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7 Best Bike Phone Mounts in 2021

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the controversy surrounding driving a vehicle while chatting up friends on the phone continues to plague western society.

International accident and mortality rates tell the toll chatting tale while driving has taken on motorists and cyclists. But what about conversing on a bike? Are you comfortable riding and communicating? 

Those are questions you must answer for yourself. However, if separation from your phone for even a few hours is akin to getting a divorce from someone you still love, one of the best purchases you can make is a phone mount.

Your pricey device won’t fly into the abyss, even when peddling over the rugged terrain you and your bike prefer.

Best Overall Bike Phone Mount: Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit

Admit it: You’re an Apple fan, which is why the latest version of the iPhone finds its way to your address just as soon as it hits the market. We don’t blame you for wanting to make sure that your device is just short of being cemented to your mount, so you don’t miss a thing during your ride. 

Crafted exclusively for the latest iPhones, this highly-rated product isn’t inexpensive. Still, if you’re already committed to this pricey phone, you want a phone mount that is the epitome of tenacity.

Advertised as the lightest, most reliable, most secure iPhone bike mount on today’s market, the patented dual-stage lock clings to your phone like a mother lion protecting an errant cub. 

No worries about attachment and detachment issues that could be a turn-off for impatient cyclists here. And since this bike phone mount is being promoted as the ultimate in versatility, you can fasten it to either your stem or your handlebar, as long as the tube’s width is between 25mm and 40mm. Extras include a slim, protective case, weather-resistant phone poncho, and attachment hardware. 

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Best Budget Bike Phone Mount: Nite Ize Wraptor

You don’t have to settle for toting your phone in your back pocket because your monthly phone bill is already sucking up all of your extra cash. The Wraptor (we are compelled to call attention to the apt name) is a universal bar mount, so it matters not which platform you prefer or which new device has just found its way into your life.

Barebones yet eminently sophisticated, this holder rotates 360-degrees, so whether you prefer to read your text in portrait or landscape mode, a flick of the wrist orients your device. Trim sides mean you get edge-to-edge screen visibility, so you don’t miss a minute of your dog performing for your mini-cam.

It is manufactured of silicone material designed to take a beating. The universal mounting strap is an equal-opportunity resource; stick it on your handlebars, stroller handles, grocery carts, and any other product crafted with metal tubes of the correct width.

An installation tool is included, so even if you’re all thumbs, you won’t have a problem securing this mount. You also get a worry-free guarantee just in case this mount disappoints.


German engineering remains top quality, so for iPhone owners, as long as your handlebars measure 7/8″ (22mm) to 1-1/4″ (32mm), those bars will proudly host this product.

Configure the phone any way you like thanks to this mount’s 360-degree rotation capability. The patented magnetic lock is unique and doubles down on its ability to prevent the phone from accidental detachment. Morpheus insists that all it takes to attach the holder to your bike is 10 seconds, so this product was made for impatient riders. 

It is recommended for every bicycle on the road and exercise gear, jogging strollers, and buggies. This mount’s super-slim silhouette is designed for today’s lifestyle. While wireless charging isn’t supported, the kit included with the mount consists of 1 M4s iPhone case and 1 bike iPhone mount.

Vibrelli Universal Motorcycle & Bike Phone Mount 

For around the cost of a couple of beers plus a tidy tip, this Vibrelli mount never met a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter or ATV with whom it couldn’t fall in love, and the number of phone styles this product supports is impressive.

So what’s wrong with this affordable mount? Nothing, say positive reviewers whose handlebars measure between 0.9- and 1.3-inches in diameter that currently sport this affordable phone mount.

Featuring three tough silicone bands and beefy side clamps, this product checks off all boxes: It delivers on security, it is streamlined, and it’s not bad looking if you’re into phone mount design trends. 

Expect to view every pixel on your screen because the design features an ultra-thin frame that also happens to deliver a tenacious grip so your phone couldn’t wander if it wanted to. Rotate your device 360-degrees to read texts and graphics accurately.

Here’s a surprise that rarely comes with inexpensive products: This universal mount comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

Tigra Sport FitClic Neo

Just as the hard-to-find German-made Morpheus Labs M4s features a self-locking magnetic bike mounting system, you’ll also find this type of connection if you select this mount, yet the price tag on this FitClic Neo is only about half as much as the cost of our #1 pick. 

Get a protective phone case if you decide to order this product, and once it arrives, install it on either your bike stem or handlebars. No mention is made of a specific metal tube width limits, so keep the receipt just in case your bike’s tubing proves too fat or too thin to host this mount. 

This product’s claim to fame is the shock-absorbing nature of the material used to craft this raised-edge mount, which is why it is marketed as the mount designed to protect your touchscreen from scrapes and scratches. Designed to fit iPhone X & Xs, this model features a massive opening for charging and headphone connectors, so you get a lot of extras in addition to affordability.

TeamObsidian Bike Phone Mount

Don’t let the descriptor “premium” scare you away from this Team Obsidian phone mount designed to accommodate everything but your landline and includes many of the latest Apple and Android smartphones.

Constructed of sturdy non-slip silicone, this mobile holder has the distinction of being compatible with around 99-percent of all mobile phones, and there’s only a $2 difference between the cost of the medium and large option.

The company likes to tout the fact that not only is this the only “2-size” product on the market, but that those silicone bands surrounding your device won’t obstruct the screen. 

The easy on/off nature of the hardware takes just seconds to do the job (the company compares the process to strapping on or taking off a watchband). As if this low-cost mount hasn’t already won you over with its versatility and cost, you also receive a Lifetime Warranty, though if this product is as dynamic as the manufacturer insists, this could be the only mount you ever need. 

Topeak RideCase Center Mount

Not every cyclist prefers a center mount product, but if you fall into that category, this 12- x 6.6- x 4.7-cm Topeak mount with SC & G-Ear Adapters could be your solution to taking your device on the road. Classified as a unisex product designed for adult bikes only, this mount is an international favorite, which may be why you will find very few reviews written in English. 

That stated a visit to the manufacturer’s website is likely to increase your interest in the product because it hypes any rider’s experience who is in search of a “perfectly centered” video frame. Made to fit 31.8 mm diameter handlebars, this QuickClick™ holder can be rotated for both portrait and landscape views.

While the Topeak’s price is a bit higher than the least expensive models in this review, as the only center-mount product, it comes with perks including sport camera adapters compatible with today’s trendiest models: GoPro®, Sony® Action Cam, Shimano® Sport, and Garmin.

A G-Ear Adapter is included with the mount, just in case you intend to make use of a Garmin cycle computer.

Types and styles of bike phone mounts 

According to Bike Radar experts, there are three basic types of bicycle phone mounts on today’s market: case and mount, universal bracket, and frame bag. Lucky for you, none of them are very complicated, but each is unique, so pay attention to these descriptions, so you don’t wind up with the wrong product. 

Case and mount style bike phone cases are engineered for stem or handlebar attachment. While some of these products are waterproof, most are not, so if you frequently ride in the rain, scour product information data to determine whether the phone mount you are considering is the exception.

Once fixed to your handlebar or stem, you clip your phone securely into the plastic block, and if you bought the right size, it should fit like a glove. Once secure, adjust the mount to either portrait or landscape orientation, though be forewarned, if you mount this on the stem, your knees are more likely to hit the phone in landscape mode. 

Universal bracket mounts may not look different than a case and mount gear, but these products don’t discriminate between the size and shape of devices, hence the word “universal.”

They attach to handlebars or stem, and once secured, just about any phone already tucked into a protected case will fit. If you tend to replace your cell phone every time a new version is introduced, this type of mount will accommodate it. The downside? Because one size fits all, your device won’t be as secure since it’s not made to hold a specific size, brand, or shape. 

Frame bags are unique. If you hate anything that clutters up your handlebars, frame bags should be your choice. This mount perches on the top tube and behind the head tube, and you gain the advantage of storage space if you go this route.

The transparent sleeve into which you slide your device adds a measure of weatherproofing. Because of the place frame bags are placed, you will have to reach further to access your phone and using the touchscreen could be tricky at that angle, but otherwise, this phone mount style remains a popular pick. 

Handlebar v. Stem cap phone mount

This is a matter of personal preference, say Cycling Weekly testers who conclude that the deciding factor must be reached. If you know that you’re going to be receiving lots of calls and don’t want to miss any of them, locating your mount anywhere but on the handlebars is a no-brainer. Further, handlebar mounts can keep you safer when riding because you won’t have to lower your head to see what’s on your touchscreen. 

Hardcase v. soft case 

Leave it to the Petaka folks to wage a phone case material battle, pitting plastic, leather, synthetics, silicone, carbon fiber, and wood. This entire article is worth your time if you want to factor in features like impact and scratch protection, appearance, ease of use, eco-friendliest, and budget-friendly.

The winners? Researchers proclaimed multiple winners, each based on specific criteria, so it’s worth your while to read this comprehensive treatise. 

Setup and installation 

We would be remiss if we didn’t urge you to read instructions included with your phone mount; there’s a reason that information is provided. Keeping in mind the fact that one dude’s easy install is another one’s physics experiment if instructions are missing or aren’t offered by the manufacturer, call the company and have a tech walk you through the install.

Alternately, find videos on the subject. Every brand is different, but this stem mount example is typical of what you will see if you undertake an Internet search for install videos.

Security and stability 

One of the best ways to assure yourself of a secure, stable fit is to consult the website of the mount manufacturer and look for words like “anti-shake,” “stability,” and “four corner arm design.” These descriptors can mean the difference between confidence and worry, especially if you frequent rugged terrains.

Fixed four corners best constrain a device so it can’t move. If the material used to craft the mount you choose is moderately hard and/or made with a rubberized material, there will be enough “give” in the mount to allow the device to conform more accurately to the holder. 

Dramatically increase your phone’s security by following attachment instructions and meeting tube width criteria, so there’s less likelihood that your device will detach. One final note: If the bike mount model you choose is designed with security bands (usually a feature of universal styles), don’t be fooled into thinking that just any security band will secure your phone.

Save money by choosing a universal mount with wimpy bands and the likelihood of kissing your device goodbye when you can least afford to lose it grow exponentially. 

Weather Resistance

As a general rule, say the folks at The Drive, “Most bike phone mounts are not waterproof,” so if you happen to find one that is and it meets all of your other criteria, grab it.

Frame bag mounts are more likely than other mount types to help keep your device from drowning if a storm hits while you’re peddling. Still, if you know for a fact that the area you frequent hasn’t gotten rain for years, you probably haven’t got a thing to worry about – just as long as you are religious about backing up your phone data only in case Mother Nature decides to deliver a surprise.

DIY: How to make your own bike phone mount?

Having already discussed the advantage of attaching your phone mount to your handlebars, there is not much more to add on this topic, but if you love to be creative and know your way around a toolbox, did you know that you can make your bike phone mount and save a bunch of cash?

This video tells you everything you need to know to save money and improvise. That stated, think twice about undertaking this project if you own an outrageously expensive phone!

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