Best Bike Phone Mount for 2019

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Knowing the ideal bike phone mount may not be necessary since it is the last thing you should worry about when preparing your bike. However, the constant need to stay connected makes this small accessory a nice addition to your bike.

In this article we will review the following bike phone mounts:

This handy little device makes it easy to use your phone while on the road by attaching it to the handlebars of your bike. One of the great benefits of choosing a bike phone mount is that they don’t require a lot of space and they allow you to use your phone safely while riding your bike. That’s why we decided to find out which is the best bike phone mount on the market for 2018.

Why You Should Use A Bike Phone Mount

Despite the various benefits of using anti-shatter phone cases, they don’t completely guarantee that your phone will be safe. Sometimes you might find road bumps while riding your bike and there is a possibility that you might accidentally drop your phone. We’ve all been there.

Using a phone mount can make it possible to check your phone and listen to your favorite music on Bluetooth headphones. It is simply the ideal place to keep your phone while on the go. Of course, I always recommend using a dedicated bike computer with smartphone notifications and keep your phone in your back pocket of your cycling jersey.

It is never a good idea to use your phone for replying to messages or returning phone calls while riding your bike. You should consider safety first when installing a bike phone mount and avoid anything that could cause distractions. But if you are still interested in buying a bike phone mount you should consider the benefits below which we have found.

Benefits Of Using A Bike Phone Mount

Using a phone mount guarantees that you will be safe while using your phone

You are prone to any dangers on the road while driving as you are on a bike. it is necessary that you stay alert while riding your bike to avoid any possible accidents. A phone mount simplifies making phone calls while riding your bike. Holding your phone in your hand on the road increases the chances of a road accident. Again I want to tell you that making phone calls while cycling is not very recommended and could be very dangerous.

The bike phone mount allows you stay comfortable.

A bike phone mount guarantees the maximum amount of comfort without worrying about your phone falling off your clothes. Whenever I try to ride my bike with my phone in the pockets of my shorts, I feel very uncomfortable, and it affects my posture. That is why it is necessary to consider comfort when comparing the types of phone mounts that are available to you. You should consider all the pros and cons of the different type of bike phone mounts before deciding which one is the best for your needs.

The bike phone mount makes it easy to stay connected at all times while riding a bike

Sometimes you will get the urgent need to check your phone for an emergency text or phone call. Using this device allows you to check your phone without distractions easily. You can access your phone without worrying about the road.

You can use your smartphone as a very good bike computer. 

Another great benefit of using a bike phone mount is that you can use your smartphone as a GPS bike computer with very good capabilities. With an app like Strava for example, you can turn your device into a very functional and nice bike computer. The only downside of it is that using constantly your GPS drains the battery a lot. Especially if you want your display to be turned on at all times. Of course, a dedicated bike computer is always a better option in my opinion. 

Bike Phone Mount Types

There are many types of bike phone mounts available on the market. All of these types give you the ability to access your phone easily. It depends on your preferences and how you like to enjoy the ride. Before you go ahead and choose the best bike phone mount, there are certain types you should know about:

Bike Phone Case

This is ideal if you don’t a have a shatter resistant phone case. They are also used to protect your phone from getting wet and overheating. This type of phone case can be attached to your handlebars and they simplify using your camera if you want to take a picture or take a live video.

Universal Bracket

If you have a lot of devices, a universal phone mount can be ideal for you. They are easy to use, install and they work with any phone size. This type of mount is typically made of silicon and has a rubber grip to allow you to quickly check and hold your phone while riding your bike.

Frame Bag

A frame bag is made for someone who wants to have extra space to keep their phone safe. This type of mounts can be found in many forms and shapes they can be mounted to the frame or the handlebars. Frame bags are also very universal especially if you get a big one it can accommodate a lot of different form factors.

Waterproof Bike Phone Mounts

Some bike phone mounts are waterproof ( just like the waterproof rain jackets ) which means you don’t need to worry if the weather suddenly gets worse and starts raining. You expensive smartphone will be safe inside these waterproof phone mounts. If you ride frequently and you are in a location with bad weather you should definitely consider a waterproof bike phone mount.

Best Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount

As the name implies, Vibrelli belongs to the universal bike phone mount family and has ample space to keep larger devices like the Samsung or iPhone Galaxy. It has a silicone grip and an adjustable clamp that come in many colors like red, black and grey. It can store up to 4.5-inch devices.

In addition to keeping your phone still and safe from road bumps, it allows you to access all of the functionalities of your phone such as volume control, touch screen, and headphone jack. This type differs from other designs that require removing your device. Additionally, it has clip-on, and clip-offs that allow you to easily remove or mount your device. You also have the option to choose the best position that suits you.

Bone Universal Bike Phone Mount

Bone Universal Bike Phone Mount

This phone mount is ideal for keeping your phone in place while riding your bike. It belongs to the universal category that allows you to store large devices up to 6 inches wide. The bone Universal Bike mount is made of silicone and can be installed and fitted to the handlebars of your bike. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and is dirt-resistant.

This phone mount is the ideal way to attach your smartphone to the bicycle. In addition to that, it comes in a silicone design that can store any device of any size. It is also compatible with many devices such as Samsung and iPhone 7+ The product design received an iF award for best sophisticated and simple design. It is worth mentioning that iF award is a well-known event held by the iF International Forum of Design. Bone Universal Bike mount has a U-shaped strap to ensure that your phone is secure. Furthermore, it can be installed with ease since all you need is to tighten the belt.

Rokform Sports Series Bike Mount

Rokform Sports Series Bike Mount

This type of phone mount is designed to keep your phone safe while on the road. It uses the Patented Roklock quarter turn system to ensure that your phone stays damage free even in the toughest of rides. You can have easy access to your phone without any distractions. Simply use your phone to access GPS, texts, phone calls and other functionalities. Rokform [iPhone 6/6s] Sport Series Bike mount can be attached to the frame of your bike or the handlebars. It is also ideal for strollers as well.

This Phone mount is endorsed by many cyclists like Johnny O’Mara. That’s another reason why we recommend it as one of the best bike phone mounts for 2018.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium is another great bike phone mount which we at YesCycling recommend. It’s universal which means that practically any smartphone could be fitted and the materials are really high-quality so you can rely on it. Roam’s bike phone mount is extremely well made and screwed together. It is very secure because it uses two points of contact. The so-called Co-Pilot will securely mount your device to virtually any type of handlebar.

This bike phone mount has more than 4000 reviews on Amazon with very good results. Actually, it is one of the best-rated bike phone mounts on Amazon by the users. As I often comment, positive user reviews are crucial when you buy something online. Another great thing about this bike phone mount is that it’s very cheap, and normally the price is around $10. If you are looking for good, high-quality, reliable, and secure bike phone mount, but you don’t want to spend too much on it, you should definitely look for the Roam Universal Premium.

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