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10 Best Bike Mirrors in 2020

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For bike enthusiasts or even casual bike riders, you’ve likely heard a lot about the importance of wearing a helmet( not to mention it’s obligatory to wear one in some states ).  However, you may not have been told or briefed about the importance of installing bike mirrors, too. Considering that cycling could be very dangerous in some cases you should definitely check our recommendations for the best bike mirrors.

Mirrycle Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror – Our Pick!

simple bike mirror

After carefully pouring over the best bike mirrors reviews, this mirror proved to be a favorite for many bike enthusiasts. Particularly useful for those who prefer to use their bike for trail riding, this mirror easily allows the bicyclist to arrange the mirror how they want it. This adjustability is critical for mountain bike riders who need to look behind them while pounding along the rigorous trail quickly.

The mirror itself is also wide, which makes it one of the best bikes mirrors available since the bicyclist can see more without having to adjust the mirror itself. For those who are interested in trying on this mirror for their bike, here’s a video that explains how to install it on your bike.

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror – Also Great!

Hafny Bar Bike Mirror

Another excellent selection among bicycle mirrors is this product from Hafny. It’s a perfect choice for mountain bikes as well due to its durability. The mirror is made from stainless steel, so it’s crafted for high-impact use. That includes the lens, which is also made from stainless steel.

This makes it safer to use than glass, which can shatter upon impact. Hafny claims that the lens is unbreakable and is considered to be 100% safe. This might be an excellent choice for those who have young children or teenagers who are starting out on their first mountain bikes.

Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror by EVT

bike mirror for the helmet

Sometimes the best mirror is one that fits on your helmet instead of the bike itself. That’s where this mirror shines. The lens itself is large and wide, allowing you a great view of everything that is going on behind you. It also comes with an easily adjustable arm.

This is especially important if you have to quickly adjust the mirror while actually biking. Unlike cheaper or low-quality mirrors, the arm will remain in position as well. This is especially critical because you don’t want your mirror drooping or sliding to the side while you’re riding.

Hafny Bar End Bike Mirror

Hafny 2017 simple bike mirror

Another excellent bike mirror that was made by Hafny. Like its other model, this version also can only be fitted to handlebars with a diameter ranging from 17mm to 21mm. As such, it’s crucial that you measure your handlebars before choosing to purchase this mirror.

Also similar to the other model, the arm is fully adjustable and the lens itself has a diameter of 62mm. This allows for a wide view of everything behind you. Because the mirror rests close to the bike, you can use it for both a road bike and a mountain bike.

Third Eye Bar End Bicycle Mirror

Third Eye Bike Mirror

For those who prefer simplicity and traditionalism in their bike mirrors, then look no further than the Third Eye Bicycle Mirror. Sometimes simple is better. Considering that this mirror is one of the most inexpensive mirrors around, you can have improved safety without emptying your wallet.

This mirror sits on the bar end of your handlebars. It comes in two sizes. One for larger handlebars, and one for smaller handlebars. If you end up with a mirror that is too large for your handlebars, the rubber liner of the mirror can be adjusted to fit snugly on the handlebar.

JOOKKI Bicycle Helmet Mirror

bicycle mirror for the hand

Sometimes the best bicycle mirrors aren’t attached to the bike. For some bicyclists, mirrors that attach to the bike or helmet are either too cumbersome or get in the way. If you’re one of those bicyclists, then the mirror from JOOKKI could be perfect for you. This mirror attaches to a dedicated mount that is easily put on your wrist. It looks exactly like a sports watch.

It’s lightweight and sturdy, so it won’t slide all over the place while you’re biking. Nor will it weigh your hand down, so you won’t feel extra tired by using it. This is a simple and effective mirror for those who prefer to use a mirror only when they need it.

Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror

Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror

Another contender for the best road bike mirror is this option from Zefal. This mirror is also incredibly inexpensive, so you can easily procure it and increase your safety on the road or the trail. The mirror face is 50mm by 40mm, so it offers you a wide view behind you.

One of the best features about this particular mirror is that it can attach to any part of your bike. So, if you prefer to have it on the end of your handlebars, you can attach it there. However, if you find that you don’t like the view from there, you can easily attach it elsewhere on your bike. With this model, you’re not restricted to just one place for the mirror.

Sprintech Drop Bar Mirror

Spintech Dropbar Road Bike Mirror

Sometimes the most challenging part about finding a bicycle mirror is choosing one that works on curved handlebars. Downeast has made a mirror for just such a design of handlebars. So, if you have a bike that’s designed for the road or racing, then these mirrors were built for you.

The mirror is smaller, and while it doesn’t offer as wide a view, it is more aerodynamic and lighter. For those who are interested in racing, in particular, this mirror is ideal. You can keep an eye on the competition behind you without sacrificing your speed and glide by using a clunky and bulky mirror.

Bike Peddler Eyeglass Mirror

take a look bike mirror inside a box

One of the staples of riding a bike besides wearing a helmet is wearing either a visor or biking sunglasses. When you’re constantly having toward your eyes because of a car’s lights or the rising sun, then you eventually get a pair of sunglasses or a visor. This mirror was designed for those who wear such items.

The eyeglass mirror easily attaches to your glasses or visor on your helmet. The arm comes with three pivot points, so you can adjust it practically anyway you need it. The mirror itself is frameless, so the emphasis is placed on giving you a wide view of what’s behind you.

Blackburn Mountain Mirror

BLackburn mountain bike mirror

This mirror is easily installed without tools. It can fit on flat or riser mountain-style handlebars. It has a wide view and can be easily put on in seconds. The mirror uses Velcro to easily and snugly fit into place. Perfect for mountain bikes!

The reviews on Amazon for this Blackburn Mountain Mirro are quite positive with most of them five stars. Some readers asked me if Blackburn and Bell are the same company since they have the same address. The truth is that they are brands under the umbrella of Vista Outdoors.

How to choose the best bike mirror

Whether you’re someone who bikes in a metro area or off-road, you understand that biking can be dangerous. While biking is a clean mode of transport and an excellent exercise method, it comes with its risks. One way to ward off potential injury is to use a bike mirror.

Imagine that you’re riding down a busy street. Because most drivers don’t know the laws concerning bicyclists on the road, you’re already at a disadvantage. If you’re at a red light and a car stops behind you and another beside you in another lane, when it comes to your turn to turn into another lane, they may not know to wait. Worse than that, you may not even see a car is behind you when you’re changing lanes.

This is a recipe for disaster. You can easily get hit by the car and the situation could become deadly. All of this could have been prevented if you had a bike mirror properly attached to your bike. In this scenario, you could have quickly glanced back and seen the car encroaching behind you.

Photo by Ephraim Mayrena on Unsplash

As such, you could have formed a strategy to prevent yourself from getting hurt. While it shouldn’t just be you making these decisions or having to defend yourself, the unfortunate truth is that you’re likely going to have to in order to prevent an accident. When it comes to biking on the road, you can only rely on yourself and your own safety measures.

It is because of this that bike mirrors are so important. They not only allow you to see any car traffic behind you but in the event that another bike is passing or even a pedestrian, you can see them before you move and potentially cause an accident. In addition, mirrors play an important role in nighttime riding as well.

The headlights of a car can reflect on the mirror, allowing the driver to realize that you are there. While you may have lights on your bike or helmet, those can usually only be seen at shorter distances. A reflection off of a bike mirror, however, can occur at a far greater length, notifying the driver sooner.

There are many benefits to using a bike mirror. This article will touch on some models that you may choose to equip on your bike.

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