10 Bike Maintenance Videos Which You Need to Watch Right Now

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your bike needs care, love, and regular maintenance. Maybe you’re not a mechanic and a specialist when it comes to repairing bicycles, but that’s OK. Knowing how to perform just these 10 essential bike maintenance tips and you will be ahead of the others. That will not only save you money but also will prolong the life of your beloved bike. Not to mention that cycling will be more enjoyable and fun when your roadie is in perfect condition.

1. The 30 Minute Bike Wash – How to Clean & Degrease Your Bike 

This is the standard full bike wash which you should perform at least once a week. Your bike will appreciate it! And if you’re really quick you can make it in even 20 minutes or less. In my opinion, your beloved road bike should be perfectly clean when you go riding it.

2.  How To Service Your Shifters 

Servicing your shifters is important because they are expensive and buying new ones is not the answer. If your shifters are not shifting accurately, they can spread problems elsewhere in your drivetrain. Knowing how to perform an easy shifters service is crucial for your bike’s overall condition.

3. How To Change A Bicycle Inner Tube

This one is definitely an essential bike maintenance skill every cyclist needs to know. Don’t go for a long distance bike ride without knowing how to change a bicycle inner tube. I can assure you that if you ride your bike long enough you will inevitably have a flat tire sooner or later.

4. How To Change Your Brake Pads Or Brake Blocks

Even if you’re thinking that your brake pads will last forever that’s not the case. Soon or later you will need to change the brake pads and better to be prepared for that moment. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as you think.

5. How To Inflate A Bicycle Tyre

How to inflate a bicycle tire is really a basic skill. It’s not a difficult task at all but there are a few things to learn before you start. Also having a good and reliable bike pump always with you is crucial here. Of course, there are other ways to pump your tires as well.

6. How To Replace A Bicycle Chain 

Periodically you will need to change your bicycle chain. Knowing when to do it is as important as the maintenance process as well. Find in this article more information: How to know when it’s time to replace your bicycle chain.

7. How To Get A Perfectly Clean Chain

Having a perfectly clean chain is very important not only for extending your bike’s life. It’s going to improve your performance as well. You will notice the difference once you clean your chain and lube it. Also, you have to use a good lube for your chain at any times.

8. How To Service Your Headset

Headsets are expensive and we rarely change them. Especially if you ride in bad weather conditions this video is essential for your bike maintenance skills. It’s not a basic skill, but definitely something you would need someday.

9. The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry

This is a bike routine that you can make after each bike ride. If you don’t have time for the full 30-minute bike wash you should at least perform this one. It’s super fast, easy, and your bike will be clean enough at least to stay in good condition.

10. How To Keep Your Road Bike Scratch-Free | Prevent Cable Rub & Stone Chips 

Definitely an essential bike maintenance tip. We all hate cable rub and it’s quite easy to prevent it. Check this video to learn how to do it super easy. Also, remember that if you store your bike in your garage you should have some wall mount for it which keeps the bike safe and scratch-free.

The entire compilation of maintenance videos is courtesy of Global Cycling Network YouTube Channel.

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