5 Tips to Lose Weight from Cycling for an Overweight Person

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Whether you are just beginning your weight loss journey or are looking to spice things up a bit in your workout routine, cycling is a fun activity to help you lose weight. Cycling is a favorite among individuals trying to lose weight because it is more fun than simply walking on a treadmill or around a track. Today we will share five tips to help you lose the most weight while cycling.

1. Take Advantage of your Daily Commute

If you have a commute that you could bike instead of drive each day, why not do it? We’re not saying you need to bike through a blizzard to get to work every day, but if the weather prevails and you have a bike, it is a great way to log some extra miles! Additionally, the added time it takes you to cycle to and from work will give your mind a chance to relax and can actually help to de-stress you. As we know, cycling to work is very beneficial for your health as well.

2. Prep Your Body Accordingly

Pre-workouts are all the rage these days. However, some pre-workout eating rituals can actually be counterproductive to your cycling workout. For rides that are under an hour, technically you only need a bottle of water (that means no food) to supplement your body. If you are planning a long bike ride, it can be tempting to pack a ton of snacks. However, you only need 60-90 carbohydrates each hour to stay functioning at your best performance while not over-doing it on the carbs

3. Don’t Forget about your Upper Body!

Cycling is appealing to a lot of people because it is an awesome workout for the lower body. However, cycling often neglects the upper portion of your body. Bicycling.com reports that when this happens, your upper body can actually lose muscle volume which can prohibit you from burning the optimal amount of calories (which can inhibit weight loss).

Lucky for you, this doesn’t mean that you have to hit the gym every day in order to maintain an appropriate amount of muscle volume. Incorporating 2-3 30 minute upper body resistance workouts into your routine should be enough to keep your body in shape to burn calories.

4. Incorporate HIIT with Cycling

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and can easily be used with cycling. The benefits of HIIT include helping your overall fitness level, boosting your metabolism, and stimulating the human growth hormone. All of these things will help you lose weight!

To complete HIIT on a bike, you will want to go “full power” for short intervals of time and then give yourself about double the time to rest. You can judge the number of HIIT trials you do each workout by how you are feeling. Start out easy so you do not overdo it and gradually work your way up to more intense workouts.

5. Make Sure you have the Essentials

There are a few things you absolutely must have if you are about to start your weight loss journey by cycling. The first of these is a reliable bicycle which is suitable for heavy riders. If you are on just starting your weight loss journey, it is important that you get a bicycle that can support your body and make you feel comfortable on your ride.

Another thing to consider is that today we have a very big choice of bike desks, so you could train even while working on your daily tasks.

The five tips we shared today will make you feel confident and ready to start your bike riding journey towards a slimmer you. Cycling is a fun and exciting way to get your workout in every day and can keep you out of boring gyms! And forget, being an overweight person doesn’t mean that you’re unhealthy.

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