Best Bike Locks for College Students of 2020

Being a college student, you might already commute with a bike, but keeping your bike from the thieves is crucial. I know that we have many bike-friendly campuses in the US, but in most cases, it’s a good idea to lock your precious college bike all the time.

Read this article to find out how to check if you bike is stolen or not.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bicycle lock – Our Pick!


  • Forget about noise when you ride; this lock offers anti-rattle bumpers.
  • This best bike locks for college has a protective coating that stands up to elements.
  • The Mini-7’s center keyway defends against leverage attacks.
  • There’s a rotating dust cover to safeguard the cylinder.
  • Features a new Transit FlexFrame-U transportation system.


  • If you intend to carry this lock around when it’s not in use, that 3-pound weight could be a hassle.
  • The tumbler mechanism may malfunction after a relatively short amount of time.
  • The number of consumers reporting thefts of their bikes while secured with this lock is alarming.

There’s nothing “mini” about the Kryptonite Evolution bicycle U-Lock; in fact, it’s quite a powerful way to secure your bike from wannabe thieves. This 3-pound, hardened steel shackle is a solid 13mm so that bolt cutters won’t breach this lock, according to the manufacturer.

It’s important to know that if you don’t register this lock with Kryptonite and your bike is stolen within 15 days of purchase; Kryptonite Insurance won’t pay for the loss. The 4-foot double loop cable can be secured to the front wheel or accessories, and you get extra security thanks to the reinforced cuff-over crossbar and disc-style cylinder.

Snap the lock on and off fast (you’ve got places to go) thanks to its bent-foot shackle design, and while you’ll put out around $70 to own this product, keep this in mind: you probably paid a heck of a lot more for your wheels, so keep them safe.

Kryptonite Keeper 785 – Also Great!


  • The unique design has boosted sales, popularity and prompted favorable reviews.
  • Get a prestigious brand name with an affordable price tag.
  • If color selection is important, choices are excellent.
  • Weighs just 1 pound for easy transport when not in use.
  • If you find it difficult to open and close locks, the ergonomic I-key system can help.


  • There have been many reports of keys getting stuck in locks so they can’t be opened or closed.
  • Tumbler malfunctions have triggered product returns.
  • Despite manufacturer claims of weatherproofing, shoppers report rust and corrosion impacting the steel after a relatively short amount of time and use.

This integrated chain bike lock is 33.5-inches long (compare it to the Foldylock above). For students who know the Kryptonite brand but want to spend about half of what they would for the aforementioned Evolution mini, take a second look at this product after noting the $40 price tag.

If you choose the blacklight option, the retail price jumps to around $53. This lock is available in red, purple and grey. Thanks to 7mm, four-sided chain links (each fabricated of 3T manganese steel), securing a bike on campus offers students plenty of reassurance.

The patent-pending link network features a hardened deadbolt mechanism and like other locks featured in this review, the disc-style cylinder is both files- and drill-resistant. Two ergonomic “I” keys come with this lock and the weather-resistant nylon casing is designed to protect your bike from being marred or scratched.

KNOG Strongman U-Lock


  • So versatile, students report using this lock to secure things other than their bikes.
  • The over-molded silicone coating protects against scratches and frame surface damage.
  • Fabricated of the most popular hardened steel shackle material.
  • Expect top-tier theft protection for around half the price of high-end locks.
  • Because the design is so simple, this lock is very easy to use.


  • Multiple owners report operational difficulty if the lock isn’t well oiled before it’s used.
  • Once locked or unlocked, you may have difficulty getting the lock to reverse itself.
  • “This bike lock is picked really easily. I saw a person do it at my university,” said one dissatisfied student.

From the moment you check out this lock’s design, you can tell that it looks nothing like competitor products. Sleek, and measuring an impressive 5.15- by 7.75-inches, you’ll pay around $90 for this lock, but if you’ve invested big bucks in your cycle and want to protect it, the price tag may not phase you.

Minimalist styling makes this lock an attractive pick, and since the surface is over-molded with UV-resistant silicone, even if it bangs against your bike, it won’t scratch or mar your finish.

Fabricated of hardened steel shackle material (13mm) and offering bike owners a high-security, disc-style lock cylinder, you can keep this lock fastened to your bike via a clever bicycle mounting bracket that stays with the bike, whether it’s parked or you’re on your way to class or other curricular activities.

FOLDYLOCK Compact Bike Lock


  • Get a free carrying case to protect the lock when it’s not in use.
  • Anti-drill and anti-saw engineering make Foldylock almost impossible to cut.
  • You can buy a two-pack of locks, each with its own key.
  • Easy to install and operate once it’s fastened to your bike frame.
  • Components won’t rust thanks to the UV-protected weather-proof coating.


  • The length may be too short for your needs/bike.
  • Some advertising says that the 2-pack uses the same key; that’s not true.
  • Because this lock stands out from the crowd, it also makes a better target for thieves.

Compare this Foldylock product to the aforementioned Knog device and the only similarities you will find is that they both cost the same amount of money. Called “an extreme bike lock” by the manufacturer, this is better described as a security system because it consists of a heavy-duty security chain lock, steel bars and when unfolded, you get 33.5-inches of wrapping medium.

At a little over 2 pounds, this lock won’t weigh you down if you bring it to class tucked into the carrying case that comes with the product. You can even choose colors to match your ride (black, blue, grey or orange), so if you park your bike in a campus lot, you’ll probably be able to spot it from a distance.

The hardened steel links and ultra-protected rivets are designed with VSR technology and materials so even a very sharp saw blade or drill won’t penetrate the steel. If such assurances give you confidence, take a second look at this model before you buy it.

SIGTUNA Bike locks – 16mm Heavy Duty


  • Crafted of 16mm hardened steel and 1800mm steel cable, this lock can thwart cutting and sawing attempts.
  • “Popular Mechanics” magazine rates this lock a “Best Value.”
  • Enjoy both protection and affordability.
  • Keyhole cover hides the slot; you can stow the cable within the product’s casing.
  • Expect responsive customer service if you have workmanship issues.


  • Weighing nearly 4 pounds, this lock can be difficult to lug around when not in use.
  • There have been numerous locking mechanism complaints from owners.
  • You could experience rust issues around the engagement lugs.

As the most affordable bike lock in this review, save some money for books if you purchase this product. It’s highly-stylized, has a square U-lock shape and keyhole cover. The shackle is 16mm steel and the cable chain is composed of 1800 mm of steel. Get 2 high-security keys. The Velcro strap does double duty: It hides the cable when the lock isn’t being used.

Have you had issues with customer service representatives in the past?

Sigtuna prides itself on satisfying lock owners, so if you buy this product, you do not only get 24-hour access to service representatives, but you have 60 days to decide whether this lock works for you or you can return it for a refund. This product is also covered by an artistry warranty that lasts three years. If you rely upon student loans to get you through your degree plan and live on Ramen noodles, your budgetary constraints may recommend this model over other locks in this review.

Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini


  • Very secure due to 18mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle
  • Its patented and oversized sleeve
  • Offers extensive holding power due to its double deadbolt locking system
  • It defends your bike against leverage attacks through its keyway at the center
  • It has a protective coating of vinyl to keep it safe in all weather condition


  • Could be small for some XXL bikes
  • It’s very heavy

It’s one of the best bike locks for college students as it’s an ultimate lock for the scooters and bikes in the theft-prone areas where the risk of bike theft is very high. It’s made of 18mm hardened steel shackle from Max-Performance to resist powerful attacks and bolt cutters. It provided double security to your bike with the help of oversized sleeve over crossbar made of hardened steel.

It has extensive power to hold your bike with its double deadbolt locking system. A keyway at the center of this bike lock defends your bike from the powerful attempts of the attackers. Other important features of this bike lock may include one lighted key with an HD LED bulb, rechargeable battery and 3 keys made of stainless steel.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2


  • It’s a U-style lock for bikes;
  • It’s made of 13mm thick hardened Performance steel shackle to resist powerful attacks and cutters
  • Its high-security design offers great value and protects your bike seriously
  • Its drill and pick resistant disc-like cylinder provided high-level security
  • For its easier use 2 “I” type keys are provided with this bike lock


  • The cable is not as strong as required to keep your bike safe. The thieves can cut it to steal your bike relatively easily
  • This lock requires lots of efforts to shake it for lock and unlock

It’s another great U-type bike lock from the brand name Kryptonite which can be used to keep your bike or scooter safe as it includes a cable that can be used to lock the frame of your bike along with its wheel with the pole of the city light.

It can resist the attackers and cutters as it is made of 13mm thick hardened Performance steel. The bent foot design offers great value and ultimate protection to your bike.

It can be mounted easily with all types of tube frames of the bike, oval, round, square or rectangular, ranging between 25mm and 80mm with the FlexFrame Transit Bracket provided with it. It can be aligned to the geometry of the frame of the bike as it can rotate at 360 degrees for its better fitting.

When to use bike locks?

You might be shocked by the bicycle theft statistic above, but unfortunately, that’s the reality in 2019. Many bikes are stolen even from the best college campuses in America. There is another aspect as well – many first-year students grew up in small towns when bike locks are not very popular.

Only 2.4 percent of stolen bikes are getting recovered by the police, which is another depressing statistic to have in mind. But all bike owners should try to prevent theft of their bikes as it can happen to anyone anytime. It can be a significant loss for the bike owner, regardless of his/her status. In such a condition, it becomes essential to choose the best bike lock for college students and other people owning a bike for their personal use.

In the presence of various types of bike locks in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best one unless you are pre-informed. Some of the best bike locks for college students are briefly reviewed here under to help you in this regard.

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