer than the other bike skirts featured above, with the perfect fit reaching just above the knees. 

The creative hidden fasteners under the skirt prevent it from flying up while the straps keep the hem away from the wheels and brakes. The waist also has a removable pouch that comes in handy to secure essential items such as smartphones, keys, or wallets. 

Added storage space is also available in the hidden side pocket on the right.

How to turn any skirt into a cycling skirt

Most bike skirts have a sporty look, which announces to the public that you are out exercising. Riding on a regular skirt, on the other hand, is fun, especially when you want to cycle around town. 

If you are looking for a cycling skirt that allows you to ride a bike and still carry out your day-to-day activities, then you might need to turn your regular skirt into a cycling skirt. 

Luckily, you can turn your favorite skirt into a biking skirt with a simple addition of biking underpants.

Note, however, that not every skirt is suited for biking. Long skirts that extend below the knees, for instance, cannot be used for cycling. Peddling requires you to have free movement on the knees. 

If you want to turn a long skirt into a cycling skirt; therefore, the first thing you need to do is shorten it so that it does not obstruct the knees.

Shorter skirts are perfect for biking because they free the knees for all the movements you need to make. A biking skirt should also not be too tight-fitting around the thighs. 

Wearing a loose skirt with biking underpants allows you to enjoy cycling without worrying about wind blowing up the skirt. On the other hand, if you have a tight skirt, increasing the length of the slit frees up your legs for unrestricted movement when peddling. 

Adding a slit on both sides is also a good idea because it eases the process of putting on and removing the skirt when you want to hop on your bike.

If you have a light skirt, you can utilize the useful DIY trick known as ‘penny in pants‘ to prevent the skirt from flying up when you are on the bike. With this style, you conceal a small item, such as a penny or marble, on the skirt’s hem. The weight of the penny keeps the skirt in place throughout the day.

What is the difference between skirt and skort?

The skirt is a popular item of female clothing that can be worn in casual and professional settings. It features a free-flowing garment from the hip to the hem with no additional attachments on the interior. 

On the other hand, a skort is a piece of clothing that is predominantly used in sporting activities. It features a short attachment on the interior and a one-piece garment similar to a skirt on the exterior. The short can be either permanently fixed or detachable from the outer garment.

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

The benefit of wearing a skort over a cycling skirt is that the skort allows you to move your legs freely without revealing your body. 

The outer garment provides enough coverage while still allowing you to retain feminine elegance. Besides sporting activities, you can wear a skort if the weather is lukewarm —neither too hot nor too cold.

Tips for riding a bike in a skirt

Cycling in a skirt can bring you great joy because skirts allow you to move freely. However, one problem that comes with hopping on a bike in a skirt is the possibility of wind blowing the garment up when you catch some speed. 

But that should not force you to ditch your bike. With the tips we have listed below, you can enjoy riding your bike in your skirt to work, the store, or just around the neighborhood.

To begin with, you need to know the optimal skirt length for cycling. A long skirt with a light fabric, for instance, tends to find its way inside your wheels and obstructing your ride. 

Photo by Fritz Bielmeier on Unsplash

A long skirt with a rigid fabric, on the other hand, restricts movement, which means you will have a hard time peddling. Either way, any long skirt is not ideal for cycling. The perfect skirt for a cyclist should not go beyond the knees. 

However, you can try cycling with a slightly longer skirt if it is made of softer fabric. Tying a knot on the hem allows you to shorten the skirt temporarily without trimming it.

On their part, the short skirts tend to ride up your thighs, especially when you are pedaling. Mitigate cases of flashing your thighs by pairing short cycling skirts with a pair of leggings or tights.

An additional tip for the bold cyclist who prefers a mid-length skirt involves tying some weight at the hem to keep the skirt down. Take care when doing this because a strong gust of wind can still lift the skirt regardless of the weight.

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